Review: The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male (Bluebonnet #2) by Jessica Clare


Title: The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male
Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing 5/7/13
Length:   283 Pages
Series:  BlueBonnet #2


Beth Ann needed a hero.

Beth Ann Williamson is done with her on-again, off-again fiancé. The problem? No one in her small town believes that it’s really over. Beth Ann is determined to show Bluebonnet, Texas, that she can take care of herself. But her plans go awry when she gets stranded in the woods and has to be saved by a handsome, if scowling, Marine.

She got more than she bargained for.

Survivalist Colt Waggoner is not pleased when he’s sent to rescue the pampered princess, and he’s even more annoyed when Beth Ann isn’t grateful for his help. He decides to teach the sexy blonde a lesson—a weekend alone in the wild. Just the two of them, in muddy, wet clothing that needs to come off…

But Beth Ann is not as spoiled as he thought. And when she propositions him for a one-night stand, he knows he should turn it down, because this alpha male might need more than one night to satisfy him…

My Thoughts

This is a really sweet series and the fact that there are so many characters involved that we know that they will all have their own fun filled installments makes it that much better.  As you’ll recall, we met Dane and Miranda in the first book and now it’s time to get into Colt (Dane’s best friend and business partner) and Beth Ann (Miranda’s best friend).  They both know each other from high school yet they were not friends at all, so seeing where they are 9 years later makes it that much more exciting.

The biggest thing about their story is that Beth Ann is a girl who’s life has been dictated by everyone around her.  Her family has expectations of her, her father is the Mayor and of course that means that she has to look and act a certain way.  She’s also coming out of a relationship that lasted for the past 9 years with a man who says he loves her but shows the opposite – cheating on her every chance he got.  So Beth Ann had set out to survive on her own, be independent while not embarrassing anyone and revealing secrets.

Colt on the other hand is ex Marine and owes nothing to anyone.  He has a strained relationship with his family since they have a reputation and are part of a life that he’s tried to leave behind.  So when he’s doing well on his own now with the survival school, he’s in a good place with his friends, it’s definitely interesting to see what happens when Beth Ann comes into the story.

It’s quite sweet actually to see how they are both so good for each – showing the other what it’s like to be cared for and to be wanted by someone else.  It’s tough of course that Colt has had to mislead her a bit on a few things so that he could really get to know her better, and it’s just a matter now of when those secrets are going to come out and who’s going to reveal them.

In true Ms Clare form, we get some amazingly hot scenes – the heat and chemistry between these two is intense.  We see that their connection is something heated and i like that Colt’s able to bring out a side of Beth Ann that she wasn’t able to express with Allan.  The other bit is that there’s really a safety here – one that they both give the other and that’s a nice thing especially with such a macho guy.

There are so many smarmy folks though in the story that are setting them up for failure – and i think that wonder throughout when things will take their toll.  Beth Ann’s business is failing and we can’t figure out how and why.  We see that there’s a lot of family drama with Colt but really don’t even guess the root of things until a secret is revealed.  All in all, plenty of great details to keep us interested.  So now i’m off to find another installment in the series and i hope that you all enjoy your Holiday days!

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