Review: The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet (Bluebonnet #4.5) by Jessica Clare


Title: The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet
Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing 9/2/14
Length:   69 Pages
Series:  BlueBonnet #4.5


Emily Allard-Smith enjoys running her tiny bed and breakfast in quiet Bluebonnet, Texas. The only problem? It�s haunted, and she�s got no one to call when things go bump in the night.

Enter Jericho Lozada. He�s tall, sexy, mohawked, and good with his hands. He�s also not scared of Em�s ghost. And just when Em decides that she needs a man in her life with lots and lots of tattoos�her ex shows up again.

Now Emily has to figure out if she wants to keep a hold on the ghosts of her past�or look into a future with Jericho. But does Jericho even want a future with her?

My Thoughts

we met Emily when we had Elise and Rome’s story and it’s nice to get this little novella to see how things played out for her since there was a tease in that installment with Jericho (Rome’s brother) staying at the B&B o being there more often than expected.

So in this post 4th installment, we have Emily who’s a divorcee and owner of The Peppermint House trying to get on with her life while business is slow and she’s trying to make repairs to the house.  The nuance of course is that this is an old house and has a lot of repairs, and supposedly is haunted.  Living alone and not having any guests at the moment makes things even worse since she’s terrified at night.

Then there’s Jericho – the brother we met in the last installment, who’s also tatted up and looks amazing yet a bit too rough and edgy for this little town.  When Emily hires him to do some of the work around the house, we see how things quickly take an overly friendly turn for them and it’s sweet to see that happen.

Given that this is a novella, there’s no real build here and not a ton of suspense – just a story of these two finding out if there is something to pursue and how to take that.  It’s when Emily’s ex shows up and tries to sweet talk her that we see any real action, but all in all, still a good sweet story.  Supposedly there’s a novella out there for Luanne – Emily’s sister – so we’ll see if i can track it down.  Otherwise, i think that i may have read everyone’s story so it’s on to something else now.  Have a great night all!

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