Review: Flawed (Ethan Frost #4) by Tracy Wolff


Title: Flawed
Author: Tracy Wolff
Publisher/Year: Ranom House Publishing 1/17/17
Length:   304 Pages
Series:  Ethan Frost #4


When Tori Reed loses everything, he sets her free.

I told myself I’d never trust Miles Girard, no matter how brilliant or sexy he may be. His sister, Chloe—Ethan Frost’s wife—is my best friend, but I know just how low Miles will stoop to get what he wants. Now he’s the last thing I want: my boss.

Growing up, I had it all—except for the sense that I belonged. And when a mistake from my past surfaces in the press, my parents don’t hesitate to cut me off.

But surprisingly, Miles offers me a helping hand.

Before I know it, our relationship turns unprofessional in the hottest ways. Of course, he still drives me crazy. But when I’m dealt the ultimate blow, Miles is there for me. And maybe he’s the one I’ve been looking for all along.

My Thoughts

It’s been a while since we were in this series, so i had to refresh my memory on the story of Ethan and Chloe a bit to understand how our leads Tori and Miles fit into things.  You’ll recall (or maybe not) from the first books, that chloe meets Ethan on her first days at a new job, and sparks fly from the beginning.  Of course though there have to be dark secrets from the past that come up, and in this case, the fact that Chloe had been raped by a kid in high school and for not sending the kid to trial, her family got paid off and that money was used to start Miles’ career in inventing.

So fast forward to where we are, when we now see that there’s a reconciliation of sorts between Chloe and Miles – she realizes that he didn’t know anything that happened back when their parents started things, and he’s just trying to make amends while also inventing new tech to help improve life in California.

Then there’s Tori, Chloe’s best friend, and a girl who comes from a very wealthy family, but who’s had a bit of a troubled life, wreaking havoc for her parents through drinking, having sex and just being a troubled teen.  She’s been trying to clean up her life over the past year, and right when things seem to be going well, an ex appears and makes her life miserable.  Because she turned him down (he’s an actor so that’s hard for him to take), he releases a sex tape of them, and makes her life miserable.  Her father disowns her, kicks her out of her house with nothing but a few changes of clothes, and that’s where the story really builds.

Tori goes to Chloe’s house in San Diego because she’s got no where else to go, and a standing offer to go there whenever, and when she arrives there, hurt and a bit worse for wear, she sees that she’s not alone in the house.  Enter Miles.  Her nemesis.  The guy who has made her life trouble for years and the guy who tried to take liberties with her the night before at a party.  Mind you, the ‘hate’ and tension between them is nothing but clear sexual chemistry, but it’ll take them time to figure out what to do about that.

Its a sweet story actually, since we all know that the way these things go is that the sibling and best friend get together.  These two have such banter between them that it’s actually quite entertaining to see how it happens.  Miles isn’t what he’s always seemed to be – and that’s the kind of guy that Tori needs even though she won’t admit it.  Once they take the leap, in true form of our author, the scenes between them show us how much heat and passion are between them.

there’s more to the story of course though – while Miles is trying to protect and take care of Tori while she’s got nothing, he’s got this sense that there’s something that the actor is hiding that could help get Tori back on her feet and he sets out to figure that out.  What we learn though is not at all what you’d expect but quite a nice add on to the story.

Then there’s the fact that both Miles and Tori have such strong personalities that you can only expect that they will battle each other at every turn.  There are misunderstandings that drive them apart more often than keep them together and i think that it’s a question of who will need to intervene to make it all work.

All in all a sweet spin-off of sorts to the main Ethan Frost series and i think that you should give it a read.  Enjoy!

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