Review: Covet Me (The Royals Saga #5) by Geneva Lee

Title: Covet Me
Author: Geneva Lee
Publisher/Year: Geneva Lee 9/29/15
Length:   211 Pages
Series:  Royals Saga #5


Belle Stuart walked into my life with crimson lips, and a smart mouth to match, that made it impossible not to put her in her place—and on her knees.

She should be off-limits. Claiming her was reckless. Keeping her is dangerous. But she’s more than a conquest, she’s my obsession.

I’ll do what it takes to protect her, even if it means letting her go.

But she’s the one woman I can’t give up. She’s the one woman I can’t stop craving.

She’s the one I covet…

My Thoughts

Well, it didn’t take long for them to find that they can’t keep their hands off each other and that it’s going to lead somewhere bad (and maybe a bit good).  The path that this next installment takes us on is one that’s quite the roller coaster.  Belle has no choice but to follow her heart and body into the arms of Smith, and he feels the same.  the challenge though is that Hammond is still trying to pull strings to keep a vendetta going, and that means that things will be bad.

So at the end of the last installment, Smith had ‘fired’ Belle in the hopes of getting her off Hammond’s radar, and therefore prompting Belle to start her business Bless.  That’s starting to get legs, and she even finds herself with an opportunity to fly to New York for a huge interview for a magazine.  Of course this comes at a good time because she’s beyond miserable because of what’s going on with Smith – he breaks up with her in the most disrespectful way, and that means that in addition to being a target, she’s got a broken heart.

Lola, Clara’s sister begins to take a larger role in things, we see her coming on as a partner for Bless, and that’s the help that Belle needs.  We also see that Edward is continuing to be the voice of reason, although he’s got definite opinions about Smith and none of them are good.

The trip to New York brings around new revelations for Belle and Smith, with even more secrets being created and hidden.  IT’s all a set up for what’s to come towards the end of the story.  We see alliances that we were unsure about before, attempts at murder and even murder itself.  Someone that we love seems to be dead, and now there’s not one but 2 attacks on Belle that leave her on a ledge.

So all in all a great continuation to the story.  And if that angst and anxiety weren’t enough, we see how Dominant Smith truly is even if he’s not willing to live the lifestyle anymore and it makes for some incredibly steamy scenes.  Thank you Ms Lee for writing all that in, and i can’t wait to jump into the next installment tonight.  Have a good one all!

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