Review: Royal Heartbreaker (Royal Heartbreaker #4) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Heartbreaker
Author: Renna Peak & Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Publishing 9/6/16
Length:   100 Pages
Series:  Royal Heartbreaker #4


Leo wasn’t supposed to show up in my life again. But now he’s here, asking for one last night with me.

I can allow myself one final fling to get him out of my system, once and for all. And I can protect my heart this time.

Can’t I?


I’ve been without Elle for too long. While she might believe one final night together will be enough for us both, I believe no such thing. All I have to do now is convince her I’m right. That we are right together.

She will be mine again. And this time, it will be forever.

This is Part Four of a six-part contemporary romance serial by bestselling authors Renna Peak and Ember Casey.

My Thoughts

I think that we know where things are going to go with these two, and it’s no where good just yet.  We start out this 4th installment with Leo having run away from Elle while she’s waiting for him in bed, and he finds himself 3 months in the future, in Italy lounging at a resort with a new actress.

It’s interesting to me to see how hard he’s trying to convince himself that he can live without Elle since it was his choice to leave her, and it’s kind of the same for Elle.

We find her in Arizona where she’s just finishing up a 3 month contract at a hospital there, which is something that seems to be the course of action for her – to find short contracts and keep moving around.  She’s on her way to Oklahoma next for a contract, and that’s just when Leo arrives.

So of course, just when Elle’s finally starting to get over the fact that Leo ran out on her, he shows up to sweep her off her feet, and we learn that he’s been planning it for a month now – trying to find a way to convince her to be with him since he’s got these incredibly strong feelings for her.

It’s a mess as expected – Elle doesn’t want to allow him back into her life and heart yet of course it’s something that she can’t control around him.  Leo keeps trying and trying to prove that he’s devoted to her and it’s something that’s so new for him.

So where we end up in this next installment is a place where Leo’s willing to give up everything to be with elle, and Elle is still trying to figure out what she can be or not be with Leo.  There’s tension at the very end of this one, and i think that we see interesting decisions being made by everyone.  The King plays a role of course and we find ourselves finally back in Montovia for the continuation. I love how our authors are taking us on this journey – making it impossible to be an easy road, yet making it worth the fight – sort of.   Enjoy!

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