Review & Giveaway: Whiskey and Water by Ava Sterling

Title: Whiskey and Water
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 3/6/18
Length:   18 Pages


Amber looks the part.

She has on a tight shirt that hugs her chest and a pair of shorts that shows off her legs. She even has her black hair in curls so it falls down her shoulders in soft waves that bounce when she walks. She’s the quintessential hot bartender. The only problem is, she hardly has anyone to serve. 

Carla changes all that when she comes in from the rain for a drink. Within minutes, the electricity cuts out, and the place goes pitch dark. With nothing else to do, they decide on a dare. If Amber can drink a whiskey shot without making a face, she wins. If she loses, she has to kiss Carla. 

It starts off with a playful dare and ends with Carla’s boyfriend, Jack, coming in to check on her. Considering what he walks into, it’s understandable that he’d want to join.

My Thoughts

I need to thank our amazing author Ms Ava Sterling for this story – it’s exactly what i needed for a sunday night! What we have here is a fun evening for a girl who was beyond bored at the bar that she works at, and while it’s a job, it’s annoying given that she always has to be in motion because her boss watches the security tapes to make sure she’s not standing idle. That proves to be even more brain numbing than waiting for customers to come into the bar!

So on a dark and stormy night, when there’s no one to serve, Amber finds herself alone and then quickly not so alone in the bar. Enter Carla, a biker looking chick, soaking wet after she’s ridden through on her motorcycle which of course has conveniently broken down just up the road. We all know where this is going to lead right? The nice thing though is that while Amber isn’t very experienced, she’s fairly adventurous and the scene plays out quite nicely. Especially when the power goes off and the security cameras are offline!

I love that Amber decides that the thrill of what Carla makes her feel is worth the risk, and i love that Carla is so playful at making Amber participate as it keeps the momentum of the story going! And who doesn’t like incentive right? Amber knows she’s going to lose, and maybe she’s so intrigued by what Carla has to offer that she does it on purpose.

What follows this flows fast and furious. Carla is experience and knows what pleases someone else, and Amber quickly has no choice but to explode and enjoy. The idea that all this is happening in a bar, with the power off, that just adds to the tension and heat in their scene. It’s not until there’s someone else in the room that what was hot before gets explosively combustible.

Jack is what threesomes are made for – he’s a guy who really takes no hesitation in the scene, takes what he wants, maybe shares a bit, but is clear and single minded. He’s Carla’s boyfriend, and this is obviously something that they do often – the menage. Its a night of firsts for Amber and seeing how this plays out makes it even more compelling. She’s flying, she’s lost her inhibitions, and perhaps they have made her think about things in her life different.

Of course, the lights come back on (which means also the security camera) and we are left to wonder how this will all play out for Amber. Will she still have a job? Is this just a one time thing with Carla and Jack or is there a chance for more? What will this mean for Ambers taste in the future! So many questions and so few answers!!!!

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