Review & Giveaway: One Last Try by Ava Sterling

Title: One Last Try
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 1/25/19
Length:   23 Pages


One last chance to loosen up her husband. If this doesn’t work, nothing will.

Madison’s marriage to Mike has its ups and downs. Right now he’d say it’s an “up,” but she isn’t so sure. Mike’s a vanilla, straight-laced guy. He likes to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning and doesn’t like spontaneity. 

Unfortunately, he’s a bit sluggish in the bedroom too. Anything that flirts with being kinky he won’t try. She’s desperate enough to try anything to jumpstart the spark in their marriage, even to the point of trying to get him aroused by her old best friend, Joanne.

She hasn’t seen Joanne in years, but a phone call and an hour of catching up is enough of an opening to invite her and Mike over for a fun getaway. Being under the same roof as a saucy newlywed couple like Joanne and Marco might do the trick for Mike.

By the end of the weekend, Madison will either have exactly what she wants or her love life might crash and burn. Either way, it’s worth a try.

My Thoughts

First, thanks again to our lovely author for giving me something to start off the month of April with! I’ve been a fan of menage before, there have been series with more than 3 partners, but never have i ventured into the swingers realm (outside of BDSM i suppose), so this was a nice break.

Madison and Mike are the couple that you want to be – they are an established couple, out of the newlywed stage, happy with life, each other, just a nice set of people. The challenge of course if that Madison seems to want more – she’s much more sexually charged, and sexually driven than Mike, and that starts to make her frustrated.

The great thing though is that she has this friend that she’s gotten a sense of wild adventure from in the past and that’s something that’s so ideal for what she needs now. When she and her husband go have a weekend trip to go visit the friend and her husband, you can only imagine the crazy that unfolds.

Madison hopes that by making things seem competitive between Mike and Marco (her friend’s husband), that there will be a chance for things to get hot and steamy fast. It’s always nice to see two men feel like they need to one up each other to stake their claim in the room. When it’s decided that no one is too tired to continue the evening, the heat ramps up quite a bit and quickly, and what we get from there is insane.

Mike and Joanne pair off, leaving Madison and Marco together, and even the women get a bit competitive with one another on how quickly and well they can please their respective men. The picture that our author paints for us as this goes down (pardon the pun), is hot, sexy, intense and quite detailed. What they experience is something new and different, and of course where we are left off raises the question on what it means for each person and couple since you can’t go back from experiences like that.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this story makes me wish that I were married and that i had an adventurous best friend (or maybe i could be the adventurous one) who was also married so we could take a stab at this. I can say I’m definitely a fan now of the swingers story lines, and I can’t wait to read the next one! Enjoy!

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