Review: Tough Love by Ava Sterling

Title: Tough Love
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 6/10/17
Length:   17 Pages


Lingerie is Kate’s ultimate weakness. That, and spanking.

The spanking kink between Kate and Colin started years ago, and it’s only heated up since then. But with Colin away at a conference, Kate falls back into her old ways of overspending on lingerie. The lingerie is mostly a gift for him, after all.

The only problem is the budget and the credit card interest. As soon as Colin gets home, he’ll likely be upset, and what better way to dole out his punishment than bending his fiancée over his knee?

My Thoughts

I have to of course thank our amazing author for sharing this story with me – I honestly don’t know she’s able to come up with so many unique story lines across so many different categories within the erotica genre. It’s impressive!

In this sweet novella, we have a couple who’s very much in love, very devoted to each other, and a couple that has figured out how to survive the tests that life and time throw at them. In this instance, it was the introduction of a means to correct Kate’s bad behavior, a punishment of sorts. But for anyone who’s into BDSM, or light play, spanking is clearly not about punishment, but about pleasure. And that’s what we get to see Kate discover and enjoy.

Where spanking leads is always a hot hot scene – both for the spank-er as well as the spank-ee. Colin is clearly well versed in the best way to prep, tease and perform an amazing spanking, and while it may not exactly get Kate to behave how he wants (i mean, you have to understand the pleasure that you can get out of a good spanking), he gets to experience something amazing and fulfilling with her, and vice versa.

They both get exactly what they need, as does the reader i’d imagine, and we have another story that leaves us wondering is spanking as far as they’ll go? Is there potential for more? Is Colin really more a dominant and that could be something that they choose to play out? I guess only in our imaginations will we find out. Enjoy!

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