Review: The Empire (Filthy Trilogy #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: The Empire
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Lisa Renee Jones 3/12/19
Length:   227 Pages
Series:  Filthy Trilogy #3


Passion. Lies. Family. Eric and Harper will feel the push and pull of a dynasty gone wrong. Secrets remain. Danger is everywhere. And the pull of a forbidden love will not be ignored.

My Thoughts

I love this series – i think that we have something that’s exciting, passionate, heated, complex – all the things that we’ve come to love from Ms Jones! We pick up this third installment right where the second one ends, and as we’ve been gifted in the past, we have a quick recap from our author so there’s no question about what’s just happened and what it means for our favorites.

It’s a roller coaster- Eric is set on protecting Harper, and in that, there are secrets or bits of information that haven’t been revealed or shared and of course we know that it means that there will be conflict and distrust and pushing away as a result. Harper we learn throughout this story has her own share of secrets to deal with, and honestly she doesn’t even know or realize that she knows many of them. These are the points in a relationship that are make or break moments and that’s literally what we spend much of this book dealing with.

We know that someone’s after Eric and Harper, and we don’t know if it’s Isaac, Gigi, the mob – or someone else. We do know that with the help of the Walker clan, we can feel a sense of security, although there are moments throughout that we see that they can’t have eyes everywhere, and that while they have massive talents, there are people who don’t want information found, which puts them to the test with their skills.

Throughout though, we see that Harper is a fighter – she wants to help Eric realize that he’s amazing and worthy, and Eric seems to want to do the same for her. Bringing Harper into his life, protecting her, making a home for the two of them. Every turn that they make brings something else at them, but the strength that they show together gives us hope for what will happen for them.

There are so many questions that come up through this finale. Will their father make it? Will he survive all that’s happened to him, and who’s behind the attempts on everyone’s lives? What are all the codes that have been given to Harper and Eric and who will decode them? will they get the answers that they want or are we going to see more churn and confusion?

What i love about this story is that we get puzzle pieces that fall in to place, and then answers that no one expected. There were easter eggs so to speak throughout this book giving us clues that things weren’t as they appeared, and as we get through each layer, we’re shocked, surprised and given more questions on whether there’s any way out of this mess. alive.

On top of all that, we get the tried and true recipe of a LRJ story – some of the hottest passionate chemistry that leaps off the pages just about every other page. The dominant need to control everything and using physical touch, sex, that’s a theme that always comes through in the best of ways. You have no choice but to be drawn into how this story is written, with all the angst and complexity while also loving the romance that’s underneath it all.

I’m sad to see this series come to an end, but i can’t wait to get more of the Walker Security guys since we haven’t seen the last of them. Enjoy!

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