Review: Beauty in Lingerie (Lingerie #2) by Penelope Sky

Title: Beauty in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 4/17/18
Length:  165 pages
Series:  Lingerie #2


Conway Barsetti doesn’t want me to be a model anymore.

He wants to keep me all to himself.

I inspire him in ways no one else does. 

Now I’m living with him in his beautiful mansion, and I don’t feel like a prisoner anymore. I’m free to do what I want, with some limitations. But he treats me so coldly, seeing me as an object rather than a person.

His family comes by for lunch and he tells me to stay in my room so they won’t see me.

But I have a better idea. I’ll make them believe I’m his girlfriend, that we live together and we’re in love. Unless he treats me better, I’ll tell his parents and sister what our arrangement really is. 

And humiliate him.

My Thoughts

This second book in the series takes their relationship to a new level. While we know that Sapphire was strong and smart and was not going to let her situation define her, Conway didn’t know that and we have an interesting story from here on out. She’s the one person who’s able to challenge Conway, who’s about push him and get him to begin to admit things to himself and that benefits both of them.

His work has never been so inspired, and he is putting out more product than ever before. There’s more demand for him and that’s all because of his Muse. There’s a downside to this however, they both become incredibly jealous of one another. We know that Sapphire HATES when his models get too close, still not trusting that he’s not with anyone else. Conway on the flip side is beyond protective, and we know that it’s a Barsetti trait that will never go away. Given the threat that Carter voiced regarding Knuckles, there’s a reason that Sapphire gets limited freedom.

And this is where Crow, Pearl and Vanessa play a big role. Now that Sapphire forced her way into the family, and they adore her, she’s able to get more and more from Conway. To push his boundaries, to get freedoms. It’s nice to see what her life is becoming.

Where we find ourselves in this story’s end is that there’s an offer on the table that may take Sapphire away from Conway, and he had been shielding her from that offer. Knowing the type of woman that she is, we’re likely going to see heart break and betrayal at the beginning of the next book because it seems like it’s an offer she can’t turn down.

The other bit that i want to note in this story is that the dynamic between our mains continues to be unique to what we’ve read in all the other series so far. There’s an innocence sure, but there’s a bit of power swapping here that’s different than what i’ve read before. Sapphire doesn’t use the same tactics that Pearl or Adelina did, or any of the other ladies to be honest. She has a different approach and one that’s grounded in the life that she lost, and it’s something that works here….most of the time. So i guess now the only way to see what happens, if there’s a way to come back from the impeding betrayal and at what cost….if Knuckles will find her when she’s out of Conway’s grasp, …we must read on. Enjoy!

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