Review: Lady in Lingerie (Lingerie #3) by Penelope Sky

Title: Lady in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 5/17/18
Length:  187 pages
Series:  Lingerie #3


I refuse to let this woman have any power over me.

She’s just my prisoner.

But once my Muse is in trouble, I’ll do anything to save her.

Anything to protect her.

She was supposed to inspire me, please me.

She was never supposed to care about me.

Or make me care about her.

My Thoughts

We get to see the more human side of Conway, the side that his family knows and loves, the side that he doesn’t show anyone, and this is the side that the world should see. All because Sapphire was able to break through some of his walls.

The bulk of this story is taking us on a journey where Conway realizes that he needs ‘Muse’ and she admits to herself that she needs him, but as we’ve seen in the previous installments, she’s not willing to compromise and diminish her worth just to let him feel powerful. The exchange of power between them is complex and entertaining. Conway realizes quickly that without Muse, his work suffers. And when Conway ‘frees’ Sapphire, she realizes that she can’t live without him.

Add to that the layer of the Barsettis that come into play in this story. We get to see a lot more of Vanessa since she and Sapphire have developed a friendship. We see that Conway’s parents are truly happy to see their son finally in a relationship and one with a woman as lovely as Sapphire. We see Carter even begin to take on a more vocal role in things. The dynamic of Carter and Conway is exactly that of Cane and Crow and i really like seeing that.

At the end of the last book, you’ll remember that Sapphire was made an offer to go work for a competitor of Conway, and that’s something that comes back up in this story as well. She’s offered more money than anyone could fathom having, and her feelings for Conway makes it a hard decision to make/turn down/take. It’ll be interesting to see how that one plays out since we know that Mr Lexington reached out to Conway first and then found his way to Sapphire. She still doesn’t know that Conway knew about the offer first.

Add to that, Bones reappears. You’ll remember him from Pearl and Crow’s story and i think that the name alone makes everyone nervous. The way that Conway and Carter discover him puts their families at risk, puts a wedge between everyone who loves each other, instills fear in everyone, and forces the younger generation to make a promise about how they will live their lives moving forward. HUGE compromises for men who are powerful, feel that they are invincible and really don’t like being told what to do.

Where we net out though is an admission of truths, anger and hatred, and all relationships that we thought were solid being pulled apart. It’s anyone’s guess on how things will pan out in the next book, but the names Knuckles, Bones….Skull Kings…they all come to mind and you have every reason to be concerned!

The consistency though that keeps this series going and makes it so enjoyable and engaging is the fact that the dynamic between Conway and Sapphire is hot, and it’s real when they are alone. They share something so deep and romantic, but it’s only behind closed doors. The chemistry that they have, the magnetism that they share is something truly remarkable and very well written in this story, that when you see things crash and burn, you know that there has to be something on the other side – even if it’s different than what was intended. On that note, i’m off to read the next book and i can’t wait to see who ends up where and with whom. Enjoy!

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