Review: Sassy in Lingerie (Lingerie #8) by Penelope Sky

Title: Sassy in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 7/24/18
Length:  132 pages
Series:  Lingerie #8


I’m not sure how it happened.

But I’ve fallen in love with my family’s enemy.

I try to move on but I can’t.

He’s the only man I want.

Now I have to choose between the man I love.

And my family.

My Thoughts

So much is at stake here and so much uncertainty lies in front of Vanessa and Bones that you really have to wonder who’s going to win here. They’ve agreed to make the effort with her parents, and her parents agreed to make the effort back, but sadly it doesn’t look like the Barsettis are going to give even an inch

That’s where we spend this entire installment, watching the patience and restraint that Bones puts forth, because he loves Vanessa that much. And taking all the insults, the punches, the disrespect because the end result is worth it to him. Vanessa’s heart breaks every time they engage with her family because she knows that they aren’t going to even give the relationship a fighting chance, and it’s sad to see. Crow and Cane can’t let go of the past, and once Conway is in on things, he’s just the same.

The constant that we see keeping this story going is the intensity of Vanessa and Bones’ relationship. There’s something so deep and powerful here that no matter what comes against them, they know that they are each other’s forever. The passion that comes from it, the heat and chemistry that we see every night and morning between them is insanely hot.

Crow makes a good point in one of his argument, pointing out that in Bones’ line of work, while he thinks that he’s not going to become a target, we all know that he will since this is the under world and nothing is assured or safe. Crow wants Bones to retire and make an honest living and that’s not something that Bones can do because it would mean leaving his ‘brothers’ in the lurch. On one of his last missions though, we see that Crow’s fears may be real and legitimate because it seems as though the hit was on a person who was so public and so beloved that everyone’s searching for the killer. It gets dropped in this story but i feel like it has to come back.

Bones’ honesty is one of the best aspects of this story and what makes the family start to turn their opinion, however when Crow asks a question that he knows he doesn’t want the answer to, we see that there’s an impact to the dynamic that will make the story into something that is completely different. We’re left at a point where Bones’ is giving everything up but it’s maybe for nothing. I hope we get the resolution in the 9th installment because frankly, this has been dragging on too long and the anticipation is killing me. Enjoy!

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