Review: Fine in Lingerie (Lingerie #11) by Penelope Sky

Title: Fine in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 8/28/18
Length:  159 pages
Series:  Lingerie #11


I’ve decided to keep her.
I paid for her, after all.
I should feel guilty for the decision I’ve made, but why? She prefers me to her previous master anyway.
And it’s not like my father didn’t do the same thing when he was my age.
I’m rich, powerful, and untouchable.
I’m a Barsetti, and I can do whatever I please.

My Thoughts

Things continue to keep getting more and more interesting with this family and their dynamic with each other, with Griffin and now with Carter/Mia. The trend that started in the last book continues here and while it’s nice, it complicates things a bit more as well.

First, the primary story line of Griffin and Vanessa continues to blossom. We see them together now, the Barsettis are on board with the relationship, but now Griffin is the one with the issues. He keeps putting on a great effort to make the relationship with with Crow and the family, but sometimes it’s just pushing too hard and he explodes. Every step forward is a million steps back, and it leaves us wondering if there will ever be calm and peace with this family. It’s so important to Vanessa that everyone gets along ,but maybe the end result is that they will have to get along separately.

The good news though is that in this book, it’s not the dynamic or relationship between these two lovers that has the roller coaster. It’s what Carter and Conway have done that makes this exciting.

You’ll remember the side hustle that they had with the slaves from the Underground. Well, as you’ll remember from before, it’s caught up with them and now the Skull Kings are after them for blood. Even though they weren’t successful in killing Conway before, they’re not done with their efforts and we know that the Skull kings are viscous, so theyll never stop until they win.

Again, another reason Griffin/Bones has to get involved. The biggest issue here though is that he’ll likely end up blowing his cover of being involved with Vanessa, which he’s tried to keep under locks. He’ll use up all of his chips that he’s got with the other people who go to the Underground because he’ll need their help and protection, and there’s not guarantee that anything will work. So….we spend much of this story wondering what the outcome will be and who will be alive and with what when it’s over.

Separate from that story line, is Carter and Mia. It’s no surprise to know that the back story here is going to be much more robust and entertaining than ever. And Ms Sky, our author doesn’t disappoint. We learn that Mia was taken years ago by Egor, and that she’s been abused for years with little to no freedom. She escapes him and ends up with the Skull Kings, thinking that anything is better than her past master. So when she realizes that Carter isn’t as bad as everyone else, the way that she views the world changes.

He has few rules for her and her life will be luxurious while she’s with him. Don’t cross him, don’t try to escape. Do that and all bets are off on her safety and freedom. Well, this wouldn’t be a story without a really strong woman, so Mia would have to make her move at some point, and we know that the moves would fail. Carter is much smarter than she gives him credit for and the enjoyment that i get from watching this play out makes the book even better.

There’s definitely a trend that we see throughout all of the stories written by our author – we have volatile relationships that all have this immense intense chemistry that can’t stop anything. Relationships are fueled and started by deep rooted hatred, and they blossom into something that’s so powerful that you can’t hope but pray that they overcome what they’re going through.

In the case of Mia and Carter, it seems like there are far too many secrets, far too many unknowns for things to workout. Carter was mislead by Egor on who Mia was to him. He hired carter under the guise of being her brother, but we know that he was an abusive master. We don’t know the true circumstances that Mia was taken, but we do learn that she’s got a valid reason to stay alive and fight. We know that Carter is a Barsetti through and through, yet he seem to be the most naive of them all. Which hohnestly is kind of interesting to me since Cane is the more ruthless of the brothers. Anyhow, he finds himself at an impasse where their story takes pause during this 11th installment, and that’s not a good place. He can’t do what Mia wants, and Mia can’t agree to her horrible future.

Add in more dispute with the Skull Kings yet again, and you have a perfect bridge to the next installment where i’m sure things will continue to get dicey. So…now i’m off to reading the 12th book and hopefully get some answers. Enjoy!

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