Review: Princess in Lingerie (Lingerie #12) by Penelope Sky

Title: Princess in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 9/11/18
Length:  242 pages
Series:  Lingerie #12


This woman used to be my slave.
But now she means more to me.
More than she should.
I’ve done unforgivable things to her, treated her like livestock I bought at the market. I made her tend to my needs without question.
To make up for it, I should let her go.
But even now I can’t.
Instead, I want her to marry me.
Whether she wants to or not.

My Thoughts

SOOOOO much is happening in this installment. And i mean a LOT. i think just about everyone in the 2nd generation has had some type of large resolution to their story and that’s something that’s an amazing feat.

Let’s see, where to start.

Conway/Sapphire – we have been awaiting the birth of their child for such a long time and now it’s that time. It’s really amazing to see how that changes the dynamic of the family, how it makes people who were confident turn into mush, and brings people together when it was completely not the chosen path.

Vanessa / Griffin – i think that it’s safe to say that this is one of the biggest more complicated story lines that we have had the pleasure of reading. We know that they are together for the long haul, that their feelings for each other will overcome anything, but it’s not an easy road. We see Crow try with Griffin. We see Griffin try with Crow. We see each give up and resign themselves to things never working, but what we know is that this is a family that never takes the easy out and well, that’s what happens here.

And just when we think that things are settling, the family of one of Griffin’s targets comes after him, but goes for Vanessa instead, and well, you can only imagine what happens from that point on. This is the moment of the story that defines the man that Griffin thought he was moving away from to become, and we instead see a darker more horrid and tormented side that really breaks everything good that we wanted.

Where Vanessa unconditionally loved him before, she sees that he’s capable of going past the point of no return in a fit of rage and that means that their dynamic is shuffled and changed forever.

Carter / Mia – this is the story that everyone wanted to see how it would play out. She’s gone from purchased slave to the woman in his bed, to the woman that he had to return, now to the woman that he helped fake her death to live in freedom. all because she said she has a son, and that’s something that really pulled at Carter’s heart. Their story, their path now veers off course because Carter now has to make the decision to cross a very powerful man, a man who doesn’t trust what he sees and a man who will have a vendetta for the rest of his life if he’s wronged. Carter steps into that box, gets Griffin’s help (isn’t he such a nice addition to the family?) and tries to get away with murder. We don’t yet get to see the outcome of this, but honestly, we all know that it cannot end well.

So you can see how three stories converge here in this one installment and it’s intense. Emotions come to the top, lives are joined, created, and pulled apart, all with the same level of angst, anxiety and fear that we get in every story. The one constant is that we see that the Barsettis stand beside each other during EVERY moment of need and there’s no end to the amount of need that this family faces. The only person that we have yet to get to the crux of here is Carmen, and we all know her story is up next. I can’t wait to see how that one plays out and what stud of a man comes her way. Enjoy!

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