Review: Lover in Lingerie (Lingerie #15) by Penelope Sky

Title: Lover in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 10/23/18
Length:  235 pages
Series:  Lingerie #15


I know this has no future.

Only heartbreak.

Bosco Roth may be the man I’ve fallen for, but he’ll never be the man I marry.

He’s too dangerous. Too risky.

When our three months is over, I’ll walk away.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

My Thoughts

Knowing that there’s not apparently a book 16, i guess i have always gone into this hoping for the final installment of the series and closure all around. The way that the series has evolved and run from the first books about Conway and Sapphire all the way to now gave me the impression that finality and resolution would be the name of the game. The questions that beg to be answered though are around many of the characters – not just Carmen and Bosco, and it seems like we may not have enough runway to do all that.

So, to start with Carmen and Bosco, we know that their relationship is something real, we have watched it grow into the soul connection that all the other couples have – including the parents, but what i find to be most interesting with this dynamic is that there’s really no outside pressure here bumping up against them. Sure, we know that Cane will hate Bosco for what he stands for, and we know that Griffin has his own opinions because he’s from a similar world, but we don’t have the same level of risk in most instances that we have with the others.

That all changes of course when The Butcher takes a liking to Carmen and Bosco has to step in. It’s literally an apt description for what happens, all because The Butcher was put in the ring and didn’t lose, and that wasn’t a viable option for anyone.

As much as Carmen wants to leave because she knows in her heart that Bosco can’t give her the life and future that she wants, seeing how he will go to any length to protect her, how he makes her feel cherished, well it’s only through the means of a term agreement that she’s able to continue on. We all know that won’t last and play out how she wants, but oh well.

Intertwined into this story is that of Carter and Mia, and Luca. Seeing how that relationship has grown and developed into a family. Personally, I constantly wondering how Egor hasn’t discovered them yet, but well, that’s not for me to say since i’m not the author. Or then again, has he discovered them and that will have a bad omen on the ending? We all know that everyone’s actions have an affect on another family member, Vanessa getting kidnapped because of Sapphire, Griffin getting shot for Conway etc. So, who’s going to be the bait this time?

The power struggle is real here, yet the pull of love and romance from the Underground is even stronger. Peace and family are the name of the game, but it’s too much for some to compromise. Bosco isn’t in the same situation where he can walk away from his business for Carmen and be safe since he is the business – him physically and that puts everyone at risk. His brother Ronan though has ideas, and power, and desire for everyone to find what’s right for them that he serves as a voice of reason and a man who can help things go in the right direction. He makes Bosco realize that family is more important than work, trying to pull him out of the grief from their mothers death bit by bit, and he serves as a voice of reason for Carmen every time she leaves and pushes Bosco away.

What this means to me though is that Ronan should have his own story and i don’t see another installment hinting at that. @PenelopeSky – if you’re reading this – we need a Ronan Roth Story!

The passion and heat comes across in book 15 just as strong as it did in book 1. The plot lines, characters and depth in this final installment were just as compelling and intriguing as they were in very first book as well. I feel like i’m going to be suffering a bit of loss now that i’m done, even with the Epilogue that we were served since the Barsetti’s are an amazing family. I guess the good thing is that i can dive into the 3rd book in the Skull Kings series, but i’ll miss these guys! Enjoy!

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