Review: Boss Lady (Boss #1) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Lady
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 1/24/18
Length:  180 pages
Series:  Boss #1


Tatum Titan

She’s the richest woman in the world, the most powerful, and not to mention, the most beautiful.

It takes a lot to impress a man like me, and at first, Titan didn’t. In fact, I noticed one of her failing businesses far quicker than I noticed her. A publishing house.

But she won’t sell.

She refuses to hear my offer at all.

My assistant makes three attempts to set up a meeting, and Titan ignores each one.

She refused me, Diesel Hunt.

The most powerful man in the world.

I wasn’t used to hearing the word no. I wasn’t used to having a rival that possessed my same confidence, my same intelligence. I wasn’t used to someone else taking control of the situation.

I was always in control.

Her coldness only makes me hotter. Her indifference only makes me more interested. As she proves herself to be the most gifted entrepreneur of this city, she claims my respect-something difficult to accomplish.

And then she claims my obsession.

My Thoughts

While i wait for the next installments of a few things, i figured i’d check this one out since it came up as something that others who read the Lingerie series would like. I’m not sure that I like it as much yet since there are so many secrets that are being teased yet not revealed, but on the flip side, the heat and passion and kink in this story take things up a notch that it’s hot in a way that the other author hasn’t gotten lately.

So in this first introduction to the series, we are met with Tatum Titan, our leading lady, a woman who created her empire from scratch from the age of 15 and has become the most powerful and wealthy woman in the world. She states her terms which are always met, both professionally and personally and that’s the way her world has run. She’s got a dark past that we don’t yet know the depth of, and we know that her friendships and relationships are tied to that, but that’s not really what takes us through this first book.

We also meet Hunt Deisel, our leading man who’s equally strong and powerful, and who always gets what he wants, until he meets Tatum. When he doesn’t get the answer that he wants on a business deal and digs deeper into the woman that Tatum is, we see that he’s not easily swayed, and his conquest changes.

The journey that we go on this first installment is one of negotiation, compromise and chemistry. They both want to live their lives separately and together on their terms but that’s not reality and they have to fight each other to get there. They’re also shrouded in a level of secrecy because of something that Tatum feels is necessary for her survival and we don’t quite get to the culmination of that agreement here.

Throughout this story though, while they fight each other every step of the way, without revealing too much about themselves in the process, we see walls come down, and at the same time, we see the most intense kink rise up. That’s her world, and not his, but a world that he’s completely open to since it has to do with her. There are secrets from their current friends, the business world, and secrets from their/her past that will never come to light that shapes the story as it has formed.

All in all, i’m intrigued, and truly drawn in, but i’m not quite sure what i’m being drawn in to. There’s the relationship between Tatum and Thorn that makes no sense to anyone since it appears that they’re together but both have admitted that they’re not what they seem. There are secrets there that we can’t yet know about and that’s what makes Hunt’s quest that much more impossible. I”m left shaking my head at so much that’s happened, and wondering if there’s any common ground that they can come to without sacrificing all that they’ve built separately. I guess that’ll come in book 2 and we’ll have more answers to what we’re wondering. So, on that note, i’ve just gotten book 2 and i’m off to see what happens. Enjoy!

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