Review: Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day

Title: Butterfly in Frost
Author:  Sylvia Day
Publisher/Year:  Montlake Romance 8/27/19
Length:  191 Pages


Once, I would never have imagined myself here. But I’m settled now. In a place I love, in a home I renovated, spending time with new friends I adore, and working a job that fulfills me. I am reconciling the past and laying the groundwork for the future.

Then Garrett Frost moves in next door.

He’s obstinate and too bold, a raging force of nature that disrupts the careful order of my life. I recognize the ghosts that haunt him, the torment driving him. Garrett would be risky in any form, but wounded, he’s far more dangerous. I fear I’m too fragile for the storm raging inside him, too delicate to withstand the pain that buffets him. But he’s too determined…and too tempting.

And sometimes hope soars above even the iciest desolation.

My Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of Ms Sylvia Day and the idea of a new story coming out for months and months is something that i’ve been looking forward to. Honestly, this past Tuesday could not have come fast enough. What we have here is a stand alone story with a new cast of characters, linked slightly to our favs Eva and Gideon, but still stand alone completely.

Teagan has her ghosts – we’re not entirely sure what they are but we know that they stem from a horrid breakup with her ex husband, prompting a move from NYC to Seattle. she’s a successful doctor, linked to the Crosses through reasons that i’m note entirely sure of, although we know that she’s helping Eva create an amazing new skin care line that’s designed to do some amazing things.

Then there’s Garrett, a man who everyone can tell is ‘someone’ but doesn’t know quite what his story is. He moves into the house next door, and we see that he’s quickly moving into Teagans’ world. He’s got his haunted past, and we learn soon into the story during a dinner with Teagan’s friends Mike and Roxy that Garrett was married before and had a son who passed away from reasons unknown. He’s so damaged that it’s something he carries with him as an artist, but tries to move forward with some how.

There’s something interesting that we pick up during their first meeting – when Garrett basically runs into Teagan full tilt that makes you wonder. There’s a flash of recognition, almost a fear in Teagan’s eyes when she sees him, but we are quickly pushed past that into a scene that causes us to forget that moment entirely. What that means, well, that’s something that takes the bulk of the story to bring up again.

Both are magnets for pain and suffering, yet we see that they find this as a means to come together. The way that Ms Day writes the dynamic between them is electric and intense, yet i’m not going to lie – it doesn’t feel like the say way that she typically gives us a relationship. There’s something that’s just slightly out of reach for me to put my finger on that i’m missing here, but i think that regardless, they have a fantastic dynamic.

Throughout the period of this story, we see their paths cross, intertwine, and their relationship move fast. That’s par for the course in Ms Day’s stories, but there are moments that i wonder if there’s truly a need for that. It seems as though they are each relying in each other far too much to be healthy, but some how it works. At the same time, when they let their walls down, the heat and chemistry leaps off the pages.

The last moments of this story really throw us for a loop. There are things brought up from the past that make no sense, yet make complete sense and explain why each is who they are. I think that without that, it would have been a so so story, yet with the resolution here, we have something that’s quite incredible. So, on that note, i’m kind of bummed that it’s just a tease back in to the world of the Crosses, but at least we got something. Enjoy!

Review: No More Masquerade (Secrets of Stone #2) by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue

Title: No More Masquerade
Author:  Angel Payne & Victoria Blue
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 3/6/18
Length:  200 Pages
Series:  Secrets of Stone #2


Behind every good man…is the love of an even better woman.

Those were just pretty words before I met Claire Montgomery. Before my fairy queen burst into my life, I wasn’t able to recognize the bastard in my morning mirror. But her love has given me the strength to face the imposter—even embrace him. With Claire by my side, I’m the king I always wanted to be, the Killian Stone I always dreamed of becoming.

Which means, for once, I want the mask guarding my secret to stay right where it is.

If you want the grown-up fairy tale…learn to love the dark side.

Profound sentiment. I wish I could get on board with it, but the prince in pinstripes has other ideas. Life has been a dream since Killian burst into the ball offering the perfect fit—his heart and mine. But the treasures he bestows have become his armor, hiding the man I yearn to know. I refuse to open his little velvet box until he opens himself, letting me see every last dark hallway of his soul.

My Thoughts

I was really excited to dive right back into this series since the ending of book one gave us enough to be happy and have the ‘feels’ but on the same note, gave us just enough to know that the dam was about to break and everyone would have to deal with the fall out.

There’s SO much that happens in this second book that it’s really hard to keep up with things. Everyone’s identity that you thought you knew isn’t the case – every secret possible will be dug up and relationships are tested beyond belief.

We start off this story with Killian and Claire really making an effort to be together – splitting time between Chicago and San Diego because of their respective jobs. It’s been months of back and forth and it’s taking a toll. We know that things will have to change, it’s just a question now of what the impetus will be for that.

Enter Killian’s money and romance and an extended vacation in Europe for Claire’s birthday. Seems like the perfect trip for a number of reasons. Quality time, a chance for Claire to get the answers that she needs from Kil and a chance for them to take their relationship to the next level. Things don’t go as planned when there’s stress between them because of Killian’s internal fears and then the worst happens – a fire at Keystone manner, leaving two men dying, and the story changed forever.

Killian’s real father is the first to pass and all the secrets that he was fighting to hide from Claire come out. Then Josiah Stone passes, and in his last moments, he reveals that Margaux isn’t who she says/thinks she is. This makes for world war 3 and well, more families and relationships torn apart.

The story goes way way downhill from there because everything Killian worked for is gone, Trey goes to the media with all their family secrets, Claire is pushed away and there’s no happiness to be found anywhere.

I’ll admit that while these bits of the story were exciting, there were many many bits that dragged for me and i had to trudge through in order to get to the point where i hoped things would turn around. It takes a lot of misery, some well placed pep talks and a homeless man to make things turn a corner, but where we end this second installment is a place that really isn’t close to where we began. Business is failing, relationships are still unstable and no one really knows who they can consider family and loyal. I honestly can’t wait to see where book three takes us, i just hope that it doesn’t have the same lull this one did which almost forced me to pause reading. Enjoy!

Review: No Prince Charming (Secrets of Stone #1) by Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

Title: No Prince Charming
Author:  Angel Payne & Victoria Blue
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 3/6/18
Length:  232 Pages
Series:  Secrets of Stone #1


Once upon a time, a girl attended a big party at the palace, met a prince, and they fell in love…

My name is Claire Montgomery, and I’m no princess. I’m a fighter. I’ve worked hard to earn my place with one of the largest public relations companies in the country, and I’m on the verge of one of the most important victories of my career. We’ve been called to Stone Global Corporation to clean up the family’s filthiest laundry, and I’m on my game. I’m ready. But am I ready for Killian Stone?

They say it’s never too late to live happily ever after…

I’m Killian Stone. They call me the Enigma of the Magnificent Mile. Elite tycoons want into my bank account, and their wives and daughters want into my pants. They’ll do anything for a piece of the enigma—until a crack in our castle is too large to ignore. I’m thrilled. This scandalous fissure distracts everyone’s attention from the bigger secret I’m hiding. But when Claire Montgomery walks through my door, I’m captivated. For the first time in my life, I long to shed the enigma. To share…my secret.

My Thoughts

Well, i came across this first book of the Stone series because i needed something to read post the ending of all those other series that i’ve been posting about. The cover art worked for me, and the story line seemed ok, so why not right?

What we have here is an introduction to a story that makes you want you to believe in fairy tales, but puts you in real life where there’s no reason to be that naive and allows you to see the grittier side of life and just be honest. (or not in this case)

Our leading lady Claire has had a very rough go at life for the past few years – having her heart broken and at the same time, finding herself mixed up in a situation that compromises a lot for her future. At the same time, she’s put in uncomfortable situations with people from school, with one girl in particular having it out for her, and surprise surprise, that girl becomes linked to her in ways that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone. So here we are in present day with Claire, who works at a PR firm, that owned by her soon to be step mother and her soon to be step sister (who is this horrid girl from college). She got the job on her own merit, and is damn good, but of course there are taboos about things like this now.

Anyhow, they are the best PR firm in the country (of course) and find themselves flying half way across the country to fix a mess from the Stone family, a family that has billions and some family members who are apt towards scandal. They need to fix a mess that the eldest Trey has caused, and Killian, the youngest is the one who’s trying to play fix-it man.

That’s where we come to Killian, a man who has so many secrets that we don’t know how they stay hidden, yet we know that it’s probably because he’s so gorgeous that no one really bothers to dig deeper. Claires step sister has her eyes set on him, but from the moment they step foot in the office, there’s this spark between Killian and Claire that can’t be controlled.

We spend the bulk of this story along two story lines. The first is figuring out how to get Trey and the Stones out of their mess, which is no easy task since there are vendettas against the family. They have to be creative, fast working and have faith in god that someone else will cause a bigger scandal to get them out of the eye for a second. The other story line is romance, and heat and chemistry.

There’s no way to fight it and our authors go to great lengths to show that there’s a huge push pull here as well. Claire wants him, but knows that it’s impossible because her step shrew has too much dirt against her. She is also afraid to open her heart again and that makes her beyond gun shy. Killian is a man who’s accustomed to getting what he wants and doesn’t like the idea of no.

The scenes between them are spicy, and hot, and make you really wish that you had a great phone sex partner. (yup, we go there in this book). They make it real, although compared to other series i’ve read, it’s a bit clumsy. Still hot though and honestly, i think that it’s got a lot of ‘realness’ to it.

We are left at a point in the story where they are found out, and claws are out. Claire’s father and Andrea, the owner of the PR firm are getting married, and it seems like everyone else’s path is in a happy and successful direction except Claires. So many questions on what we can expect and what we can hope for. We know that this isn’t fairytale and fantasy, but i think that there’s still the romantic in me that wants the grand gesture. So….onto book 2 to see what happens. Enjoy!

Review: The Lone Wolf (Wolf #3) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Lone Wolf
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Penelope Sky 8/20/19
Length:  200 Pages
Series:  Wolf #3


My gravest mistake was falling in love with my husband.

It crept up on me so slowly that I didn’t even notice it was happening until it arrived. I assumed he felt the same way every time he kissed me…every time he touched me.

Until he proved me wrong.

Kamikaze is dead so I don’t need him for protection anymore. Divorce is all I want now. I’ll find a man that will love me the way I deserve, that won’t bring home two strange women just to hurt me. 

I don’t need him. 

Now it’s time to start over.

My Thoughts

This story left us in a very bad sad and dark place at the end of book 2 and i don’t know that anyone wanted to watch the demise of the relationship that was but wasn’t meant to be. Where we left off – Arwen performed as she always does at these parties but this time it was a new song that put all her feelings of love and emotion out there to the world for Maverick to hear. He wasn’t prepared for that and I think that he’s still too afraid to admit that he has those deep feelings for her, so he screws it all up. He brings home two women, beds them and acts as though he’s allowed to do this. In true Arwen form, she drafts divorce papers and leaves him.

So the beginning of this third and final installment is watching Maverick come to terms with what he did, knowing that he’s pushed Arwen so far past her breaking point that he’s lost the one thing that mattered most to him. Arwen on the other hand has so much anger towards him, that she uses that to fuel herself forward. She gets a second job so that she can support herself living on her own, she finds men to keep her company at night, and even starts seeing a man regularly even though her heart isn’t open to someone else and she thinks non stop about Maverick.

He grovels, he repents, he apologizes ,but the damage is too drastic for Arwen to let him in. The shock here is that it’s Caspian, Mavericks father who gets in the middle of things. He goes to the bar that she’s working at, with armed men. Threatens everyone in the bar so that he can have a conversation with her – to make her see that without Maverick, she’s still not safe. not from others and definitely not from him. Caspian as you’ll remember still has a vendetta against Arwen for taking away his full revenge. He provides color to what she’s living and as a result, gets her to go back to Maverick.

The build from here is a slow one – where we know that there’s no trust but there’s a LOT of romance and emotion and we know that at least with that foundation, there’s hope. So Maverick is in it for the long haul, doing what ever he can without pushing too hard too fast to get Arwen to see him as the man she loves. We spend the rest of the story watching that relationship try to repair itself, but i’ll be honest, what Arwen holds onto makes it nearly impossible to make any progress.

The other story line that we have is the one of repairing the father/son relationship. As we will recall, Caspian became a deranged man when his wife was murdered and he’s never come back from that. Arwen sees that there’s something there worth saving and tries to meddle over and over again to get the family back together. She’s persistent and she’s stubborn and it’s a quality that starts to make progress. I think that watching this unfold is something that makes the story even more compelling.

Add all those crazy story lines to a relationship that’s got so much heat and passion and you know that you’re going to have this amazing finale to the trilogy. The questions that we’ve wanted to have answered are resolved, and we see a glimpse into what could be. There’s no easy and direct path, but that’s what makes this such a great book to read. Ms Sky, our amazing author has done it again and now i’m sad to have to find something else to read. Enjoy!

Review: Dirty Rich Secrets: Part 2 (Dirty Rich #12) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: Dirty Rich Secrets: Part 2
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Julie Patra Publishing 8/13/19
Length:  81 Pages
Series:  Dirty Rich #12


Part two in the Dirty Rich Secrets trilogy

My Thoughts

so clearly that summary doesn’t do it justice, but we are now into the mid point of this novella trilogy. We know that Ashley and Aaron/Noah are back on ok terms, realizing that they need to be together more than they need to be apart, yet Ashley is still in a position where she’s not sure what to believe – who to believe, and who’s going to make her safe.

Where we left off at the end of the first book, They were running from a cabin that they thought was safe, but turns out that Noah’s mentor Edward wasn’t ‘for’ them, and he ended up poisoning himself before they could get answers. As they’re running from that house, they get ambushed, and Ashley is knocked unconscious and when she wakes up, she’s not with who she thought she would be with.

So, fast forward now to the second book – when we find out that she IS with Noah and that he’s likely the only one who can protect her. They would die for each other so perhaps this is a good thing. The challenge from here out is that they don’t know who’s really after them, who’s going to be able to help and who cannot be trusted. Ashley brings Smith and the Walkers back into the mix, and from all other LRJ series, we know that literally are the BEST in security and protection, and perhaps they can help. IF they can trust Noah. Which is a hard thing to do.

The bulk of the story from here on out is watching how this unravels, how we want the Walkers to decide to help but there’s so much trust that’s lost already. Smith has his ties to Ashley from when she needed to run from Noah, and there were interesting feelings developing from that. There are emotions there that Noah doesn’t like and his jealousy takes a toll on everyone. Then there’s the introduction of Blake into the mix and we know that he’s one of the best guys out there both professionally and personally. So things have to look up right?

Just when they have hacked and gathered enough information to get to the crux of what they think is going on, the worst happens. they are discovered, bombs are planted and shots are fired. We are left knowing that there are going to be several folks that won’t make it out of this ambush alive and i’m worried about who we will be saying goodbye to.

Sad part now is that we have to wait a month until book three is out and i don’t know that i can wait that long! this is my plea for an early book three!!!!!!! help me!!!!

Review: Dirty Rich Secrets: Part One (Dirty Rich #11) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: Dirty Rich Secrets (Part 1)
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Julie Patra Publishing 7/20/19
Length:  81 Pages
Series:  Dirty Rich #11


He was passion and the reason I breathed. I loved him, trusted him when life taught me to trust no one. He was nothing I thought he was. He wasn’t even the man he said he was. He was dangerous. Everyone told me to hide, to run, but now he’s back. He came for me and I’m not running at all. Because he’s still the man that gave me a reason to breathe and if that’s dangerous, that’s a risk I will have to take.

My Thoughts

It’s hard to get back into this series after taking such a long break, but once i centered myself a bit to remember how Ashley played into the bigger story, i was ok. We spend the first part of this three novella series seeing what Ashley’s life has become now that she’s learned that everything she believed in was lies and that the man she loved lied to her in a capacity that’s too deep to ever come back from. He’s a dirty CIA agency and because of him, she’s now forced to go into hiding, to go into protection, changing her entire identity for her safety.

The problem is, he’s that good that he won’t let her go and he’ll always find her. Their connection is too deep and intense that any hope of getting away from him is impossible. Until she realizes that maybe the information that she had about him, that maybe everything that she was told about Noah (or Aaron) wasn’t true and that there’s still a future there.

The bulk of this short novella is spent on the run, Noah comes back for Ashley, tries to convince her to listen, and to give him a chance to explain himself, but the problem is that they aren’t safe. He’s being hunted, she’s being hunted and all the adrenaline doesn’t give them a chance to have the candid conversations that they need.

More questions than answers are coming up here – because someone has been setting Noah up from day one, and that means that there’s something out there that no one wants him to know. He lives by a mantra of trust no one and that comes to a head here. his mentor, the man who supposedly was the one who could be trusted has information and a motive that no one has figured out yet and that puts us on the edge of a very thin tightrope. Edward poisons himself so that he can’t be tortured for information so Noah and Ashley are no further along in their question for information.

What we do know is that they are being hunted and that no place is safe. When they think that they’re going to be able to get to safety, they are ambushed and we don’t know by whom and for what reason. We don’t know yet who will survive, who’s been taken where and what the future holds. So….i’m off to get book 2 to this little series and see who the captors are. Enjoy!

Review: Boss Empire (Boss #9) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Rules
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/24/18
Length:  192 Pages
Series:  Boss #9


I’ve found a woman I can’t live without.

It’s not just about the things we do in the bedroom.

But the way she looks at me.

The way she touches me.

The way she loves me.

Maybe I can have what Titan has.

Maybe I can have even more.

My Thoughts

Again, in my personal opinion, the summary doesn’t do this book justice, but that’s ok. So where we are in this story is a great place for just about everyone. We know that Hunt/Titan are in a GREAT place – getting ready for their wedding in Thailand. We know that Thorn and Autumn are in a better place – seeing that they mean enough to one another to be in a monogamous relationship but not sure what it means past that. (at least they won’t say it out loud). We also see Vincent is in a place where he’s able to move forward a bit personally with someone who’s appropriate, and that’s a first for him.

We have three plot lines to follow in this story and then a sub plot line that i think we all were waiting for. Watching how these relationships find their footing, really solidify into something that works for each, and watching how they weave together is intense.

Much of this story is spent wondering what their world will be like once the Hunts become the Hunts. When their empires are merged, and when they become one power couple bound by law. Both are strong minded people, willing to give in some ways but not in others, and we see fights and debate brew around names, pre-nups, babies etc. The intensity and love that comes off of these two though makes us assured that there will be a resolution that works.

Then there’s the new heat and passion coming from Thorn and Autumn. They are at a place where they better understand each other and what it was from their past that made them into the emotionally stunted people they are today. Life has an interesting way of playing things out though and when they find themselves in Chicago for a conference and Thorns parents come to the forefront of things, feelings are forced onto the table and the nudge that Thorn needed is more of a strong push. Then the occasion is flipped when we find ourselves in CT with Autumn’s family and things are one again brought to a head. The constant here is that there’s this connection that they share that changes the dynamic of all that Thorn has needed in the past and it makes both of them into better people. Where they will go, only up i’d imagine, but how far up is up to the reader.

Then there’s Vincent and Scarlet. They are both quite comfortable with where they are in life, and patient enough with one another to be able to fight for what they want but know when not to push. I think that for this ninth installment, this couple is the one with the most drama. We know that Scarlet’s past isn’t a good one with her ex husband, and when information is brought to Vincent’s attention, (thanks Dielsel for the push), we see what exactly that means. There are ramifications not only for Scarlet’s ex, but for her whole family since it means that her daughter will be told about things that were always hidden from her and that means that a family will be destroyed. The flip side is that we get to see the Hunt protectiveness come at us full force here both in this instance and in what Vincent does for Scarlet when she’s put in a bad professional position.

The sub plot that i mentioned earlier is one that isn’t surprising but still makes you wonder if we get to see reciprocation or a hypocritical side to our mains. The woman who kept coming around asking for Titan is determined to be her mom, and well, Titan wants nothing to do with her. She’s skeptical of why she’s back around, and still doesn’t want a relationship. While she says there’s no anger, she seethes anger. This is where Diesel comes into play, doing exactly what Titan did to rebuild the relationship with his father, and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out (or at least to imagine).

We get so many resolutions in this final book to the series, we see what questions that we posed throughout get answers, and we get an epilogue that gives us a glimpse into the future. There are still so many uncertainties, but there is a sense of closure in quite a few story lines. There’s a hint at a Brett romance that we never heard of before that i would LOVE to get a spin-off for (i’m going to dig and see if there is one actually) but otherwise, we see things play out as they should.

I’m sad to be leaving this series – 9 books of a great family of friends that really were unique, powerful, romantic and intense. So, onto the next and hopefully the next series will be just as great. Enjoy!

Review: Boss Rules (Boss #8) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Rules
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/22/18
Length:  170 Pages
Series:  Boss #8


I’ve got skeletons in my closet.

So what? Who doesn’t?

But I find myself wanting to raid her closet.

I’m familiar with strong women who rock the business world.

But I’ve never met a woman like this before.

I don’t want to share her. I don’t want her to slip through my fingertips.

But if I don’t keep her, someone else will.

My Thoughts

We’re really into it now with Vincent and Thorn and it’s such a welcome change. I know that we’ve been learning more and more about these guys and truly rooting for them to find their forever happiness, but they perhaps aren’t wired for it for completely different reasons. What we get in this eighth installment though is a change to what’s the norm for them and at the same time, we get to see the continuation of the story for Titan and Hunt.

Where to start – we can go with the basic for now – Titan and Hunt. Titan is almost recovered from the shooting and she’s itching to get back to work. The idea of buying out Ms August’s company isn’t a reality anymore so we see her change gears at the insistence of Thorn to partner instead. How that plays out is a nice new way of business for them. We see that Titan is able to compromise, which becomes a bigger theme in her personal life because of something that Hunt feels is necessary. The other path that their story goes on is that we’re getting closer to the wedding. Now that Titan is healed, they don’t want to wait to get married and that means that all the plans are going at rocket speed.

Now we can move to Thorn. As he negotiated the deal with Autumn August, he also realized that there’s intense chemistry between them and they agree that a fling makes the most sense. Of course we know that Thorn being the man that he is, he feels that he’s incapable of love and of course that means that what he starts to feel for Autumn will throw him for a loop. It’s great to watch this play out but at the same time its’ heartbreaking. On the flip side, Autumn is a fantastic character. She’s strong and confident like Titan, but she brings a bit of youth and sweetness to the series where Titan is a bit more polished. I think that it can be chalked up to experience, but they compliment one another well.

The relationship between Thorn and Autumn gets hot fast, and they hold nothing back. He admits his need to be dominant and she agrees, while maintaining her power elsewhere. She opens up to him about her past and in return he’s kind of backed into a corner to explain the situation with him and Titan. Makes for a really bad bit for them, and makes her question quite a bit. What we’re left to wonder in this book which we don’t get answers on is will their chemistry enough knowing that Thorn won’t allow himself to fall in love and Autumns’ been hurt in the past and won’t open herself up like that any time soon.

And lastly, we can move onto Vincent. This is a man perhaps that we’ve seen the biggest changes all around. He’s let go of his hatred for his sons and he’s actually formed these amazing relationships with all three care of Titan. We see a warm man, a man who really wants to have strong bonds and wants to honor the memory of his late wife. This is where the bulk of his story takes place. He’s been a man who over the past ten years has chosen to be with younger women because he knows that he won’t be able to move on from his wife and these flings will give everyone happiness for a short while. The change though comes when he’s approached to be in a magazine and there’s a spark and chemistry with the editor – a woman who’s not just beautiful, but actually appropriate for him.

Scarlet is a woman who’s lived life and is successful, and well, she doesn’t need a man but could be happy to find one. While there’s chemistry between them, Vincent spends much of this story shying away from it, pushing Scarlet away because he doesn’t want to forget his wife and we know that it will never end well for either. We have to wonder if he’s had too much good fortune lately in mending the bonds with family that maybe he’s used up his good karma. we’ll have to see.

Ohhhh i almost forgot the mysterious woman who came to Titan’s office looking for her post the shooting. Thorn and Diesel dig and of course they come to the same conclusion that I did, and we’re left wondering what the motives are here. Titan wants nothing to do with the situation, but i think that there’s going to be an explosion of sorts at some point because she can’t hide from this skeleton forever.

What i haven’t commented on much in the past in this series but i think should be noted is that the way that our author Ms Quinn writes the characters, their relationships, their passion and heat – it’s always so unique to each couple that it’s insane, and commendable. I think that’s one of the reasons that i’ve really enjoyed this series so much – because we don’t get the same story over and over again, and each is beyond hot in their own way! Good news is that there’s one more book, so i’m off to read it and hopefully we get the resolutions to everyone’s story line that i’m hoping for. Enjoy!

Review: Boss Games (Boss #7) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Games
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/9/18
Length:  150 Pages
Series:  Boss #7


I’ve found quite a woman.

Wealthy. Smart. Hooooot.

So hot.

She was supposed to be a plaything.

But I can’t help but wonder if I’m the one being played.

My Thoughts

I think this book summary is a bit closer to being target thankfully. In the last book, we were living through the hell known as Titan being shot, We know now that she’ll survive and that she and Hunt are as close as ever. We see the relationship with Vincent solidify both with Hunt/Titan as well as with Brett (just a bit though) and that means that at least one aspect of the world is in place.

Then there’s Thorn. So he’s being the supportive best friend and steps in to run Titan’s business while she’s recovering and that puts him in the path of one Ms Autumn Alexander. A woman who is just like Titan in the sense that she’s young, beautiful, but more importantly, she’s successful, extremely intelligent and knows exactly what she wants out of her business. She’s looking to partner with Titan, and Titan only wants to buy her out. Thorn tries to finalize the deal but realizes that 1) it’ll never happen because Autumn is too confident as to what she wants/needs and 2) that there’s an intense attraction between them, and he wants to know more.

So while the last book implied that he was going to find his path with a new partner, it really happens in this book. He gets Autumn to agree to a ‘casual yet exclusive’ relationship and it’s interesting to see how it plays out.

The other nice piece to this story is that we get to spend more time with Vincent. Titan has gotten in his head that perhaps he should be open to finding someone appropriate to spend his life with since he’s still young and everything else in his life is in order. When he’s approached by the editor of a fashion magazine to do an interview and spread, he doesn’t have high hopes for it but finds that the woman who he meets has some intriguing spark, something that draws him in and he wants to know more.

All in all we get to watch two new relationships form and it’s really great to spend time with characters outside of our mains. It gives this series a fresh feeling after 6 books and i can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

The Nice twist at the end – the introduction of someone new, but someone that i’ve waiting to see makes the cliff hanger all that much more interesting. So, on that note, i’m going to track down book 8 and see what comes next. Enjoy!

Review: Boss Romance (Boss #6) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Romance
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/8/18
Length:  150 Pages
Series:  Boss #6


Tatum Titan is happy with Diesel Hunt.

Now I have to find another partner.

So I can keep my secrets. So I can keep my fetishes.

I’d never loved a woman as more than a friend. And the only woman I’ve ever trusted is Titan.

That’s never going to change.

So I need to find someone.

But who?

My Thoughts

So i’m going to start off by saying that this summary is a bit misleading. If you read the book description, you think that you’re going to spend the bulk of this story with Thorn – watching as he tries to pick up the pieces of his life now that Titan is with Hunt. In reality, that’s not the case at all with this story, so i’ll re-level set with you guys. We left off the last book where decisions were made and those were that Titan and Hunt needed to be together, regardless of what it meant for their reputations. There’s still a lot to be dealt with, but that’s the situation.

They all agree that Thorn is allowed to be the one to claim that he broke up with Titan in the hopes that he doesn’t look like the idiot – even though Titan knows that it’ll hurt her reputation. Titan then after a point when she sees no positive impact coming out of this either personally or professionally since now Thorn won’t talk to her and their stocks are dropping. She goes on air to make a statement that seemingly does the trick and things start to get back to normal.

So that’s one piece of the story.

The other bigger plot line is around Vincent Hunt. Diesel’s father. He’s on this quest now to make amends with all of the men in the hopes of having some type of relationship with them. Thank you Titan for making him pull his head out of his rear end, but this is an up hill battle that can’t possible have a good outcome. Diesel has so much animosity against his father because of the choice he was forced to make 10 years ago. Brett always felt like the odd man out once his mother passed away – not even getting nearly the same treatment as Diesel and Jax in any capacity of life. Brett doesn’t need a father, he’s the oldest out of all the brothers, and honestly, he’s holding a bigger grudge than anyone.

The interesting twist here is that Vincent becomes a huge ally across the board with all the characters – using his clout and influence to make things happen. While i’m willing to say that maybe i was wrong about him before, i still wonder if there was something that he put in motion a while back that could come to bite them all.

The last piece of this whole story that’s still a mystery is WHO leaked the story about Titan and why can’t they discover who it is. I have my thoughts, and even though they seem to be cleared, i don’t know that i’m reassured. It’s only when we all think that all the chips have fallen into place that catastrophe strikes and someone is killed. The story from here out is changed forever and i need to jump into book 7 NOW to figure out who and why. Enjoy!