Review: Boss Love (Boss #3) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Love
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 2/6/18
Length:  182 pages
Series:  Boss #3


She’s on her knees.

Tatum Titan.

Just for me.

I’m the man who rules her. I’m the man who owns her. 

But our time together is coming to an end.

I realize I can’t let her go. I can’t let her marry Thorn.

Not when it should be me.

My Thoughts

The story with these two continues to heat up and FAST. We see now that it’s Hunt’s turn to be ‘in charge’ – that there’s a trade of power, and that while it’s hard for Titan, it’s something that she’s willing to do – for him. This next part of the journey with them gets really intense on a whole new level and that’s the type of stuff a good story is built on.

In this third installment, we get to the deeper bits of what’s going on in their back story. We see Hunt dig but not too harshly to get into what makes Titan into who she is – to better understand what happened 10 years ago not only to shape her as an individual, but as part of her relationship and partnership with Thorn. There’s a lot there that makes you understand her better, but i think that there are still questions in my mind of what’s in it for Thorn aside from being with someone who’s safe and makes sense. I have to question his motives from time to time especially as they’re related to Hunt because it just seems off and a bit too easy.

There are a few interesting paths that this third book takes. We see business deals get personal with Hunt, feeling like he needs to beat his father on a deal which he does, but the repercussions to that are yet to be determined. We see Hunt and Titan get into a new relationship that makes things more complex and really causes future questions to be asked now. We see a business takeover option by both Titan and Hunt separately cause rifts in their relationship and the business world, but what comes of that is something quite interesting and unique.

The underlying tone of this book similar to the others is trust and loyalty. The idea that you can trust someone and be safe is new to both of them, but it’s something that should be put back on the table….There’s family trust, there’s friendship trust and there’s lover trust and all of that plays a strong role here.

The other undeniable quality of this story is that there’s so much chemistry and passion between these two that you know that it can be great but it can also be explosive. They’re constantly pulled together but they also let others easily pull them apart. It’s hot and intense and where this passion leaves us is at both a great and horrible place. Things seem to have turned the corner, and blocks are all falling into place but a controversy breaks and that means that everything that they worked for both professionally and personally has been crushed and broken, likely beyond repair. It’ll be for us to read in the next book to see how this plays out – so that means you all know where i’m now going – back into this series and book #4. Enjoy!

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