Review: Boss Alpha (Boss #5) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Alpha
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 2/23/18
Length:  168 Pages
Series:  Boss #5


Tatum Titan is mine now.

I finally got her back.

But we have a city to rule together.

A world to conquer.

And there’s no other woman I’d want by my side.

My Thoughts

This story keeps getting better and better. We still don’t know who’s the leak and what the motivation is, but throughout this fifth installment, we see worlds continue to crumble, and everything seem to be getting worse.

Hunt’s goal of finding out motives falls short. As a result, Thorn and Tatum are now engaged. Their lives are moving forward while he’s not willing to let go. That’s the thing about true and deep love – you can’t let go so easily even when it seems like there’s no hope. The persistence pays off in some forms because Tatum allows a new arrangement so that they can still be in each others lives, but in a new way. Rather the original way – no commitment, but allowing their passion and intensity come through in life.

That’s not good enough though for either and what we see happen from here on out makes this story even more exciting. The underlying issue of someone finding out about them and blackmailing them continues to be a thing, and what we see is that it’s Hunt’s father who becomes the worst in this situation. He’s already burned by the fact that Hunt bought Megaland, and uses that against him to get the company back or lose Tatum. When he gets his way, it’s still not enough and then he goes after something more personal.

At the same time, we see Tatum and Thorn moving forward with their arrangement – planning the wedding, building their future. What bugs me here is that i still don’t trust Thorn, he keeps talking about what he would have when they merge their assets, when they are married. Once he proposes, he even gets more touchy with her, more physical and that still irks me for some reason. I don’t trust him.

All of our main characters are forced to take really long looks internally and better understand what it is that they need in life and can’t live without vs what they want. When those things don’t match up, we know that there will be repercussions, but those are the important choices. Hunt makes his choice quickly, and he knows what is essential for life. Tatum in essence knows what that is, but she’s not ready to pull the trigger. Thorn i think doesn’t know what’s necessary for survival – just what fits in his image.

What i really like about this fifth book is that we see people trying to take higher roads, even through moments of tension and hatred. Tatum goes out of her way to get others to change their mind, to change their approach even at the potential sacrifice of herself. The reputation that she’s built all these years and the image that is her persona. I think that there’s hope coming from her that empowers others, but at the same time, all the broken trust, and mis-directed hatred pulls everyone off track.

The other nice thing about this story is that throughout the entire series, the chemistry and heat that Tatum and Hunt share continues to be beyond intense. Like next level intense. We know that control and rules, and power are both of their things, but the way that it manifests on the page is beyond hot, and i can’t wait to see how this all plays out. On that note, i think there’s a book six and i’m off to find it! Enjoy!

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