Review: Boss Games (Boss #7) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Games
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/9/18
Length:  150 Pages
Series:  Boss #7


I’ve found quite a woman.

Wealthy. Smart. Hooooot.

So hot.

She was supposed to be a plaything.

But I can’t help but wonder if I’m the one being played.

My Thoughts

I think this book summary is a bit closer to being target thankfully. In the last book, we were living through the hell known as Titan being shot, We know now that she’ll survive and that she and Hunt are as close as ever. We see the relationship with Vincent solidify both with Hunt/Titan as well as with Brett (just a bit though) and that means that at least one aspect of the world is in place.

Then there’s Thorn. So he’s being the supportive best friend and steps in to run Titan’s business while she’s recovering and that puts him in the path of one Ms Autumn Alexander. A woman who is just like Titan in the sense that she’s young, beautiful, but more importantly, she’s successful, extremely intelligent and knows exactly what she wants out of her business. She’s looking to partner with Titan, and Titan only wants to buy her out. Thorn tries to finalize the deal but realizes that 1) it’ll never happen because Autumn is too confident as to what she wants/needs and 2) that there’s an intense attraction between them, and he wants to know more.

So while the last book implied that he was going to find his path with a new partner, it really happens in this book. He gets Autumn to agree to a ‘casual yet exclusive’ relationship and it’s interesting to see how it plays out.

The other nice piece to this story is that we get to spend more time with Vincent. Titan has gotten in his head that perhaps he should be open to finding someone appropriate to spend his life with since he’s still young and everything else in his life is in order. When he’s approached by the editor of a fashion magazine to do an interview and spread, he doesn’t have high hopes for it but finds that the woman who he meets has some intriguing spark, something that draws him in and he wants to know more.

All in all we get to watch two new relationships form and it’s really great to spend time with characters outside of our mains. It gives this series a fresh feeling after 6 books and i can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

The Nice twist at the end – the introduction of someone new, but someone that i’ve waiting to see makes the cliff hanger all that much more interesting. So, on that note, i’m going to track down book 8 and see what comes next. Enjoy!

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