Review: Boss Rules (Boss #8) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Rules
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/22/18
Length:  170 Pages
Series:  Boss #8


I’ve got skeletons in my closet.

So what? Who doesn’t?

But I find myself wanting to raid her closet.

I’m familiar with strong women who rock the business world.

But I’ve never met a woman like this before.

I don’t want to share her. I don’t want her to slip through my fingertips.

But if I don’t keep her, someone else will.

My Thoughts

We’re really into it now with Vincent and Thorn and it’s such a welcome change. I know that we’ve been learning more and more about these guys and truly rooting for them to find their forever happiness, but they perhaps aren’t wired for it for completely different reasons. What we get in this eighth installment though is a change to what’s the norm for them and at the same time, we get to see the continuation of the story for Titan and Hunt.

Where to start – we can go with the basic for now – Titan and Hunt. Titan is almost recovered from the shooting and she’s itching to get back to work. The idea of buying out Ms August’s company isn’t a reality anymore so we see her change gears at the insistence of Thorn to partner instead. How that plays out is a nice new way of business for them. We see that Titan is able to compromise, which becomes a bigger theme in her personal life because of something that Hunt feels is necessary. The other path that their story goes on is that we’re getting closer to the wedding. Now that Titan is healed, they don’t want to wait to get married and that means that all the plans are going at rocket speed.

Now we can move to Thorn. As he negotiated the deal with Autumn August, he also realized that there’s intense chemistry between them and they agree that a fling makes the most sense. Of course we know that Thorn being the man that he is, he feels that he’s incapable of love and of course that means that what he starts to feel for Autumn will throw him for a loop. It’s great to watch this play out but at the same time its’ heartbreaking. On the flip side, Autumn is a fantastic character. She’s strong and confident like Titan, but she brings a bit of youth and sweetness to the series where Titan is a bit more polished. I think that it can be chalked up to experience, but they compliment one another well.

The relationship between Thorn and Autumn gets hot fast, and they hold nothing back. He admits his need to be dominant and she agrees, while maintaining her power elsewhere. She opens up to him about her past and in return he’s kind of backed into a corner to explain the situation with him and Titan. Makes for a really bad bit for them, and makes her question quite a bit. What we’re left to wonder in this book which we don’t get answers on is will their chemistry enough knowing that Thorn won’t allow himself to fall in love and Autumns’ been hurt in the past and won’t open herself up like that any time soon.

And lastly, we can move onto Vincent. This is a man perhaps that we’ve seen the biggest changes all around. He’s let go of his hatred for his sons and he’s actually formed these amazing relationships with all three care of Titan. We see a warm man, a man who really wants to have strong bonds and wants to honor the memory of his late wife. This is where the bulk of his story takes place. He’s been a man who over the past ten years has chosen to be with younger women because he knows that he won’t be able to move on from his wife and these flings will give everyone happiness for a short while. The change though comes when he’s approached to be in a magazine and there’s a spark and chemistry with the editor – a woman who’s not just beautiful, but actually appropriate for him.

Scarlet is a woman who’s lived life and is successful, and well, she doesn’t need a man but could be happy to find one. While there’s chemistry between them, Vincent spends much of this story shying away from it, pushing Scarlet away because he doesn’t want to forget his wife and we know that it will never end well for either. We have to wonder if he’s had too much good fortune lately in mending the bonds with family that maybe he’s used up his good karma. we’ll have to see.

Ohhhh i almost forgot the mysterious woman who came to Titan’s office looking for her post the shooting. Thorn and Diesel dig and of course they come to the same conclusion that I did, and we’re left wondering what the motives are here. Titan wants nothing to do with the situation, but i think that there’s going to be an explosion of sorts at some point because she can’t hide from this skeleton forever.

What i haven’t commented on much in the past in this series but i think should be noted is that the way that our author Ms Quinn writes the characters, their relationships, their passion and heat – it’s always so unique to each couple that it’s insane, and commendable. I think that’s one of the reasons that i’ve really enjoyed this series so much – because we don’t get the same story over and over again, and each is beyond hot in their own way! Good news is that there’s one more book, so i’m off to read it and hopefully we get the resolutions to everyone’s story line that i’m hoping for. Enjoy!

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