Review: No Longer Lost (Secrets of Stone #9) by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue

TitleNo Longer Lost
Author:  Angel Payne & Victoria Blue
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 5/7/19
Length:  235 Pages
Series:  Secrets of Stone #9


Lovesick has never been in my vocabulary, but now that Maclain Stone has entered my world, I’m practically dying of heartache. And there’s nobody to blame but myself. But his brushoff has made me never want to see his sexy, smug face again.
When a stalker forces me from my home and lands me on Mac’s front door—and into the warmth of his bed—I can’t avoid the truth any longer. I’m in love with him. I need him. I’m lost without him…
What the hell was I thinking, falling in love with a stubborn spitfire like Taylor Mathews? For the first time in my life, a woman is driving me insane with need. If I can win her back, I vow to never let her out of my sight again.
Though it takes the threat of a maniac to drive her into my arms, I’m not letting opportunity pass me by, and everyone needs to learn this woman is mine—especially the woman herself. Without each other, we’re nothing. But together…
We’re no longer lost.

My Thoughts

So, i’m not sure yet if this is the last book to the series or not. We didn’t get an epilogue and we didn’t get any grand closure so i wonder…hmmmm. must go to research.

Anyway, what we have here is the continuation of Mac and Taylor’s story. They have been through their ups and downs. Taylor feels like she’s not worthy of what it is that Mac has to offer her and she pushes him away. Every move he makes is wrong to her because it’s at the wrong time, for the wrong reason or just something that she’s not open to. Every baby step that they make, even in trying to make things right between them proves to be a challenge.

That in itself should be enough to keep this story going, but of course we have so much more. We have John, a man who volunteers at the blood bank that Taylor knows – and he’s an interesting character. When we meet him, he seems like an eager puppy, trying to get into Taylor’s good graces. What we see though underneath is that it’s pushy, and not welcome at all. It causes jealousy for one thing with Mac, but that’s not even the real thing. He uses information that he has from Taylor’s files and goes rogue and that’s where we see this story take a dark dark turn.

Mac gets sucked into the mess because he confronts John and that results in a suspension from work. It’s really not looking good for anyone in this ninth installment. We spend the bulk of the story seeing how this couple deals with crazy and then tries to find their footing together on a slippery slope that doesn’t give much. Mac’s mom continues to be the ‘lovely’ woman that she is and makes their relationship that much more complicated and we see how easy it is to buy Taylor’s mom off to get information. Makes you really lose faith in family.

All in all, the idea of this story is exciting but the delivery is a bit lack luster. there’s not nearly as much depth to this story as we’re used to but i guess that with the anxiety from their troubles, we have enough to keep the story moving.

So, i guess all i can say is that if this is the final installment, then it’s been a fun ride with these characters. We’ve definitely gotten to see quite a bit of excitement with all of our relationships and I’m sad to be done with them. on the off chance that there’s more – i can’t wait! Enjoy!

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