Review: Dirty Together (Dirty Billionaire #3) by Meghan March

Title: Dirty Together
Author:  Meghan March
Publisher/Year:  Meghan March LLC 12/28/15
Length:  174 Pages
Series:  Dirty Billionaire #3


My wife.
I love saying those words.
She’s mine, and if she thinks I’m going to let her run without tracking her down and bringing her back to where she belongs-with me-then she’s about to be introduced to a new reality.
Because I’ll fight dirty to give her the happily ever after she deserves.

My Thoughts

This final installment of the series takes us on a roller coaster that’s genuinely insane. There’s no rhyme or reason about what happens in this third book, and yet our characters some how manage to make lemons into lemonade.

Creighton still has him empire to run, while also trying to be with his wife whom he admits out loud to loving, and shocks the world with this admission. Holly still does everything that she can to pursue her career, and even though she’s the center of Crey’s world, those times that he’s taken away from her make her question things. Add to that some interesting information about his past that she learns from a source that she never knew existed, and well a mess arises. And a mess that has the potential to truly break them up. So she runs.

In this installment, we get to see where Holly grew up and got her start. We get to see a different side of her, and this is the side that she feels she can be herself and not hide a thing. When we reunites with a guy from her past, the boy that she could never have hoped to have, yet one who shows her courtesies etc., well Crey has reason to worry.

If that weren’t enough, Holly’s mom shows up, and we’re faced with the repercussions of trusting too much too soon. and she gets burned.

It wouldn’t be a robust story though if Holly had all the drama. In this story we get to the bottom of why Crey’s uncle hates him so much and why he’s out to ruin Crey’s career. It’s something that we never even thought about – a twist, and well that’s something to add quite the dynamic. You have to spend the back third wrapping your head around what’s going on here to really be able to complete this story.

We have a story of lust that turns into love, that turns into fear, frustration and a realization that life can’t go on without the other. There are circumstances that continue to make their dreams come true and we’ll have to see what sacrifices can be made and if they are enough. I hope you guys check this final installment out and Enjoy!

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