Review: Lie (Betrothed #8) by Penelope Sky

Title: Lie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Barnes & Nobles Press 6/2/20
Length:  198 Pages
Series:  Betrothed #8


Why did I let her go?

I can’t answer that. How do you expect me to answer that when I don’t even know? I’m the Skull King. I never let ANYONE go.

When I see her at the bar six weeks later, she’s still the feisty handful that I remember. She owns the room in that tight dress and that fire. Now that she’s not dirty in a locked cage…she’s stunning.

She cleans up good.

I decide to say hello…and see what happens.

My Thoughts

I love how we were introduced to Catalina’s story and what it ultimately means is that things are going to get very complicated very fast. We knew there was some type of connection between them when Heath realized that she was more than he first thought – and seeing their ‘relationship’ evolve throughout this story shows us that there’s much more than meets the eye.

When we first met Heath, youll remember that it was in Balto’s story and there wasn’t much that Heath had to redeem himself. He was rough around the edges, didn’t really have a sensitive notion at all in his being and even knowing the story around who Cassini was both to Balto and outside of him, there wasn’t much that made you want to like him. We saw him do things for his brother to help when needed and as a result, when. Balto stepped down as the Skull King, Heath stepped in.

He’s not the typical king and we saw that through his interactions with Damian. Sure, he was out for the money piece of things since that’s how the Skull Kings made their business thrive, but he also had vendettas and revenge to deal with. He also has Vox in the back of things to make life miserable. Vox being the Skull King that felt that he was next in line to be king and will take whatever opportunity he can to take the throne.

Catalina on the other hand is exactly as we remembered and is exactly how all other leading ladies are in Penelope Sky stories. We see how independent and strong she is. how she is able to take care of herself and needs no one, yet has this idea in her mind of how her life should be. She’s made the mistake of seeing the gypsy as well and feels like she’s got to follow that premonition to a T since the prophecies have played out for Hades and Damian.

This first real installment of their story is one that’s rough. We see that Catalina continues to avoid Heath, push off his advances because of what he has against Damian as well as what he put her through when she was kidnapped. It doesn’t matter that there’s an insane attraction between them, it’s still something that’s never going to work out.

Heath of course is persistent and we see walls come down. We see what could be between them and we see how there are still far too many obstacles to make it work as it should. It’s not until Catalina is trafficked that Heath comes to her rescue, and there’s a chance for whatever it is that they want to make their relationship to become.

If only Damian wasn’t an issue and he didn’t continue to come at Heath every chance he could get. We know that it can’t possibly end well for everyone and when we watch Catalina get put into a position where she’s devoted to her brother and yet wants to protect Heath, someone’s going to die and that’s not good for anyone.

We’re left off watching a plot go wrong, and then we don’t get to see the after affects. – that’ll come in the next installment which i think i have to wait a month for. So…i’ll be patient, try to find something else to read in the meantime and enjoy this nice weather. Enjoy!

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