Review: Dirty Filthy Fix (Fixed #5.5) by Laurelin Paige

Title: Dirty Filthy Fix
Author:  Laurelin Paige
Publisher/Year:  Paige Press 11/21/17
Length:  124 Pages
Series: Fixed #5.5


I like sex. Kinky sex. The kinkier the better. Every day, it’s all I think about as I serve coffee and hand out business agendas to men who have no idea I’m not the prim, proper girl they think I am. With a day job as the secretary to one of New York’s most powerful men, Hudson Pierce, I have to keep my double life quiet. As long as I do, it’s not a problem. Enter: Nathan Sinclair. Tall, dark and handsome doesn’t come close to describing how hot he is. And that’s with his clothes on. But after a dirty, filthy rendezvous, I accept that if we ever see each other again, he’ll walk right by my desk on his way to see my boss without recognizing me. Only, that’s not what happens. Not the first time I see him after the party. Or the next time. Or the time after that. And as much as I try to stop it, my two worlds are crashing into each other, putting my job and my reputation at risk. And all I can think about is Nathan Sinclair. All I can think about is getting just one more dirty, filthy fix.

My Thoughts

Here I was thinking that this novella took place after the others in order of being written when I should have realized that it took place way earlier given that this couple was already a couple in everyone else’s story.

Nate and Trish. We met them through Hudson’s story – Trish is Hudson Pierce’s assistant and a woman who’s not just beautiful but smart as well. We never really knew what her story was but in this novella – we get to see a side of her that we should have realized yet never ventured to think about.

Nate on the other hand is a guy that teased us enough with his less traditional ways that i’m not surprised at all by what we learned. He’s the guy who’s first to make comments that are a bit off color and ironically he seems like the more grounded of the pair in this story.

They meet at a part called Open Door – which is a gathering that we saw with Edward and Celia – one that is more BDSM in nature – people who have their kinks and who don’t get judged. they are established and safe and often their identifies are kept secret. Trish managed to get into the group through a friend who had the credentials to be a member and when she sees a tall green eyed sexy man, her life is changed. The rules she put up were to protect her but he quickly tore them down.

She quickly learns that the green eyed god is Nathan Sinclair – a co-owner of Reach and a business associate of Hudson. That’s how their paths cross and that’s how they will stay forever intertwined.

We have a quick and REALLY DIRTY story with these two, watching them tease each other, give the other what they need and then we watch Trish push him away because she’s so non-traditional that she’s not willing to have a true relationship and be tied down. She clearly doesn’t know Nate well enough to know that perhaps he’s on the same page as well, and we get to watch that play out.

Where we saw dark and dirty with Donovan and Sabrina, and we saw risque with Weston and Elizabeth, and we got sweet with Audrey and Dylan, we have Kink to the highest potential here with Nate and Trish. Now there’s just Cade to figure out and from what i saw on Laurelin Paige’s site, we have to wait until this year at some point to see how that plays out. Enjoy!

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