Review: Last Kiss (First and Last #2) by Laurelin Paige

Title: Last Kiss
Author:  Laurelin Paige
Publisher/Year:  Paige Press 2/27/18
Length:  384 Pages
Series: First and Last #2




Emily Wayborn does not fully trust the dangerously handsome Reeve Sallis. But Emily knows that he is the one person who can give her what she needs—even if it comes with a cost. Reeve is the only thing keeping her grounded as the rest of her life falls apart. But the hotelier is a master at keeping secrets—and as she continues her quest for answers, someone is making sure she doesn’t find them. . .

Now, as an unknown enemy closes in, Emily is second-guessing everything she thought she knew about Reeve—and herself. Is Emily’s irresistible attraction to Reeve worth risking her own life for? Meanwhile, time is running out. . .

My Thoughts

I REALLY love this duet – not only is it steamier than much of what i’ve read by our amazing author lately, it’s also got more twists and unexpected turns than we could have imagined. We left off from the first book learning that Amber was actually alive – and that means that the great moment that we saw between Reeve and Emily is likely to crumble fast. He loved Amber and knowing that she’s alive should change things.

What we learn quickly from there on though is that every thing that Emily thought that she knew was wrong. Reeve actually knew who she was from the moment they first met. Amber had talked about her on and on and praised her and Reeve had known her name and her image long before Emily caused their paths to cross. This of course means that he feels betrayed and we have to spend much of the book watching Emily convince him otherwise.

At the same time, there’s the question on how Amber is alive and what needs to be done to keep everyone safe since we know that Micha is still after her, and then we wonder if Emily needs to be kept safe as well. Thankfully Joe is there to watch out for her but that raises flags as well.

If that weren’t enough, we keep flashing back to memories from Emily and Amber’s years together which helps us better understand the motivation behind who they each became. We also watch the implosion of Chris Blakely, the man who crushes on Emily to this day and makes Reeve jealous but also the man who was really close to Missy, Reeve’s ex who died at his property. That makes us wonder even more who’s behind everything and what’s going to happen.

They’ve forced into hiding at one of Reeve’s islands, and as a result of being there, we also see Amber push Emily further and further away from both herself and Reeve since she’s threatened and wants him for herself. The problem though is that Reeve continues to profess his love for Emily – a love that’s deeper than anything he’s experienced before, but Emily won’t do that to her friend, so she tries to walk away. That ends up with another death / murder and we’re left with everyone going their separate ways because that’s how they have to deal with their pain.

Joe becomes something even more important to Emily’s life now that everything’s transpired and frankly I think that I like him even more now …..maybe even for her. We’re left at a point of massive heartbreak and depression and there’s really no time in this book to resolve it all. So…you can imagine why I loved it so much – since every time our unrequitted lovers came together, it exploded with the sort of naughtiness and kink that we love, but yet we see that they’re never quite happy and content with their place in life. I’m sad that we only had this second book to close their story, but at least we got it all done here. Enjoy!

Review: First Touch (First and Last #1) by Laurelin Paige

Title: First Touch
Author:  Laurelin Paige
Publisher/Year:  Paige Press 12/29/15
Length:  304 Pages
Series: First and Last #1



Emily Wayborn is finally her own woman.

After a string of shameful relationships and reckless partying with her best friend Amber, she’s now a successful voiceover actress, her wild past and everyone in it firmly behind her. Until she receives a cryptic voicemail from her former friend that sends her spiraling into the darkness she thought she had outrun. One thing is clear from the message, Amber is in trouble.

Determined to track down her friend, Emily follows a chain of clues that leads her to Reeve Sallis, a gorgeous and equally dangerous hotelier known for his power games and shady dealings. Now, in order to find Amber, Emily must return to her playgirl ways to uncover his secrets and track down her friend. But as she becomes more entangled with him, she finds she’s drawn to Reeve and his depravity despite her growing conviction that he may be the one responsible for Amber’ s disappearance.

My Thoughts

OH WOW. that’s what i’ve got to say when I start this one. This first installment to this story is intense, hot, confusing, rich, all those great words that go into making an amazing story. I’ve read quite a few books from Ms Laurelin Paige, our amazing author and I think that this may be my favorite so far.

As the summary hints, we are reading the story through Emilyl’s eyes- she’s come a long way from the girl that she was back in high school and even soon after. She’s established herself with a new ish identity, she’s got a job that supports her and gives her access to the nicer things in life, and yet, she’s got her troubles in the form of a mother who’s got dementia and needs full time care. It’s one thanksgiving with her mom that goes better than most days, that she’s told of a message from a blast from the past that was on her voicemail. Amber – the girl that she met back when she was a teen, a girl who was a runaway but who taught her how to manipulate and use men for what she wanted to get in life….Amber was in trouble – as she used their coded safe word in the message.

The journey from there is one that gives Emily nothing of what she expected, but all of what she wanted. She hired Joe to help her locate Amber since the police wouldn’t help and what Joe uncovers isn’t at all what Emily wants to get involved with. She was last with a powerful man named Reeve Sallis, who’s got connections for sure, but who is possibly one of the sexiest men alive. He’s got a unique past being linked to an actress who died but aside from that, it’s the allure of the luxury resorts that he owns and the lifestyle that he lives that we assume drew Amber in. The challenge is that she’s not with him anymore, and Joe can’t seem to find her aside from a few uniquely timed emails that show images of her with a mystery man that we have determined to be the leader of a mob group.

Emily decides that the way to find Amber is to get close to Reeve and while she knew what she’d have to do in order to get close to him, she didn’t know that she would have the potential to fall in love with him and have that reciprocated. He has boundaries and expectations of what his ‘relationships’ are right but Emily approaches him out of his comfort zone and challenges him in ways that no one else has and therefore she’s ‘special’ to him even though he won’t admit it.

Every time Emily thinks that she’s getting a lead, things happen and it all gets questioned. We see Reeve’s controlling side come out time and time again, edging onto the scary and dangerous side, but we also know that things like that turn Emily on more than anyone could imagine. She’s trying to be careful in her approach to learn more about what happened to Amber, but what she should realize is that Reeve is connected to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING so i’m guessing that it’s all going to blow up in her face.

Throughout this time though, we see these two become dependent on one another. Addicted in a sense because they each crave something that only the other can give them. They need each other for peace and to breathe and of course to satiate an undeniable chemistry. They’re into kink – they like it rough, and it’s so hot to see EVERY single time their chemistry explodes since it’s often and super charged.

The last chapter of this first installment takes us on a complicated path. We see them argue, we see the questioning of trust and we wonder if there’s a chance that trust can be gained. Emily takes a chance and goes back to Reeve and he gives her the emotion that she needs from him. She had bared her worst moments to her and accidentally shard Amber’s name as the only person she’s loved and that triggers something in Reeve. He finally reveals the details of how he and Amber split and while that’s put closure on things, it also only answers half of Emily’s questions. Who are the two people that he’s loved. Amber and his parting words….her best friend.

The moment that’s revealed, Reeve’s phone rings and he runs out of their room to the main room of the ranch house where Emily secretly follows. There she sees Joe, and Amber. Who was supposed to be dead. and that’s the cliffhanger that we get. Luckily for me this story was written 5 years ago so I’ve got book 2 and i’m going to read it now. I was up all night doing my best not to write this review so that I could try to go a day without reading a book, but well….that didn’t happen so now i’m off to the next installment to see how their worlds implode. Enjoy!

Review: Man in Love (Man in Charge Duet #2) by Laurelin Paige

Title: Man In Love
Author:  Laurelin Paige
Publisher/Year:  Paige Press 11/24/20
Length:  304 Pages
Series: Man in Charge Duet #2


Scott Sebastian is a liar.

Fitting, since I’m a liar too.

Yet there’s no place for me in his glittering world of half-truths.

With all our secrets in the open, I should stop trying. What I’ve learned should send me running far away. I can’t keep pining for a man in love if I’m not the woman he’s in love with.

But it’s not that easy to escape the Sebastians. I already knew they owned this city.

Now I’ll find out if they also own their son.

My Thoughts

Well, I think that we all expected that Kendra would be the undoing of Tess, yet the way that it comes about is completely different than the path we were on. The assumption is that at some point K would come back from her ‘vacation’ and get the intel on what Tessa did to get DRF funded via the Sebastians and fire Tessa. What we didn’t know though is that there was more to the story there as to why she wouldn’t pitch the Sebastians before. Her fiance. Scott.

While i’m surprised, i’m not really, given the context of what he shared about himself to Tessa and how he evaded all questions tied to his past with Kendra. I was happy to see though that there wasn’t really anything malicious or evil going on, and that perhaps the surprise confirmation of an engagement was a surprise to scott at the same time as Tess.

Throughout this second book, we watch the truths unfold, and at the same time we watch the need to keep some lies going, even to the detriment of whatever happiness could be had. Scott has to stay with Kendra because of an agreement that he made with his father to get out of the role in the family business that he’s in now. He has to marry Kendra, but ironically, they probably both don’t want to get married for similar reasons.

Henry, Scott’s father is evil and vindictive, however we meet the elder Sebastian, Scott’s grandfather Irving who started the business and we get to see that there is something good at the core of the family and we start to see reason. Irving knows that Scott is a good guy, and wants to see him happy an would love nothing more than to see him out from under the thumb of his father, but clearly it’s more complex than that.

While that fight’s being fought, Kendra is beyond angry at what Tess did while she was away and has now threatened her livelihood, although Tess is at the point where perhaps she wants to move on anyway. All she really wants is to make sure that Teyana has the care that she needs which she would get through the DRF, and alas hands are tied.

The saucy and hot parts of this story though are around Tess and Scott. They have this insane chemistry and attraction that leaps off the pages and it’s truly entertaining watching Scott try to dive into her kinkier side all the time. At the same time, where there’s usually a gap in life styles given their background, they fall into a comfortable routine that works for them. When Tess decides that she needs more though, even though she loves him and he loves her, there’s still the engagement that’s looming, she walks away and we watch what that means to Scott and his world.

I think that there’s a lot to be said about standing up to your family and your heritage, but given that this family has endless personalities and branches, we can only hope that good can come of it. Brett as always is there to be a voice of reason, and Teyana is as well. (she’s got an interesting twist involved in this story as well). So on that note, i’m done with this duet but I believe we get Brett’s story in a few months – so i’m on the look out for that one. Enjoy!

Review: When He’s Dirty (Walker Security: Adrian’s Trilogy #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: When He’s Dirty
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Julie Patra Publishing 10/27/20
Length:  200 Pages
Series: Walker Security: Adrian’s Trilogy #1


As a member of Walker Security, Adrian Mack has found redemption for a walk on the dark side. For two years the former FBI agent was undercover in the notorious Texas Kings biker club. For two years he changed, he became one of them and when the bust happened, he didn’t know who he was anymore. On a hitlist with a price on his head he disappeared and joined Walker Security, but now, the trial is set to start and witnesses are dropping like flies.  

Assistant District Attorney, Priscilla Miller is tasked with the conviction of The King himself, and she’s passionate about taking him down, but her case is falling apart. She’s also in trouble, and while she resists Adrian, the sexy ex-FBI agent with a killer reputation, he and his team at Walker Security will become her lifeline, in more ways than one.

He touches her, she melts.
He shields her, she survives.

But everything is not as it seems. Friends are enemies. Secrets are really lies. And the one time in his life Adrian lets his heart do the thinking, passion might just be deadly.

My Thoughts

Every time we get a series about another Walker guy, I fall more and more in love with the crew. There’s a new person added to the mix every time as well, and that means that this series or series of series will continue for quite some time.

We met Adrian before, and we saw his campy sense of humor, knowing that it covered up some dark history. We were given his background of working for the FBI as well as knowing that he’s of a mixed heritage.with a bit of Latin mixed in. Gives him a bit of an edge with this crew and also primed him for the job that he had in the FBI and the reason that he’s hiding and now the star witness in a trial.

That trial is to put away the King Devil and being the star witness means that he needs to figure out who he can trust, who’s involved on what side, and who’s going to try to kill him and those close to him. As we’ve seen in just about every other Walker story, the main character doesn’t want to bring the Walker Family into the mix at all for their own safety, but we know by now that they truly consider each and every person to be family and they’re always involved. no matter what.

Pri, our leading lady has an interesting background as well. She’s the ADA in this case, but her past as an attorney for her father’s firm essentially had her getting the bad guys off, many of whom have ties with Waters, the man that she’s trying to put away for life. He’s dangerous, even more so than all the others that she’s defended before, but we’re not quite sure if she’s realizing the extent of what that means until Adrian comes along.

In true Lisa Renee Jones form, we have some really deep angsty characters and a story of hide and go seek with both knowing who’s on what side as well as knowing who’s the next target. We have to assume that everyone that seems clean is dirty, and that there’s going to be some type of surprise on who’s involved either on the side of good or bad.

In this first book, we know that we’re not going to get the resolution to anything, we’re not even going to know who’s on what side, but what we do see is that Pri’s past comes back in questionable ways. Clients that she’s gotten off are now appearing to get her to back off the case. Her ex-fiance makes an attempt as does her father. There’s a bit of confusion on whether the ex an the father are working together on this or if they are actually on different sides of the coin, but we don’t quite know that yet.

Adam, and Savage are back in this story as supportings along with a new guy Lucifer (which means his trilogy is coming soon i’m sure). We know that Adam is always the man of disguise and Savage is there for humor but also as a prime assassin. We can only hope that they’re able to uncover the information that’s needed to keep Pri and Adrian safe before it’s too late. And the last scene of the book shows us that there’s a leak, and perhaps they are too late.

I don’t know that I can wait another month for the next installment, but I suppose i’ll have to be patient. It’s hard, but i’m excited to see where this story goes. There’s a dead man who we kind of should have expected to die, and at the same time, we get the intense level of heat and passion that we always get in LRJ books. Pri and Adrian are combustable and i’m excited to see what comes next. Enjoy!

Review: Man in Charge (Man in Charge Duet #1) by Laurelin Paige

Title: Man In Charge
Author:  Laurelin Paige
Publisher/Year:  Paige Press 10/20/20
Length:  258 Pages
Series: Man in Charge Duet #1


The Sebastians own this city.

Hell, they own the whole world.

All I want is one little piece of it, a corner that I can call my own.

So when my boss runs away to “find herself”, I seize the opportunity and dive head first into the Sebastian’s glamorous universe. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted-fast paced and high stakes-and, even though I don’t fit in, I’m excellent at faking it.

Until I come face to face with the man in charge, Scott Sebastian, the arrogant, playboy heir with the mind of a devil and the body of a god and a mouth I can’t stop thinking about.

He’s infuriating. He’s a distraction. He’s the man who wants me in his bed as much as I want to be there.

And, if I get too close, he’ll be the one person who could expose me for what I really am-a fraud.

My Thoughts

The summary doesn’t quite do this story justice. It’s not so much that Tessa seized the opportunity to dive into the elite world, but she was pushed in part by her best friend who felt that she had to live more. So Tessa ends up at this fancy party, surrounded by hot sexy men, and ends up walking into a kinky voyer situation when she’s gone to the roof for air, which then turns into an amazing night of well….she’s not sure what. They agree on no names, but both are drunk, and Tessa’s memory of what happened wasn’t quite accurate.

Now Tessa is trying to land a sponsorship contract for a charity that’s close to hear heart, getting the Sebastians to invest, working sort of behind her bosses back since for some reason Kendra won’t let the Sebastians invest with her company, and well…..the world is turned upside down. The man that Tessa went home with that other night is a Sebastian, and a powerful one at that.

We spend much of this story watching a cat and mouse game between them. There’s an insane attraction between them, but there are so many secrets that Tessa is hiding that she’s afraid that it’ll be one more thing that will burst her bubble.

She finds friendship in a Lesser Sebstian and a romance with a Greater Sebastian, and she’s close to landing a deal that has potential to help her career and will help a charity close to her heart. The chemistry that these two have is insane, they can’t keep their hands off each other at the worst times of course, and there’s such tense banter between them all the time that im sure everyone else can feel it too. We know that Brett has a crush on her, yet he’s seeing what’s going on and continues to warn her off of Scott.

Scott says all the right things to her, telling her that he doesn’t date but he wants more, that he thinks she’s perfect, and of course that means that the other shoe will drop. And boy does that shoe drop….the night Kendra comes back from her ‘vacation’ and we find ourselves at a party. I”m desperate to see what happens at that party, but I think I just have to wait until next tuesday for the final book to be out. Enjoy!

Review: Only a Millionaire (The Sinclairs #6.5) by JS Scott

Title: Only a Millionaire
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 6/5/18
Length:  144 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #6.5


t has been a year since Brooke escaped to the lovely coastal community of Amesport, Maine, where no one knows her real name or what she’s been through. Now she’s finally heading back home to California. That means saying goodbye to Liam Sullivan, her millionaire blond god of a boss who’s fulfilled every one of Brooke’s fantasies. If only in her dreams . . .

Liam has his fantasies, too—and he’s not letting Brooke go. When he confesses his feelings, it opens the door to an incendiary romance that’s been a long time coming. So has Brooke’s own confession: that the woman Liam is falling for has been living a lie.

But there’s a secret about Brooke that even she doesn’t know. When it’s revealed, it’ll put a whole new spin on her past, her future with Liam, the true meaning of family, and the rewards of following her heart.

My Thoughts

I’m impressed that it took me just until starting this book to realize that Brooke was Brooke Sinclair from the other Sinclairs and then I wanted to smack myself for that. I knew that her husband was Liam, and yet I didn’t think that hard about it. Anyhow, what we saw in book 6 comes to life full force in this one as we see these two realize that they can’t avoid each other anymore. After admitting to one another that there was an insane attraction, they couldn’t avoid it anymore.

Brooke has a secret reason for why she’s on the East Coast and we don’t yet know what it’s about. We also realize that at the point in time of this story, she doesn’t realize that she’s a billionaire. She doesn’t even truly put two and two together to realize that Evan, the ‘friend’ of her brother Noah is her brother. oh well….right?

This novella takes on a fast and intense path when we see all the walls come crashing down. Brooke decides she needs to go home and her family decides that it’s safe. We see that Liam isn’t willing to lose what’s so close to his grasp even if he doesn’t know all the facts. They have a night of intensity that shakes them both yet they are at an impasse.

There are so many sweet parts to this journey – we watch walls come down to explain why reality is as it is and we watch how these two realize that they can’t live without each other. The problem though is that Brooke wasn’t the only one keeping secrets and that turns the world upside down. She’s back in California, Liam is in Maine and perhaps everything that we thought was good in the world isn’t. I’m glad I picked this one up and I now have to find whatever other stories that potentially may be tied to this family if there are any since i’m sucked in! Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Secret (The Sinclairs) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Secret
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 11/7/17
Length:  272 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #6


Former rock star Xander Sinclair may be out of rehab, but he’s not out of the woods. Still haunted by his parents’ murders, he has secluded himself in his Amesport mansion and dodges any attempted contact from his two brothers. Struggling not to fall into relapse, he believes he’s battling his demons alone.

That is, until Samantha arrives to work as his live-in housekeeper. Effortlessly charming and cheerful and wickedly sexy, she challenges Xander to abandon his isolation. The two embark on a fiery relationship—one that could change them both forever.

Just when Xander is on the verge of reclaiming his life, he discovers that Samantha has been hiding things from him…things that could shatter the fragile future they’ve begun to build together. For Xander, escaping the past is no longer an option. It’s time to face it—even when some secrets seem too heavy for the heart to bear.

My Thoughts

I’m so thankful for what we get in this sixth book since the last one felt a little flat to me. In this sixth story, we get to see all of Xander’s demons and we get to see them slowly seep away from him. Sam on the other hand also has her own demons, probably comparable to Xanders, but the way that this story is written, we don’t actually learn about what any of those are. Until it’s too late maybe.

Throughout the series with this side of the Sinclair family tree, we’ve known Xander through various lenses. We saw him ages ago when he met Tessa before Micah even did. He was her savior that one night. We knew from stories that he was the kindest and most supportive brother even though he was the youngest. We also saw him trying to fight for Julian to come home for their parent’s anniversary years ago as well….the night they were murdered. So with all that, we all really want to root for him and we want to see him come out of his darkness whole, it’s just a matter of knowing what it will take to get there.

Samantha appears to be everything that he needs and nothing that he thought he wanted. She’s girl next door attractive and we’ve learned that he’s not found any woman attractive since the murders. She’s smart and stubborn and clearly has a thick skin. We don’t know truly what brought her away from New York City yet, aside from a story about loving her past in Maine where her grandmother lived. She has her secrets too but we’ll surely find them out later. What we get instead, is the way that she’s able to get Xander to slowly open up to her about what he’s feeling and what his dispair is all about. We get to see that their mutual chemistry gets them a far away and it opens them up to a friendship of sorts after they mess up the sexual part.

Xander on the other hand is still fairly closed off. We see bits and pieces of the old Xander where he wants to be a part of his family but how he’s afraid to be rejected since he seems to think that they all think he’s fragile. He’s out to prove them wrong and it’s a petite blonde who’s able to help him show it.

In true form, we see the Beatrice’s foretelling of who’s a match to be correct and see the beginning of something wonderful before even they do. There are many roller coasters throughout this one too, as we see Xander learn one of Sam’s secrets and berate her as a result. She leaves and it’s no surprise the way that it affects him. Later we hear Sam overhear a part of a conversation that Xander is having with his brothers which again causes her to run, this time ending up in personal harm. So….as you can imagine, if the story wasn’t compelling enough just on Xander’s story, then the added bonuses of Sam make it even more intense. Definitely a good way to end this part of the family tree.

As we’ve seen in the prior books, we get glimpses into the next installment, which I believe to be the final. We get to see Liam and Brooke dance around each other, and admit attraction, but at the same time throw up all the road blocks that are there. I’m really curious to see how things play out since we know that Brooke is hiding a lot and we also know that Liam assumes things that aren’t necessarily correct. So i’m off to the final book and you should all enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire Takes All (The Sinclairs #5) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire Takes All
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 3/7/17
Length:  251 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #5


A-list movie star and billionaire Julian Sinclair learned from past tragedy that life doesn’t come with multiple takes. Now that he’s figured out what he wants—in the lush form of redheaded Kristin Moore—he’s got one chance to claim it. Between working as a medical assistant and filling in at her parents’ bar, Kristin has no time for pleasure. So Julian is bringing her to his brother’s Vegas wedding, where their mutual attraction can finally get a starring role.

What happened in Vegas has followed Kristin right back to Amesport, Maine. In the space of one magical weekend, the leading man in all her X-rated fantasies whisked her off to Sin City for breathtaking sex, followed by an “accidental” marriage she doesn’t remember. Kristin fully expects Julian to demand a quickie divorce. But instead he’s daring her to go all-in. To gamble everything on a love that might be too good to be true…or the best, wildest adventure of their lives.

My Thoughts

Leading into this book, I had high hopes because the dynamic between Julian and Kristin seemed to be one that would open them up to a lot of ‘love hate’ and likely turn into hate sex for a while. While we do get some of that, we don’t get all the heat that I was expecting. Being that Julian is an A lister in Hollywood, one of the most eligible men out there, I was looking forward to watching how Kristin would fit into that world, how there would have to be the expected jealousy when he’s at appearances with other women, and how maybe there would be catty-ness coming at Kristin since she’s not what everyone would expect Julian to be with.

What we get instead is a really sweet story, albeit a bit light – where there’s a drunken get away to Vegas for Tessa and Micah’s wedding, followed by a drunk night out that turns into another wedding. Kristin doesn’t realize she’s married when she leaves Vegas since Julian had to go back to LA early for work and took all evidence with him, but when she does learn, after she’s given up hope that he’s going to come back to her, well, the tables are turned and we watch him try to woo her.

As we saw in Emily and Grady’s story – there’s a length of time arrangement that the Sinclair alpha will give their love interest to hopefully change their mind to make them fall in love, and that’s what we get here. Kristin is so sure that there’s no future for them that she continues to sabotage things even when she sees the improvements to the family business an her parent’s quality of life.

It’s a sweet story, and we get the ending that we want, but I wish that it was a little more of a roller coaster with bigger highs and lows like many of the other installments. There’s really nothing unexpected happening here and while it’s not always needed…sometimes it’s nice.

What we do get on the drama side is the return of Xander from rehab. there’s clearly something about the robbery that he’s not sharing which makes it that much harder, and personally, knowing that he was shot and stabbed endlessly that night, i’m willing to bet that he was the intended target that night, not his parents, and that he knows who killed them. We’ll see how that all turns out in the next book I think, so i’m going to pick it up right now and see what it’s all about. Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Voice (The Sinclairs #4) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Voice
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 8/30/16
Length:  230 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #4


As an extreme-sports mogul, billionaire Micah Sinclair is comfortable taking risks. But nothing—and no one—has ever challenged him like Tessa Sullivan. He’s fascinated by the woman who’s overcome so much, including the loss of her hearing. The petite blonde dynamo, a small-town restaurateur on the Maine coast, is the most courageous person he knows, and he wants her in his bed. Now all he has to do is convince Tessa to explore their desire.

After a lifetime of loss, Tessa’s finally come to terms with her limitations. Or she would, if a certain sexy businessman weren’t pushing her to want more. And to want him. All her remaining senses are clamoring for her to touch, taste, and feel. But her doubts tell her to go slow when their passion gets too hot.

Micah’s determined to prove to Tessa that she can still have everything she’s ever wanted, including his love. But will she listen to her head—or her heart?

My Thoughts

We all loved Tessa in the stories before. While she wasn’t a main main friend, she was always on the edges, especially since she and her brother have the best place in town to eat lobster rolls. She has an interesting story.- being an olympic skater when she was younger, before she lost her hearing, seeing what she went through when there was a guy that was changing everything that she believed in to make her feel special, and then when she lost her hearing, she was dropped. That story alone – the loss of her hearing makes it all that more intriguing to read her story now and see her get her happiness.

Micah on the other hand, he’s an interesting one as well. We know that that branch of the Sinclairs – they all push boundaries, and they all live on the edge. Micah likes his extreme sports and he’s a bit edgier in that sense, striving for the rush that he gets from It all, and he’s turned it into a business that’s flourishing on it’s own.

When we saw their worlds collide in the previous installment, we know that there was chemistry and attraction, and it’s no surprise that their story is going to be one that’s even more exciting. Micah finds that there are so many things about Tessa that make him want to hang around and want to know more and that’s something that Tessa is completely unaccustomed to. She’s not used to any man being interested in her, even sexually so this makes for a complex situation.

We spend the bulk of this story watching them push each other – Micah pushing Tessa to skate again, to realize that while she’s been independent for the past several years, that she shouldn’t let her fear take over. She’s able to live her life exactly how she wanted to and it’s ok even to hope for Micah to be in in. She’s gotten her place back with the girls, and she’s got this man in her bed that blows her mind.

Micah on the flip side has a girl who likes him for him. She likes the man that he is and while his job scares her, she’s still wildly supportive of what he wants to do because that’s what makes him him.

Things seem to be going well until they don’t – which is part for the course in this series. The man from Tessa’s past who blew her off when she lost her hearing comes back to try to win her back now that he thinks that she’s got her hearing back, and that makes us all wonder what that will mean for her chances with Micah. There’s also this notion that they both felt that what they were doing together was a temporary thing, Micah was always going to go back to New York, and when Tessa gives him an out, he takes it and we have to wonder if Beatrice’s premonitions and the Sinclair ‘love hard and fast’ rules will work here as well.

Watching it play out is thoroughly enjoyable and watching the set up for the last few books is even better. We know that the next goes to Julian since there were several chapters showing his sparring with Kristin, another local Amesport woman, and then there’s Xander – the rock star brother who was clearly troubled by watching and going through the robbery and violent murder of his parents – barely making it out alive himself. And lastly there’s a set up for Liam, Tessa’s brother to get his own story and hopefully to see him become happy as well. So on that note, i’m going to find the next book and dive right in. Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Touch (The Sinclairs #3) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Touch
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 3/22/16
Length:  240 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #4


After a troubling childhood, wealthy Evan Sinclair likes his life orderly and controlled. He rarely gives in to spontaneous urges—until he begins a chance correspondence with a mystery woman who sounds like his complete opposite. She intrigues and amuses him, and the interest seems mutual…which is more than he can say for his current obsession, Miranda Tyler, the tough-as-nails, sexy schoolteacher who’s made it clear she’s not impressed—or interested.

Miranda finally has it all: a good job, friends, and the security of living in the quaint coastal town of Amesport, Maine. She even has an anonymous pen pal—a man she’s never met yet has bonded with almost effortlessly. The only thing unsettling her life is Evan Sinclair. The handsome billionaire is arrogant, pompous, and far too used to getting his way. Miranda tries her best to avoid him, until Evan’s steamy kiss turns her world upside down.

Soon their red-hot desire is scorching the sheets and has them both spinning out of control. But when secrets are revealed, will their insatiable attraction keep them together or force them apart? In J.S. Scott’s The Billionaire’s Touch, the eldest Sinclair just might have met his match.

My Thoughts

Evan is the penultimate big brother, protector, father figure – and we slowly get to see why in his story. We’ve seen him swoop in and try to protect his siblings and we even saw in action how he was aware (maybe a bit late) of everything that was going on with his brothers and sister and how he takes responsibility for the good the bad and the ugly. He deserves happiness but he doesn’t think that it’s for him, that he’s worthy and that it’s in the cards.

Randi on the other hand, she’s a character that we’ve seen in the supporting role time after time again in this series. She’s Emily’s close friend, Sarah’s as well now and was even in Mara’s story too. It’s no surprise that it’s her turn to be leading lady. She had a rough childhood that we never quite understood and this installment gives her the space to really unpack that for us.

We start off innocently enough, with a flash back to the beginning of Emily’s story when she had reached out to Grady to get funding that had been stolen for the youth center. Randi couldln’t sit back and let Emily try alone, so she reached out to the Sinclairs via a generic email address and that was an email that would change her life. The response came months too late and with an attitude, but the attitude evolved into a mysterious friendship with a guy that she had no idea who he was, and yet the banter between them was something amazing.

We’re now months into the present, where Randi and her mystery man are still in talks, and at the same time, we see Evan, the eldest Sinclair back in Amesport. He’s there to meet his sister’s baby and at the same time, to avoid Randi, because they’ve managed to rub each other the wrong way over the years. Evan also found himself in a mystery email relationship as he’s the one who responded to Randi’s request, yet both have kept their identities secret and here we are with a problem.

What we have from this point on is an interesting and amusing story of a woman who has an attraction to a man she hates, and a man who’s attracted to a woman he doesn’t know how to talk to. It takes us about 60% of the book to really understand why, but what we do learn is that they have a chemistry that gets past all their discomfort with one another.

Randi shows Evan what he’s missing in trying to be happy and Evan helps put Randi back together after her foster mother’s death. They’re exactly what they need, yet their secret email correspondence threatens to break up what’s good between them since they’re able to share more via email than they are in person.

True to Sinclair form, we have such a roller coaster and at the same time some amazing heat and passion. There’s something to be said about the local girl winning the guy and making him realize what he needs is basic and in front of him, and that there’s always a chance at a happy ending if you’re not afraid.

What’s also nice about this book too is that we get to see the tease of two more installments devoted to Sinclair cousins. We also get to see some of the other amazingly strong and wonderful women of Amesport get their chance at happiness as well. So on that note, i’m off to track down the next book and see if it’s Micah’s turn to be happy. And in Love. Enjoy!