Review: The Fighter (Doctor #4) by E.L. Todd

TitleThe Fighter
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 5/14/19
Length:  199 Pages
Series: Doctor #4


Finn did the unthinkable.

He left.

Just as my parents abandoned me, he left to live a better life.

It took so long to pick up the pieces, but I’ve sworn to never fall in love again.

And to never take Finn back…no matter how much he begs.

My Thoughts

This fourth installment breaks my heart. We knew that the love story of Finn and Pepper wasn’t meant to be, and that’s what we see as a culmination in this series. Finn, the nomad, was offered the job of a lifetime, going to run the Doctors without Borders program in Africa, meaning that he’d be away for a year, and then when that time was up, he’d get a job at the Mayo Clinic, the opportunity that would give him the career gig that he’s always wanted. He thought that Pepper would follow him anywhere – she proved the she supported his profession when he went to Florida to help the red cross for a month and was surprised when she wouldn’t bend here.

A month is one thing

A year is another

Uganda and Minnesota are not Seattle, and that means that Pepper will never be happy.

So they go their separate ways. The engagement is off. The relationship is off, and now they have to figure out what life looks like separately.

Pepper has decided that romance and love are not her future. She’s been in love and abandoned by everyone, Colton, Finn and even her birth mother so now she’s a player. All she wants to do is have meaningless relationships that never go longer than one night. Her friend are worried about her but they know that they can’t reason with her right now. Things change slightly one night when it’s really late and she’s alone in a bar, and a handsome, powerful, strong sexy man approaches her. The description that we get of him reminds us of Finn, but we know that this guy is the opposite of Finn. What starts as a one night stand turns into something else. She doesn’t realize who this guy is – Brutus…until her friends identify him based on his description. He’s a Billionaire and a man who can give Pepper what she needs. Mind you, she’s damaged and doesn’t want a relationship and she learns that he is as well, so they are in a good casual relationship together.

Brutus shows Pepper the world, takes her to Fiji, and makes her happier than she’s been in a while. There’s no talk of the future, but they know that the ‘now’ is what is in important.

Across the world, we watch how Finn is doing the job that he signed up for, but he’s miserable. He knows that he’s helping people that would never have the care he provides, but he’s empty. he knows that he made the wrong choice and he’s even attempted to talk to Colton about it, but no one in the states wants anything to do with him. He has a meaningless relationship with one of the doctors there because he doesn’t want to be alone, but he’s definitely not enjoying anything that the program should give him. Colton tells him that Pepper’s moved on, yet that’s not enough to get him to give up, and that’s where we know this story will go downhill.

Finn comes back to the states and wants to get Pepper back. Pepper is happy in her new situation with Brutus. He’s transformed her business so that she’s now making 3x as much money – and she’s got employees working for her so that she’s able to take time for herself. She’s working out with Stella now and she’s in the best shape of her life. Finn coming back will ruin all that.

The story from here is a roller coaster. Finn won’t give up his quest to win her back, but Brutus is a formidable opponent. A stupid one as well when he makes decisions that could push Pepper back to Finn if only she knew. That’s now how Finn is going to play things, so we watch Pepper and Brutus evolve their casual relationship into something deeper.

There’s a payout, a beating and a lot of lies and deception that bring this story to a close for those three and I think that the ending justifies the process.

The other story line that I really enjoyed here is the evolution of Colton and Tom. Colton deserves his own happiness too and now that he’s really comfortable with who he is and the relationship that he’s in now, it’s nice to see that there’s really something tangible there. It’s been over a year and they are still happy together and that means that their future is open to so many opportunities. We want to see him in his forever relationship, so it’s nice that this story shows us that side of things along with the complex and difficult story of Pepper.

I’m sad to see how this fourth installment ends, but it was even more traumatic to see how it began. The closure that we get warranted the journey that we went on and now it’s time to move on to something else. Great thing about the eBooks that i’ve been getting – the first book of this series was in the last book of the prior series that i read – and the same goes here. I’ve already got my next series to jump into – so off I go. Enjoy!

Review: The Lover (Doctor #3) by E.L.Todd

TitleThe Lover
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 5/14/19
Length:  199 Pages
Series: Doctor #3


Against all odds, Finn and I have managed to be together.

Colton continues to warn me, says that Finn will never change.

But he already has.

I don’t know what the future holds…but I think Finn fits in somewhere.

My Thoughts

This third installment is yet another example of the insanity that we’re living in. From the summary, we know that Pepper and Finn are together, but we don’t know what that means for the future relationship and for the relationship with Colton. He’s still not thrilled with the idea of his brother and Pepper together and that drives an even bigger wedge.

Everyone wants to live their lives towards the end goal of happiness, but what we’re learning throughout this third installment is that it’s not possible. This isn’t fantasy land, and there’s no chance that everyone will have their happy ending.

What IS happy though is Colton’s story. He’s come out of his shell and has really started to thrive in his life. He’s in a great relationship with a guy who seems to be right for him – and his friends and family really like Tom as well. He’s enjoying his new job and really feels like he’s doing something for the greater good. The only problem that he has in life is that he’s not in a great place with Finn and that’s going to be a long road to get to a happy spot again.

On the other hand, we have an intense romance with Finn and Pepper to focus on. they are beyond deeply in love, even if they don’t admit the words to one another for quite some time. Their chemistry is off the charts and the white hot inferno that we saw in the last book continues to burn even hotter here, giving us some of the hottest scenes out there. Something that our author is known for and something that carries this story through.

We’re spending a lot of time here relying on trust, and love. We see what’s possible when you have so much love for someone that you give them unconditional trust, and it’s really great to see a healthy relationship in that sense. What concerns me though is that they have such different impressions of what the future should look like. We know that Pepper wants the family and kids. She wants to settle down and live in Seattle near her friends and her business. That’s never been Finn’s story. He’s always moved around – never staying in one place for too long and really not committing to much of anything and even though he sometimes feels like he can commit to Pepper, it’s always on his terms.

And that’s where we end this third book. We are on such a high knowing that Finn wants to commit to Pepper, wants to have a future with her which is very uncharacteristic for him, but again it’s on his terms. He wants her to give everything up and that’s something that she just can’t do. So sadly, we are not in a happy place when this third book ends, and I hope that we can figure out what that means in the long run. There’s really no way that they can both get what they want together, so we’ll see if they can get it apart. Sadly – Enjoy!

Review: The Man (Doctor #2) by E.L. Todd

TitleThe Man
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 4/16/19
Length:  164 Pages
Series: Doctor #2


Now that Jax is gone and I’m single once again, I’m supposed to be finding Mr. Right.

But Finn is the only guy I want. 

Every time we’re in the same room together, the heat is explosive. We can barely look at each other without our hands shaking. As days turn into weeks, our resolve softens.

And then we can’t fight it anymore.

My Thoughts

So when we were last with these characters, we saw lots and lots of heartbreak and uncertainty. There were failed attempts at restarting lives, making a change to the positive, and yet those things crashed and burned. Colton had put himself out there and met a guy named Aaron, felt that there may be something there, but sadly that fizzled out. Pepper started something with Mr Gorgeous, but he felt far too uncomfortable with the relationship that she had with her ex husband, and even forgiveness wasn’t enough. Ultimatums are never good and we saw how that ended.

So we’re into the second installment here, watching them try to pick up the pieces of things. It’s hard to watch happiness slip through everyone’s fingers, and we want the best, however the problems keep piling up.

The chemistry between Finn and Pepper is palpable. You feel the temperature rise in the room when ever they are near each other, and it’s really anyone’s guess on who they’re fooling by not acting on what they feel, but at the same time, they are trying not to act on what they feel. We know they kissed in the first book, and we know that they tried to draw a line there -but we also know that their connection is something that they can’t even fight, and that means that we’re going to see a fiery hot inferno erupt.

What happens in this piece of the story is intense. Pepper and Finn find that they have more than just a surface attraction and that there’s potential for something great, but they are also forced to hide what’s going on from Colton and we know that it can’t last that long.

Colton has a bit of a personal roller coaster in this book as well. He knows that he has to come clean with his parents and that means telling them that he’s divorced from Pepper, gay and without a job. At the same time, Finn gets to make his reentry to the family – and frankly there’s no way that the night will go well..and it doesn’t.

From there, there’s the challenge of Colton coming to terms with his parent’s reaction, but at the same time, finding a new job, and a new man. There are so many ups even with the downs.

We know the other shoe is going to drop when / if he finds out about Finn and Pepper, and when Finn even tries to do the right thing, is blows up in their face. So that means that no one is happy at the end of this book, just like in the first one. Now i’m off to book three because well….I have no choice but to dive right back in and see what’s going to happen. Enjoy!

Review: The Doctor (Doctor #1) by E.L. Todd

TitleThe Doctor
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 4/16/19
Length:  198 Pages
Series: Doctor #1


My husband left me.

After five years together, he realized he was gay.

Once the anger had faded away, there was nothing but love left behind. This man is still my best friend and I want him in my life. So I move across the hall so we can be as close as we always have.

Then his brother moves in for a couple of weeks, a man I’ve never met. He relocates to Seattle to work as an ER doctor at the local hospital.

And he’s NOTHING like his brother.

The strong and silent type, he looks at me with a gaze so fierce it’s like he hates me. Every time we’re alone in a room together, the chemistry is so suffocating I can barely breathe. The guy never wears a shirt around the apartment so that makes it a million times worse…or better depending on how you look at it.

But this man is off-limits. He’s the only man in the world I can’t have. And he can’t have me either.

So we’ll just have to keep pretending there’s nothing here….even though there is.

My Thoughts

The summary doesn’t quite do this intro the a new series justice. Yes, we meet our leading lady Pepper on the day that she’s signing her divorce papers from her true love match – Colton. The guy that she’s been married happily to for five years. It makes it complicated too when he texts her ‘baby are you coming’ which makes us wonder the circumstances of their divorce.

We learn them quickly – while they were happy together, there was something that Colton couldn’t deny anymore – that he was gay. So they part ways as husband and wife, and we see what their new relationship develops into over time. They still have so much love for one another, but not the in-love type. and it’s really amazing to see how they’re always there for each other throughout everything.

The beginning of story takes the readers on the journey of rediscovery and understanding who you are now that your life circumstances are different. Pepper had swagger and confidence before she married Colton and now she questioned it. People who knew the couple in the past and knew that Colton was now gay, well they questioned what it was that Pepper did to turn him off women and that isn’t something that’s justified. Even though Pepper is gorgeous, and owns a luxury lingerie store, she’s having trouble getting her stride back, and it’s only when a man comes into her store repeatedly to pick up lingerie for a variety of different women that she decides to get back in the saddle and use him as her entry back into the world.

Enter Jax – a man who’s so attractive that he’s got the nickname Mr Gorgeous. He’s everything that Pepper wanted, with no expectations. She uses him for a night and walks away. It’s only when their paths cross that he realizes that she’s worth more than just one night, and pushes her for more. We know that’s going to be complicated and this is how we see their story continue for the balance of the book.

There are a few other plot lines to note. Colton is trying to get his footing in the world now that he’s come out and has the opportunity to explore what feels natural to him. He’s nervous and doesn’t really know how to put himself out in the dating world, but he’s got friends around him like pepper that are beyond supportive. On top of that, we see Colton struggle at work as well – because his law firm apparently isn’t inclusive, and they don’t like the fact that he’s come out as gay and his opportunities on cases there dwindle. We watch how that makes things stressful for him, and makes him question everything in life yet again, until he’s forced to make a decision.

Then there’s Finn. Colton’s older brother who’s back from the military and setting down roots as an ER doc in Seattle. He’s cold, focused, but at the same time masculine, powerful and has this magnetism that draws every women to him (which he enjoys), and then creates some type of interesting bond and friction with Pepper.

This is the good bit of the story – we watch them dance around each other – knowing that there’s something there but also knowing that they can’t act on it given that Colton is their common denominator. It’s a shame since as a reader we get the sense that there could be something amazing, however….sadly there’s no other option.

Where we are left at the end of this first installment is a place of great sadness. Colton has admitted to his family who he is and what that means for Pepper. And his parents are not accepting of this. We also see that any happiness that Pepper was developing in her own personal life crumbles when she’s forced to make a choice that she’s not willing to make. The only bright star here is that the brooding nature of Finn ramps up more and more and that means we HAVE to dive into book two to see what that means for everyone. I’m excited for the passion that can come up and the intensity that his story line will bring. So on that note – Enjoy!

Review: The Man I Thought I Trusted (Two-Faced #3) by E.L.Todd

TitleThe Man I Thought I Trusted
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 10/15/20
Length:  168 Pages
Series: Two-Faced #3


I’m not the kind of woman to hold a grudge, so I forgive Dax for the lies he told.

Now we’re happy.

Happier than I ever thought I would be.

It’s the first time we’ve ever really been together, completely honest with one another.

But maybe honesty isn’t always the best policy…

My Thoughts

What a journey we’ve gone on in this series- watching Carson and Dax find their way to each other, break up on a technicality (that frankly wasn’t something that I’d ding Dax on), and then find their way back together. Everyone was rooting for this couple to find their happy ending, and well, it seems as though we get our wish as this third installment continues.

In addition to the story of Dax and Carson, we get to dance around Kat’s misery at not being with Charlie, and knowing that it was because he had a crush on Denise. She’s miserable, and she is now refusing to have any contact or make effort with anyone from the crew. She’s nursing her broken heart, but at the same time, she’s blaming Carson for what happened when that’s truly misplaced anger.

We watch how the idea of another happy couple is put in the balance because everyone’s afraid to act and then there’s the worry that opportunity will pass them by. Will we get happy endings for anyone else in this series?

Back to our mains – we watch their relationship grow stronger, and we watch Dax make a determination that Carson is who he wants to be with forever. He lays out his ideas for what forever can look like. He wants Carson to move in with him, be his wife and the mother of his children. At the same time, he continues to worry about the danger that she puts herself in every time she investigates a new article. He asks her to compromise and step back from that line of work, and we know that it’s going to blow up in his face.

Speaking of those dangerous articles, you’ll remember in book 2 when Carson was investigating a story about a pharma company that wasn’t on the up and up. The CEO of that company threatened her, and we have seen him now on another occasion stalk her and try to intimidate her. We know that there’s going to be an unhappy ending here and i’m afraid of what will happen to Carson since we know that she can’t give up a story.

We get the sense that Carson and Dax are on the path to forever, until she’s asked to sign a prenup. We know that she doesn’t care about his money and is happy to sign her rights away, but the manner in which it’s done, well, she pulls the plug since she feels like she was taken advantage of. We see their love story end and they both know that there’s no turning back. All we can hope for at this point is that she’s able to rebuild her life and move on.

Answered my own question from above right? It’s a roller coaster for sure in this story. Watching romances start and grow. Watching others grow and then crash and burn. Watching friendships shatter and then seeing how happy news potentially brings them back together. We see a tense stalker situation arise which puts lives in danger and we see the story come to an end. You can only guess what the future holds for this cast of characters, but I will say that this final installment has all the excitement that you’d hope for a closeout. Romance, passion, hate, love, fear, hope… it leaves me needing something else to read. Enjoy!

Review: The Man I Thought I Loved (Two-Faced #2) by E.L.Todd

TitleThe Man I Thought I Loved
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 9/24/20
Length:  186 Pages
Series: Two-Faced #2



That’s exactly what he is.

A liar.

I’ve already been ripped into a million pieces before, and I don’t have the strength to do it again. Thankfully, he didn’t have much of me to begin with. I was smart about it, not giving my heart away as easily as my body.

But he’s still there…everywhere.

My friends tell me to forgive and forget, to give him another chance.

Sure, I can forgive.

But never forget.

My Thoughts

We had an introduction to this series that was fairly surface level and in this second installment, it’s great to see that the bar is just a bit low, that way we can excel. We know that there was something great developing between Dax and Carson, but we also saw that trust was paramount to everything and there was a significant loss in that when Carson learned Dax’s true identity.

The chance for them to be happy is almost non-existent even though it’s clear that there’s still intense chemistry. She walks away and wants nothing to do with him and he has no choice but to fight. He realizes quickly though that it’s a losing battle and that there’s no convincing Carson to think about his lie as being something that wasn’t consequential.

Dax slips back into his playboy ways, even though Carson is the only girl that he wants. Carson surprisingly doesn’t go back to her Boy Toy ways but we don’t really know if it’s because she’s in denial about how she feels about Dax or if she’s just put off men entirely.

Knowing that their friendship groups are now intermingled, these two call a truce of sorts. They agree to be friends, and what we see from here takes this book to a deeper level. We watch a true friendship develop – we see Dax and Carson open up to each other in a more fulfilling way and grow to be true friends. It gives Dax hope, and when he makes his move again, he is shot down. Carson is firm in her answer of ‘NO’.

Enter Evan, Carson’s ex-husband, and his reappearance changes everything. Her heart is broken all over again once she realizes that he’s remarried so quickly, and when he tries to approach her, she tries to act brave and powerful, but is scared beyond means, because she doesn’t want to have all those emotions brought up again on how she failed in her marriage. Luckily for her, Dax is there and takes matters into his own hands, and from there we see the trajectory of the story change. The future is still unknown, but there’s a new path to go down.

There are a few side stories here as well. We watch Charlie navigate his feelings for Denise (Carson’s sister) while trying to be caring about Kat (his ex)’s feelings. It’s a mess and while everyone’s trying to be sensitive, there’s really only so much a person can take. We also watch the evolution of Dax’s sister Renee’s relationship with her boyfriend William, and see how he’s welcomed into the family (or not) and what that means for the future. It’s a sweet next piece to the story and i’m intrigued to see where book three takes us since the title is a bit daunting. On that note, Enjoy!

Review: The Man I Thought I Knew (Two-Faced #1) by E.L. Todd

TitleThe Man I Thought I knew
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 9/5/20
Length:  178 Pages
Series: Two-Faced #1


A real man.FINALLY.Chiseled eight pack? Yep, he’s got it.That shadow on a sharp jawline? Yep, two for two.So charming you want to scream? Definitely.Not all intimidated by my success? Check.Pretty much perfect? Ooooh yeaaahhh.All that man…just for me.But I’m an investigative reporter for the biggest newspaper in the country, so it’s my job to pick up on details, to see the signs that other people miss. I’m not afraid of danger. Not even afraid of dying.And there’s definitely something about this man that I’m missing…I’ve got a caboose that doesn’t quit, so I will get to the bottom of this.Every man has two faces. I’ve seen one side…but what about the other?

My Thoughts

It’s been a while since i’ve read something by EL Todd and it’s an interesting re-introduction into a series. The story itself has a lot of legs, but i’ll be honest, the way that the characters talk don’t really match their pedigree and the image that we get through the descriptions.

We start off from Carson’s point of view. She’s a Harvard educated journalist who’s worked her way up in The New York Press to get the good stories to write – the ones that are dangerous, that require a specific touch and an angle. She’s put herself in danger time and time again, and honestly, it’s what she needs since her personal life imploded. We learn that she was married and that her husband cheated on her, and as a result, she’s got thicker walls up than most people. She refuses to get close to anyone, and instead has her ‘Boy Toys’ . It’s one night, in a bar, when she’s working on a story that her life changes.

Enter Dax – a sexy as all heck man, who exudes power even in his t-shirt and jeans. He recognizes Carson’s fire, just by overhearing a conversation and decides that he wants to know more. While he accepts the sex only nature of a relationship, we realize quickly that he’s a good guy and maybe wants more.

We spend the bulk of this story watching them dance around the idea of being something more. Being something real. Both are hot off divorces with spouses who burned them pretty badly. They aren’t willing to trust easily, but they both realize that there’s more than just a physical connection.

The Dax we know is a guy who seems to make ends meet, he says he’s in finance and he’s able to afford nice things, yet his apartment is sparse. Carson lives with a co-worker and doesn’t really splurge on things, and doesn’t care about materials or wealth. As a journalist though, her spidey sense peaks when she feels like something is off with Dax but she decides not to investigate him because that’s not what a relationship is about. That comes to bite her in the butt, when she learns who he is and what that means to her.

It’s a shallow level introduction to the series, where we don’t know what the outcome will be since there are so many implications both personally and professionally, but we know that Dax seems to have ingratiated himself into the life of Carson and her friends that i’m sure it’s not the last of him. On top of that story line though, we do get what our author is known for, some of the steamiest scenes that are hot and descriptive and make you wonder what you’re doing wrong in your own life to not find a partner as open, wld and sexy as these two. I guess this means that we’ll have to go and pick up book two and see what comes next. Enjoy!

Review: The Doctor Who Has No Chance (Soulless #11) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Doctor Who Has No Chance
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 4/14/21
Length:  186 Pages
Series: Soulless #11


I rushed into something I wasn’t ready for. I want to be ready, wish I were ready, but I’m just not.But I miss her. Every day. Every moment. Always.It’s like losing half of my soul.Maybe Sicily is the right person, just not the right time.And if that’s true, can I really just let her go?

My Thoughts

This is a tough installment to read – not because it wasn’t amazing, but because it’s the part of the story that truly has the roller coaster. We know that Sic and Dex are finding their way back together, and we know that Catherine wants nothing more than to have what she lost. It was tough to watch Dex’s reaction in the last book when he learned that Catherine had moved on so quickly, especially when he felt that they had the perfect relationship. There are always two sides to a story and while we want to have hope that Dex saw it for what it was, we know that it’s not always the case. What we get in this eleventh installment though is confirmation that Catherine did love Dex but that she didn’t know how to handle herself and her grief properly.

We know that Dex has moved on, but what’s always in the back of our mind, what would it take for him to go back to her. They were happy and they were on the path to the life that they wanted, but a death crossed that off the list. When Catherine tells Dex that she’s no longer with her fiance because she wants what she had before, as a reader, you get the fear that he’ll go back. There are moments when you think that she could be so convincing that it’ll happen, yet it doesn’t. Thankfully.

So we watch how Dex’s downward spiral has an effect on what his relationship could be with Siciliy, and we watch her cope with what her life is like without him because he doesn’t know how to manage his emotions. We also watch the entire Hamilton family get behind Dex in the sense of forcing him to see what he’s losing and thankfully it has an effect.

The next section of this story is watching how Sicily and Dex find their stride, get happy again until the next surprise comes, care of Catherine. Frankly, I was not at all surprised by what she shares, and it has a debilitating effect on the trajectory of our story. Dex learns that he has a son, one who’s gifted (of course) and who looks just like him. We see that he wants to drop everything to be a father and we watch how Catherine tries to manipulate him into being a family again. While Dex isn’t interested in a relationship with her, he wants to be a family, but that also includes Sic in his mind. She’s not comfortable with how things are going, and she doesn’t want to be the reason that little Ryan doesn’t have a family unit, so she bows out. at the worst time of course because it’s the night before they were due to leave for Africa. While she was uncertain of her role in the relationship before, it also comes at the prodding of Catherine who puts a bug in her ear that Sic is keeping them apart.

It’s a sad ending to this story if you ask me – watching how the joy that Dex experiences as a father, how the Hamilton brood rallies around the new baby, and yet how it means that all of Scility’s dreams are dashed. We want everyone to be happy, yet it doesn’t seem like it’s possible. Sic hires a replacement for her role and moves on with her life. as best as she can I suppose. We only want the best happy ending for these guys, and it’s never been an easy route.

The other story that we see evolving like we saw introduced in the last book was about Daisy. We know that she’s a strong intelligent beautiful woman who’s not going to settle in any aspect of her life, and she has an intensely protective family who will never sit back and watch her get hurt. We watch Deacon protect her, we watch her brothers want only the best man for her and we hope that we can see her story evolve. What we see as this story wraps up is the optimism that she has for her work as she knows that her boss is retiring and she’s up for the role. We know that she’s in a new relationship that may make her happy and I can’t wait to see how her story plays out. I just need to wait another month until that story is out. what a shame but i’ll manage patiently. Enjoy!

Review: The Doctor Who Has No Closure (Soulless #10) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Doctor Who Has No Closure
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 3/9/21
Length:  198 Pages
Series: Soulless #10


I’ve been living in the past for so long, and it’s time that I move on.

Forget Catherine. I’m done with her.

I’m done with her memory. I’m done playing “what if”. I have this beautiful woman right in front of me that I want.

And I’m just going to go for it.


My Thoughts

We know the struggle that Dex has in his every day life to get past what put an end to his career, and an end to his marriage. He’s faced it in some ways but refuses to move on in others. We watched as he went from the best heart surgeon in the world to the best IT guy at the Trinity Building, and we know that there’s so much more out there for him.

His mom sees in his what he doesn’t see in himself, and Sicily does as well. They both push him / lead him in the direction that he needs to go to get back on his feet, to find his passion again for medicine, and they’re successful. This tenth installment of the series takes us on the journey of a phoenix of sorts – we watch how Dex some how manages to find his stride in the world of medicine, now he’s practicing again, he’s teaching residents, and he’s working in a lab to help further advance the medical technology available.

We know that he’s had a rough patch, but with the help of Sic, he’s managed to succeed in everything.

Sicily on the other hand has managed to find the perfect job, working in the perfect place for the perfect man. Dex’s successes are hers and it’s truly wonderful to watch how she shines when she’s able to support him in ways that even she didn’t know was possible . True to the nature of this series as well, we have a woman who’s strong, powerful, intuitive and sexy taking on a role of a PA of sorts, in a realm that there’s no comfort and doing a better job than even the most experienced.

We know what’s bound to happen right? Sexy strong intelligent Dex has the hots for his PA but won’t cross that line. Sic realizes that her feelings for Dex extend far past boss / employee. She’s enamored with him but fears what it’ll mean to cross the line. The entire Hamilton family sees something special between them, want it to happen, but aren’t sure how to push them both together in the right way to make it happen.

What we didn’t get in the first installment, we get in spades in this one. We have the development of a deep emotional relationship in the first part, and now we’re watching the passion and chemistry come to life in this one. Granted, there’s not much of that between the couple that we want to get together, but there’s still that level of spark that was missing in the first part of their story. It’s a wonder what’s going to push them together at last.

The side story to this one is also that of Daisy – we watch how she’s strong, self assured and a girls girl as much as a sexy suave female who has all the power in the world against men. She’s found someone that she thinks that she could be with, yet Dex isn’t quite sure about him and makes it a struggle. I’m sure we’ll see how that plays out once we get to her story -but we’re not there yet.

When things seem like they’re going in the right direction for everyone, of course the other shoe drops – and that’s in the form of Catherine – Dex’s ex-wife. She’s inserted herself into the story at the wrong time and that means that we now come to a screeching halt with everything. It’s a shame that it had to happen, but it leaves on in the needed cliff in order to get the closure to Dex’s story that we’re all waiting for. Since that book is out now, i’m going to pick it up and read, and then i’ll have to be patient I think for Daisy’s to come out. Enjoy!

Review: The Doctor Who Has No Ambition (Soulless #9) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Doctor Who Has No Ambition
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 2/9/21
Length:  198 Pages
Series: Soulless #9


As the world’s most renowned heart surgeon, I accomplished every dream I had. I did my humanitarian work in South Africa, conducted ground-breaking research with my clinic, and made a difference every single day. The best part? The way my father looked at me…like he’d never been more proud.

But when my patience dies on the table, I lose everything.


My wife left me.

I lost my practice.

And worst of all…I lost myself.

I’ll never be able to reclaim everything I lost, nor do I want to.

Until I meet Sicily…and she refuses to accept no for an answer.

My Thoughts

We met Dex as the carefree middle child, the boy who was very devoted to his medical career that was turning into something quite successful. He brought a lightness to Derek’s story that we needed at times when things were so stressful, and we could only envision what his life would be like.

Boy were we wrong. What happens at the onset of this ninth installment makes us turn completely around, missing the happy go lucky successful doctor because of a trauma that he can’t get past. Dex is the world’s best Heart Surgeon and he’s married to the love of his life Catherine. Her father needs a surgery that no other heart surgeon will take on so Dex is the one to perform it. There are risks of course but if anyone can do it, it’s Dex. Until it’s not .

That starts the downward spiral for Dex – Catherine’s father doesn’t make it through surgery and no one quite knows the reason. Dex did everything right yet when he was taken off bypass, Allen didn’t make it. Catherine holds Dex responsible for the death and that’s something that she can’t get past. She breaks Dex’s heart and takes all his money when she divorces him. He refuses to practice any more and we find him as the IT guy working for Cleo now.

Enter Sicily, the leading lady of this story. A girl who’s landed a gig working for Cleo and she’s on the cusp of greatness. Great Job, great Man, until that man isn’t so great. She soon learns that he’s married and has kids and her world is shattered. It’s only when she’s working for Cleo and meets Dex and his humor and good nature that her life starts to turn around.

Knowing Deacon and Cleo as we do, we know that they’re not going to settle for Dex working where he’s not using his talents. They have an intervention of sorts, and words are spewed – words that you can’t really take back. There’s anger and fear and the underlying desire for Dex to return to greatness, but he’s not ready.

That’s a theme that we see over and over again in this series if i’m honest. After Derek’s rocket failed, we saw him implode and refuse to work on anything that may have a chance at failure. It took the love and support of his family and that of a woman that cared for him and not what he brought to the world in order to turn that cornder.

For the bulk of this ninth book, we see Dex fight his demons, and we see Cleo and Sicily take charge of what could be an amazing future. They set up a practice for Dex, convince him that he’s worthy of so much more, and push him on the path to resurgence.

There’s a patience that has the same situation of Catherine’s father that needs him – Dex is the only doctor that will perform the surgery and it’s a matter of getting over his ghosts to even take a consultation and see if he’ll ever get past his fears.

Underneath this story line we also have that of the boss/employee attraction as we’ve come to appreciate it throughout the Soulless series. First it was Cleo working for Deacon, running his life and making him realize the value in just about everything. Then it was Emerson and Derek – showing that it’s possible to let someone in and see the better parts of life. So that’s the journey that we’re starting to take with Sicily and Dex although nothing has come of it just yet. we know that they each find the other attractive and not just from a physical level. They relate on an emotional level as well, but I wonder as a reader what it will take to get them to acknowledge the other and act upon it. I guess that’s what book ten will be.

The other bit of this story is Daisy – the youngest Hamilton. We’re starting to get a glimpse into her persona and her life right now – so that once this trilogy for Dex is over, we can slide into her world. I can’t wait to continue on with Dex and Sic and I can’t wait to see what comes next for Daisy too. Enjoy!