Review: The Man Who Has No Heart (Soulless #2) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Man who Has No Heart
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 6/23/20
Length:  185 Pages
Series: Soulless #2


Deacon Hamilton was supposed to be just a client.

And I don’t date clients.

Well, not anymore.

But I’ve fallen in love with his son, fallen in love with our trips to the cabin…and now I can’t be with Tucker anymore.

Not when Deacon is the man I want.

So I’m just going to tell him.

And hope for the best.

My Thoughts

UGh….this series was taking us on the most insane journey in the first book that we know the roller coaster was going to get intense. What we have in this second book is a mix of emotion, turmoil, hope and dispair. If you’ll remember, we watched how Cleo began to truly understand how Deacon operated – was able to get under his skin and truly become his friend. At the same time she started to let Tucker under her skin and begin what could be an amazing relationship, albeit a bit awkward given the brother tie there. Add to the mix Derek, Deacon’s son who everyone adored and yet still coudlnt’ have in New York because of Deacon’s ex wife. So, such a mix.

There’s one other story line here that we can’t underestimate. Jake – the tenant in the building that Cleo had a relationship with previously, and who isn’t willing for that to be over. He’s still interested in pursuing her, he got divorced to be with her and she’s not interested. He’s going to stir up trouble – this is something that i’m sure of. I think that he’s got a vendetta now against her and once he truly realizes what’s going on with Cleo, well, that means that all hell will break loose.

In this second book, we watch how the dynamic between everyone shifts. We watch how Cleo does more for Deacon than even he realized he needed. When he expressed his love for the outdoors after sharing an image of him and his son, Cleo locates the perfect lake cabin for him to buy. This becomes their solace – their getaway, and when they’re able to bring Derek, it’s their family home. Backing up a second, we watch how Cleo is really capable of doing the impossible. She’s convinced Valerie to let her bring Derek to New York for Deacon’s birthday, and even towards the end of the story she manages even more – to work an angle to get Valerie to move east so Derek could live closer to Deacon. There’s a price though, and that’s the cliff that we’re left on.

There’s so much going on in this story that it’s hard to pick one story line to follow. Do we choose to watch the evolution of Tucker and Cleo – and how deacon gets in the middle of it. Do we watch how Cleo and Deacon grow closer together only to have things shattered when Deacon breaks Cleo’s heart. Do we sit on the edge of our seats knowing that Jake is going to blow up everything that Cleo has worked hard for, and in the back of my mind, do we know that Valerie and Jake will some how team up and bring things to a crashing halt?

The heat and passion in this series is amped up a level in this second book, especially as we see characters getting more invested in one another. There are deep emotional and physical connections across the board, regardless if it’s a romantic relationship or just one of family or friend. We see trust grow and get shattered. We see deceit and we see conniving. But at the end of it all we see hope, and wonder if that hope is enough to carry the story through. So, that all being said – you know what i’m going to say. I’m off to get book 3 because I HAVE to see what happens next. Enjoy!

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