Review: The Doctor Who Has No Closure (Soulless #10) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Doctor Who Has No Closure
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 3/9/21
Length:  198 Pages
Series: Soulless #10


I’ve been living in the past for so long, and it’s time that I move on.

Forget Catherine. I’m done with her.

I’m done with her memory. I’m done playing “what if”. I have this beautiful woman right in front of me that I want.

And I’m just going to go for it.


My Thoughts

We know the struggle that Dex has in his every day life to get past what put an end to his career, and an end to his marriage. He’s faced it in some ways but refuses to move on in others. We watched as he went from the best heart surgeon in the world to the best IT guy at the Trinity Building, and we know that there’s so much more out there for him.

His mom sees in his what he doesn’t see in himself, and Sicily does as well. They both push him / lead him in the direction that he needs to go to get back on his feet, to find his passion again for medicine, and they’re successful. This tenth installment of the series takes us on the journey of a phoenix of sorts – we watch how Dex some how manages to find his stride in the world of medicine, now he’s practicing again, he’s teaching residents, and he’s working in a lab to help further advance the medical technology available.

We know that he’s had a rough patch, but with the help of Sic, he’s managed to succeed in everything.

Sicily on the other hand has managed to find the perfect job, working in the perfect place for the perfect man. Dex’s successes are hers and it’s truly wonderful to watch how she shines when she’s able to support him in ways that even she didn’t know was possible . True to the nature of this series as well, we have a woman who’s strong, powerful, intuitive and sexy taking on a role of a PA of sorts, in a realm that there’s no comfort and doing a better job than even the most experienced.

We know what’s bound to happen right? Sexy strong intelligent Dex has the hots for his PA but won’t cross that line. Sic realizes that her feelings for Dex extend far past boss / employee. She’s enamored with him but fears what it’ll mean to cross the line. The entire Hamilton family sees something special between them, want it to happen, but aren’t sure how to push them both together in the right way to make it happen.

What we didn’t get in the first installment, we get in spades in this one. We have the development of a deep emotional relationship in the first part, and now we’re watching the passion and chemistry come to life in this one. Granted, there’s not much of that between the couple that we want to get together, but there’s still that level of spark that was missing in the first part of their story. It’s a wonder what’s going to push them together at last.

The side story to this one is also that of Daisy – we watch how she’s strong, self assured and a girls girl as much as a sexy suave female who has all the power in the world against men. She’s found someone that she thinks that she could be with, yet Dex isn’t quite sure about him and makes it a struggle. I’m sure we’ll see how that plays out once we get to her story -but we’re not there yet.

When things seem like they’re going in the right direction for everyone, of course the other shoe drops – and that’s in the form of Catherine – Dex’s ex-wife. She’s inserted herself into the story at the wrong time and that means that we now come to a screeching halt with everything. It’s a shame that it had to happen, but it leaves on in the needed cliff in order to get the closure to Dex’s story that we’re all waiting for. Since that book is out now, i’m going to pick it up and read, and then i’ll have to be patient I think for Daisy’s to come out. Enjoy!

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