Review: The Doctor Who Has No Chance (Soulless #11) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Doctor Who Has No Chance
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 4/14/21
Length:  186 Pages
Series: Soulless #11


I rushed into something I wasn’t ready for. I want to be ready, wish I were ready, but I’m just not.But I miss her. Every day. Every moment. Always.It’s like losing half of my soul.Maybe Sicily is the right person, just not the right time.And if that’s true, can I really just let her go?

My Thoughts

This is a tough installment to read – not because it wasn’t amazing, but because it’s the part of the story that truly has the roller coaster. We know that Sic and Dex are finding their way back together, and we know that Catherine wants nothing more than to have what she lost. It was tough to watch Dex’s reaction in the last book when he learned that Catherine had moved on so quickly, especially when he felt that they had the perfect relationship. There are always two sides to a story and while we want to have hope that Dex saw it for what it was, we know that it’s not always the case. What we get in this eleventh installment though is confirmation that Catherine did love Dex but that she didn’t know how to handle herself and her grief properly.

We know that Dex has moved on, but what’s always in the back of our mind, what would it take for him to go back to her. They were happy and they were on the path to the life that they wanted, but a death crossed that off the list. When Catherine tells Dex that she’s no longer with her fiance because she wants what she had before, as a reader, you get the fear that he’ll go back. There are moments when you think that she could be so convincing that it’ll happen, yet it doesn’t. Thankfully.

So we watch how Dex’s downward spiral has an effect on what his relationship could be with Siciliy, and we watch her cope with what her life is like without him because he doesn’t know how to manage his emotions. We also watch the entire Hamilton family get behind Dex in the sense of forcing him to see what he’s losing and thankfully it has an effect.

The next section of this story is watching how Sicily and Dex find their stride, get happy again until the next surprise comes, care of Catherine. Frankly, I was not at all surprised by what she shares, and it has a debilitating effect on the trajectory of our story. Dex learns that he has a son, one who’s gifted (of course) and who looks just like him. We see that he wants to drop everything to be a father and we watch how Catherine tries to manipulate him into being a family again. While Dex isn’t interested in a relationship with her, he wants to be a family, but that also includes Sic in his mind. She’s not comfortable with how things are going, and she doesn’t want to be the reason that little Ryan doesn’t have a family unit, so she bows out. at the worst time of course because it’s the night before they were due to leave for Africa. While she was uncertain of her role in the relationship before, it also comes at the prodding of Catherine who puts a bug in her ear that Sic is keeping them apart.

It’s a sad ending to this story if you ask me – watching how the joy that Dex experiences as a father, how the Hamilton brood rallies around the new baby, and yet how it means that all of Scility’s dreams are dashed. We want everyone to be happy, yet it doesn’t seem like it’s possible. Sic hires a replacement for her role and moves on with her life. as best as she can I suppose. We only want the best happy ending for these guys, and it’s never been an easy route.

The other story that we see evolving like we saw introduced in the last book was about Daisy. We know that she’s a strong intelligent beautiful woman who’s not going to settle in any aspect of her life, and she has an intensely protective family who will never sit back and watch her get hurt. We watch Deacon protect her, we watch her brothers want only the best man for her and we hope that we can see her story evolve. What we see as this story wraps up is the optimism that she has for her work as she knows that her boss is retiring and she’s up for the role. We know that she’s in a new relationship that may make her happy and I can’t wait to see how her story plays out. I just need to wait another month until that story is out. what a shame but i’ll manage patiently. Enjoy!

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