Review: The Man (Doctor #2) by E.L. Todd

TitleThe Man
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 4/16/19
Length:  164 Pages
Series: Doctor #2


Now that Jax is gone and I’m single once again, I’m supposed to be finding Mr. Right.

But Finn is the only guy I want. 

Every time we’re in the same room together, the heat is explosive. We can barely look at each other without our hands shaking. As days turn into weeks, our resolve softens.

And then we can’t fight it anymore.

My Thoughts

So when we were last with these characters, we saw lots and lots of heartbreak and uncertainty. There were failed attempts at restarting lives, making a change to the positive, and yet those things crashed and burned. Colton had put himself out there and met a guy named Aaron, felt that there may be something there, but sadly that fizzled out. Pepper started something with Mr Gorgeous, but he felt far too uncomfortable with the relationship that she had with her ex husband, and even forgiveness wasn’t enough. Ultimatums are never good and we saw how that ended.

So we’re into the second installment here, watching them try to pick up the pieces of things. It’s hard to watch happiness slip through everyone’s fingers, and we want the best, however the problems keep piling up.

The chemistry between Finn and Pepper is palpable. You feel the temperature rise in the room when ever they are near each other, and it’s really anyone’s guess on who they’re fooling by not acting on what they feel, but at the same time, they are trying not to act on what they feel. We know they kissed in the first book, and we know that they tried to draw a line there -but we also know that their connection is something that they can’t even fight, and that means that we’re going to see a fiery hot inferno erupt.

What happens in this piece of the story is intense. Pepper and Finn find that they have more than just a surface attraction and that there’s potential for something great, but they are also forced to hide what’s going on from Colton and we know that it can’t last that long.

Colton has a bit of a personal roller coaster in this book as well. He knows that he has to come clean with his parents and that means telling them that he’s divorced from Pepper, gay and without a job. At the same time, Finn gets to make his reentry to the family – and frankly there’s no way that the night will go well..and it doesn’t.

From there, there’s the challenge of Colton coming to terms with his parent’s reaction, but at the same time, finding a new job, and a new man. There are so many ups even with the downs.

We know the other shoe is going to drop when / if he finds out about Finn and Pepper, and when Finn even tries to do the right thing, is blows up in their face. So that means that no one is happy at the end of this book, just like in the first one. Now i’m off to book three because well….I have no choice but to dive right back in and see what’s going to happen. Enjoy!

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