Review: Tell Me To Go (Tell Me #2) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTell Me To Go
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 09/03/19
Length:  166 Pages
Series: Tell Me #2


His offer: 365 days and nights = $1 million
My addendum: I’m not doing that
His promise: Before the year is up, you’ll beg for it

My days of lying and stealing are over, but then Nicholas Crawford makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Spend a year pretending to be his significant other in exchange for $1 million dollars. 

I tried to put that part of my life, and those hard-won skills, behind me. But I need the money. He needs a partner.

I told him that I’d never sleep with him. He promised me that I would end up begging for it. Now, I want him more than ever.

Especially when I run my fingers over his chiseled body and he teases me with his tongue.

Especially when he puts his hands on the small of my back and kisses me.

I want him so much I am going to scream. I want him so much…I might even beg.

My Thoughts

In this second installment we get to the crux of what this story is about and we learn far more than we bargained for. At first I thought that Nicholas just wanted Olive for a plaything since that’s typically what these stories turn out to be in the genre, but instead, there’s so much more. Nicholas is involved in some sort of scam situation, where he steals things back from people who lost them and replaces the stolen goods with replicas. Interesting right? So he needs Olive’s help to run these cons.

It’s one con that turns our wrong because of a few hiccups. They’re aiming for a mark at a party when Sydney, Olive’s roommate and James, Nicholas’s friend and the man Syd is dating show up there as well. So they have to call the con off and change direction. Challenge here is that Olive has no idea what the true con is and gets upset, and then takes it upon herself to carry out the part that she knew without Nicholas’ help. She’s successful, but someone involved ends up dead. (we learn about this later)

Interestingly enough though, there’s a subplot here that we slowly start to learn in the latter part of this story. We know that Olive has an older brother Owen who’s in jail. They’ve grown closer while he’s been away and we see that the bond is something that’s fragile now. He calls her and tells her that he’s up for parole and needs her to come and testify for him, so she gets into a fight with Nicholas to go and help him out. During that same call, she accidentally reveals too much information to Owen about Nicholas and it turns out they know each other well – they ran in the same criminal circles and there’s animosity there. Olive’s being warned off, and yet she’s not sure who to believe.

Fast forward to the time post the parole hearing when Olive and Nicholas are back at her apartment and an assassin comes after her. We learn that there’s far more to this story than we ever could have imagined and now i’m curious to see where it nets out. Owen knows more than he says, Olive now knows more about Owen’s past that he never revealed, and Nicholas is still not being open with Olive about who he is and what he does.

Add to that sexual chemistry that’s off the chart, and yet not consummated, which means that we have a fire that’s about to explode and I can’t wait to see if it happens in book three. Enjoy!

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