Review: Tell Me To Run (Tell Me #4) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTell Me To Run
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 11/02/19
Length:  145 Pages
Series: Tell Me #4


If you love a thrilling romance filled with suspense, lust, turmoil, secrets, and explosive drama, you can’t miss this ride.

My Thoughts

Such a useful summary being shared – but that’s ok. So we’re deep into this story – in a place that’s full of turmoil. Olive knows that Owen isn’t her real brother and also knows that he’s in love with her. Nicholas knows this as well and he even tries to do a solid by tracking down Olive’s birth mom .

This fourth installment takes us on a less romantic path – one where we know there’s intense animosity all around. Olive feels a need to be there for Owen and Owen hates Nicholas because of things from their past. That doesn’t help matters given that Nicholas’s task from the FBI is to get close to Owen and befriend him. He doesn’t care much for owen but is willing to do it because of his job and because he loves Olive.

Parallel to that, we have the same story of trying to protect Owen from being killed since he’s landed himself in the hospital on death’s door and once he’s out things are still uncertain. People are still after him for snitching while he was in prison, which is what got him out on parole early, and that means that they’re always looking over their shoulder to see who’s coming after them next.

If that weren’t enough, the romance that was is really the romance that isn’t. Olive and Nicholas had something that was so precarious to begin with and now it’s even more fragile. They continue to lie to each other and trust is a huge issue. I don’t know if there’s enough good stuff out there in the cosmos to help these two.

The story line that pulls us through a majority of this book is the one where Nicholas finds himself at a cross roads. He’s being given the chance to get out of the clutches of the FBI by helping his connect there get out of a debt. Art is the guy that’s got a file on him, and Art has also entangled himself into a gambling debt. If Nicholas is able to help him clear that debt by stealing a painting, then he can be free and clear. What Nicholas doesn’t know is that Art knows all about Olive’s past in art theft and that’s kind of why this task is so perfect. He’s got someone lined up who’s experienced and capable, and sadly that leads to another rift.

Side to this story is the one of Olive’s roommate and her romance with James, Nicholas’s best friend. Syndey is in love with James and they’re planning their future together. Everything seems amazing until of course Syd’s mom wants to mean this guy – and what throws them for a loop is that her mom really likes James. Sydney doesn’t know what to do with this turn of events since she’s always at the opposite end of her mother’s favor.

Where we end this story is with everyone going in different directions. Words are said, lies are unveiled and that means that there’s no hope for any happy ending. Nicholas walks away and leaves a bit of Olive’s past for her to uncover and we can only imagine what she’ll do with that information now that she’s on her own. We’re left to wonder how safe Owen will be since he chooses a path that doesn’t protect him, how happy Olive will be because she felt torn between two men, and how happy Nicholas will be since he’s had to choose himself. We also have to wonder if the only happy couple will remain happy. So now i’m off to find out in the next book. Enjoy!

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