Review: The Girl Who Doesn’t Quit (Soulless #12) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Girl Who Doesn’t Quit
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Hartwick Publishing 6/15/21
Length:  277 Pages
Series: Soulless #12


The director of my clinic is retiring and the job is up for grabs. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want the job for myself, but I’d be happy if any of my colleagues got the promotion. 

But none of them get it. 

Neither do I. 

It’s an outside hire. 

Atlas Beaumont. 

Super genius, but I think he’s a super prick. 

Worst part of all? My father is the one who wrote his letter of recommendation, the one that impressed my boss so much that he hired him on the spot.

My Thoughts

Daisy is the one person of the family that we hadn’t gotten a great look at aside from her relationship with Mason, so it’s wonderful to see her story come to fruition. In this 12th installment, we get to see how Daisy’s life transforms as she tries to excel at work and find personal life balance.

We know she’s in the medical field and she’s one of the top in what she does. Her boss is getting ready to retire and of course that means that she’s excited to take on the role, except that it doesn’t go to her. or anyone who works there – it’s an outside hire and that hurts. When Daisy confronts her boss about, she’s told that she’s young, perhaps too young. Yet the new guy is her age. what it comes down to is that she’s a woman – and that’s just not ok. She learns that part of the reason the new guy – Atlas got the job was from a glowing recommendation from one Dr Hamilton – her father.

The path of this story in that perspective is one of challenge, butting heads and really just trying to do a good job medically. Daisy has patients that she wants to cure, and there are egos at play here where Atlas thinks he knows better on everything and Daisy likes to be thorough. each scene also screams sexual tension which is a whole nother level of things.

Throughout this story. we watch how that plays out – how Daisy comes to terms with things and then Atlas is arrogant and makes it all awful again. Then They figure out how to work together and the office is a great place to be.

While this is all going on, we watch how Deacon (Daisy’s father) and Atlas expand their friendship. There’s a father protectiveness over Atlas and there’s a mutual respect that we see grow as they open up to one another. Where this leads of course is the idea for Deacon that Atlas and Daisy are compatible. So that takes us down another path in this story.

Neither really wants anything serious – after Mason, Daisy decided that she’s not ready to love anyone again and Atlas is divorced but won’t share the catalyst to that – so we don’t know why he’s gun shy. So instead we get a super explosive connection between them, the chemistry and passion are off the charts and I think there may be something good. until Atlas reveals something and well….we’re at an impasse. so…i’m off to book lucky #13 to see what happens next. enjoy!

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