Review: The Girl Who Always Wins (Soulless #13) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Girl Who Always Wins
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Hartwick Publishing 8/10/21
Length:  178 Pages
Series: Soulless #13


Atlas is everything that I want in a man.

I love him as exactly as he is and wouldn’t change a thing.

I want to make this work–no matter what.

I just wished he believed that.

My Thoughts

I just LOVE Daisy. She knows her place in her family, she knows her place in her job, and she knows what she deserves and wants. She wants Atlas, even if he thinks that he knows better. From the first book in their journey, and the twelfth book in the series, we watch how we have some uncharacteristically smart leads who feel like they are not right for anyone push their soul-mate away just on principle. These two fought their way to each other in the first book, literally fought until Deacon pointed out how right they could be.

Just when they were in romantic bliss, they knew that they loved each other, Atlas shares the one thing that makes him feel like he’s not enough. The reason for his divorce and the reason that he knows Daisy will walk away. He can’t have children. and he knows that Daisy wants to at some point. He’s so traumatized from the experience in his marriage – three miscarriages, all because of his blood disorder – that he’s not even willing to let the diagnostician in Daisy figure out if there’s a solution. Instead he decides that they are done, and both end up miserable.

We spend a roller coaster of a time in this story. watching him push her away only for her not to accept it. Daisy does things on HER terms and no one elses so even when Atlas thinks there’s no future, she doesn’t accept it and just keeps at their relationship as though nothing has happened. They fall back into bliss until they his another stumble.

Things were going well, Daisy was moving into Atlas’ home and then explosion. Daisy really wants to find out if there’s a way to have biological children because she loves Atlas so much and wants to have a little one of him that she and her father get some of the most skilled experts in their fields together – all they need is Atlas’ compliance and what happens? He flips out, thinks that Daisy doesn’t understand anything and that means that not only are they personally messed up, it affects them professionally.

To the extend that Atlas decides to go back and work with Deacon full time since that’s better than being in the office with Daisy. Both are still madly in love with each other but Atlas has so much hate and anger right now that he won’t see clearly.

The upshot to it all is the other story line that’s going on in this book. Deacon and Atlas are working on treatments for lung cancer and they’re in trials again. They’re seeing some success but other failures and can’t quite figure out what’s making some patients get better and not others. All the time that Atlas is able to now focus on in the lab should be good for something right?

We watch the relationship between Deacon and Atlas change, and we don’t know how that’s going to evolve now that it seems like more boss/employee rather than father son. We know that Deacon’s highly protective of his daughter so that’s Atlas’ bad and you’ll have to read to see what that means for it all.

There are turning points in this story that are unexpected and results that change the focus and pace of everything around them. There’s hope and then there’s fear and then there are consequences and unexpected turns. I’m sad to see that this series is coming to and end because there just aren’t any more kids unless our amazing author Victoria Quinn decides that Lizzie needs her own story! I’d be happy with that. Any way, you get the sizzle and the steam and the emotions and the feels – so it’s been an amazing journey! Enjoy!

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