Review: Enchant Me (Stark Saga #7) by J Kenner

TitleEnchant Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Martini & Olive 10/26/21
Length:  214 Pages
Series: Stark Saga #7


It was supposed to be a new beginning for billionaire Damien Stark, his wife Nikki, and their family…

I thought I knew everything about my beloved husband, Damien Stark. In our years together, I’d heard all the rumors, faced all the dark secrets, and survived the danger that comes hand-in-hand with loving a powerful magnate like Damien.

After all we’ve been through, I believed we were finally free of the past, of the darkness, ready to move into the light of our future together. As we stand ready to renew our vows in front of our friends and family and move on to the next chapter of our life together, I am giddy with joy and love.

I am unprepared for the devastation that steals my happiness and threatens our future in ways I never imagined. Given our past, I should have expected it. But how could I when Damien didn’t either?

This man has come from nowhere, and he says he’s Damien’s son. Everything is chaos, Damien is wrecked, and I don’t know where to turn. The worst part? I think I believe him.

And he has promised to destroy everything we love.

My Thoughts

For anyone who’s not familiar with the love story and connection between Damien and Nikki, you’d take that summary and think the worst. You’d think that this could break their relationship and make it something less significant. For those who have been with this series for years, and with all the spin off series that continue to demonstrate their dedication, you would know that nothing can break them. It’s just a matter of finding out who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes and for what purpose.

In this story, just as the summary tells us, there’s a son that comes out of the woodwork that no one knew about. At least no one that should have. We know that Damien is incapable of being unfaithful to Nikki, so it’s obviously from before their time, and we know that Nikki has always been understanding of the potential of what his playboy past could have led to.

Ashton Stone. That’s the man. The son, the one who has been turned against Damien and who therefore plots how to take him down. What’s interesting about Ash is that he resembles his father, and he’s got the same personality traits and need for risk and challenge, but he’s got an edge that Damien either never had or learned to smooth out. There’s not a great age difference between father and son, and that’s what solidifies the idea of who Ash is, and who his mom is. Ash approaches Damien for a business deal, but turns around and uses his rage to try to take him down.

All on the day of Nikki and Damien’s wedding. He knew the right moment to ruin what was supposed to be beautiful, and he doesn’t it with vengeance.

All while this is happening, we learn that Damien is being blackmailed in a way. There are videos and images that are being threatened to be released and they are new to Damien of course meaning that he doesn’t know the source. He expects that it’s his father, but then when Ashton comes into the fold, he’s also put in the spotlight.

We fear for the reputation impact for this couple, although we know that they can overcome anything. We worry for the safety and sanity of their children, knowing that they wan to protect their kids at any cost, and we worry for what the future will hold.

We go on a roller coaster in this story – watching how Damien comes to terms with having a child, and knowing who his mom is. We watch how he uses patience and honesty to try to explain how he wasn’t aware that he had a child and that Ash’s mom actually didn’t know as well. (you have to read the story to understand that one). We also watch how there’s been such a history of deceit and lies that it’s really hard to know who’s side to go on.

Where we end up in this story is another death/murder, someone being blamed for it who shouldn’t and someone unexpected being the cause of it all. We watch how the passion and faith that Nikki and Damien have in each other is really the driving force behind all that we need, and we see how there’s something that everyone can strive to have to make the world a better place but few can ever get.

While i’m sad that it seems like their journey may finally be done, but I love that there will continue to be several spin-offs that keep us in the Stark fold. So on that note, enjoy and i’m off to find another book to read!

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