Review: Second Chance Contract by M Robinson

TitleSecond Chance Contract
Author: M Robinson
Publisher/Year:  M Robinson 8/31/21
Length:  200 Pages


She was my best friend’s little sister, which meant she was off limits, but I couldn’t help myself. I never could when it came to her, and in the end, I left town and made something of my myself.

Ten years later and I was one of the richest men in the world. I had everything I ever wanted except for her. Little did I know, life would give me a second chance to make things right by her. She was suddenly my publicist, treating me as if I was nothing more than another client when I stole all her firsts. 

Including her heart.

I needed to take matters into my own hands, making her an offer she couldn’t refuse. 

​​​​​​​For the next ten days, she signed a contract stating… 

She was mine.

My Thoughts

All I can start to say with this is that i’m now one of those people that can say ‘I saw it on TikTok’ and that’s how I found this book! Please don’t judge me! I’m glad that I found this one though since I don’t think that i’m familiar with our author M Robinson! What I will say though is that I think the clip that I saw on TikTok wasn’t the exact story line here, but whatever.

So, like the summary tells us, we have the sordid story of the younger (like 6 years younger?) little sister falling for her old brother’s best friend. They are in a bit of a taboo situation since they clearly both feel something for one another, but spend years pretending that it wasn’t the case. Thankfully our leading man had morals though since Julian didn’t make a move until Autumn was ‘legal’-ish.

The way that this story is written is that we get flashbacks to ‘then’ giving us the story on how their relationship started, peppered into the ‘current’ where their paths collide once again. As we see how their chemistry grew, how they had a relationship that was doomed from the start, we want to hope for the best, knowing that there was no way a happy ending was in their cards. When suspicions grew, and Autumn’s brother felt that there was something going on, Julian had to sever ties. not just with Autumn but with her entire family. which was tough of course because we learned that he was in the foster system and Autumns family took him in like one of their own.

We watch Julian break her heart because that’s the only thing that he feels that he can do to protect both of them, and he goes off the grid for 10 years until our story picks up again. He’s a successful billionaire, on the precipice of taking his company public and he needs some PR help to soften his image. Lucky (or unlucky) for him, Autumn is one of the best in the industry, and she comes in to do her magic.

She knew what she was walking into with this job, but she had so much hatred towards him that she planned to keep it professional. Julian didn’t know that she was the one coming in to clean up his image and is blindsided, but he’s a changed man and that means that we don’t know what’s going to come next from him.

The story from here is a game of cat and mouse. They lay traps for each other while trying to hash out the past. Trying to move past what happened in a way to get to a future. Julian wants that future to be with Autumn but she’s fighting what her heart tells her and tries to keep him away.

The events throughout this story endear us more and more to Julian which is not what we want at all. we want him to suffer for breaking her heart, but as he reveals information to the world, we start to see that he was really doing the right thing and wants a true second chance to make it right.

There are secrets on Autumns side that will break them apart and it really shouldn’t be a surprise to the reader when we see it unfold. There are things said that can never be taken back, and pain cause that should put a rift the size of the grand canyon out there, yet there’s still fight between them which also means there’s love.

Heat and chemistry that can’t be denied paired with history and a future and quite a bit of romance is what takes this story to the end. I think that we get the ending that it deserves, and a teaser of something more from another story that could be in the series even though this isn’t noted as a series. So thank you TikTok for the introduction and I hope you guys enjoy!

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