Review: And Just Like That…..(a SATC Reboot on HBO Max)

While this isn’t a book, the original ‘Sex and the City’ was loosely based on a book and i’m a fanatic. If there was one show that would watch on a loop, it would be SATC, regardless of how ‘meh’ the second movie was.

Aside from being an NYC 21 yr old when the show was in it’s hey-day, I worked at Barneys as a stylist, and had the joy and pleasure of running into one Ms Patricia Fields who did the wardrobe and who allowed me to help pull items for the show. And as such, I also met Sarah Jessica Parker herself on several occasions, and while I don’t want to say i’m obsessed, I will happy lay claim to being able to get 100% on almost ANY SATC related quiz. TRY ME!

So….this morning at 3am EST, the first two episodes of ‘And Just Like That’ came out and well….i’m HOOKED. while the characters look like they’ve aged differently, (some well and some not so much), we have the same camaraderie that we came to love, and we have questions answered on how live has changed over the past decade or so.

The last scene in E1 gives us the death that we all knew was happening, and i’ll be honest, while I assumed it was going to happen, I thought it was going to go another way since the PR team around this series have done such a great job throwing us off the scent of the true plot.

E2 continues in this sad state, watching what happens as a result of this death. seeing what doors are open and which are closed.

Carrie has a podcast which surprisingly challenges her in a way that we never expected since her column and books always gave us such an open look into her life. She and Big are in a great place which evolved out of the ending of the 2nd movie, so we can hope for the best.

Miranda is on her way to get a master degree, and with that, trying to find her place in that situation, saying all the wrong things realiziing that she’s much older than everyone else. She and steve have the challenge of a teen son who’s got a girlfriend whom they allow to stay over all the time, and that means that we’ll probably have some interesting plot lines to wait for.

Charlotte and Harry are still quite happy in their lives, Lily being the prefect daughter that we saw in the movies, with Rose continuing her rebellion, something that we knew Charlotte would never be able to cope with.

Stanford and Anthony are still at each other’s throats, and it’s comedy relief throughout.

Samantha’s story line is explained

Che is introduced as a big role in Carrie’s life, but there’s a tease to someone else in the main cast

Lisa (LTW) is brought in with a key role in Charlotte’s story line

so….what does this mean?

I have to wait until next Thursday to get the next episode (reminds me of the original timing with SATC on HBO) but i’ll be patient, and clearing my calendar so I can enjoy. I’m re-watching it for the 2nd time today already, and if you have HBO Max, you should jump into it now! And Just like that……Enjoy!

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