Review: Dark Redemption (Dark Intentions #2) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleDark Redemption
Author: Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 7/5/21
Length:  186 Pages
Series: Dark Intentions #2


He saved my mother’s life. Now, I owe him a debt. But I don’t even know who he is. 

Dante Langston is man of extreme wealth and privilege and just as much darkness. 
Our time together was supposed to be a one night stand. 
No names. No phone numbers. No other way to get in touch. 
But I keep going back to look for him. 
What I don’t yet know is that he already knows me. 
He has been watching and waiting. He needs to stay away to protect his secrets but he can’t. 
Neither can I.
I’m addicted to his lips and his touch. He’s addicted to our shared pain. 
What happens when I find out the debt I owe is to him? 
What happens when I find out the other secrets that he is much more desperate to keep? 

My Thoughts

Again, the summary doesn’t quite tie to the book but you get the gist. This is a couple that can’t be together, but they can’t stay away from each other either. Jacqueline sees something in Dante that’s perfect for her – she truly is addicted but what he did, well that’s not something that she’s ready for yet she doesn’t realize that the lie she learned about who paid for her mother’s treatment isn’t the worst lie.

Dante on the other hand has a mess to get out of and we don’t quite know the full extent just yet. We know that he’s struggling in his business – he’s being forced to agree to something that he doesn’t want, and there’s clearly a tie to Jacqueline’s brother that he’s forced to deal with that we don’t yet know. Then on top of that, he’s bound to Jacqueline – and as much as he tries to walk away, he can’t.

So we watch the roller coaster (train wreck?) unfold. They go their separate ways for the best. We see how life starts to take a new form. Now that Jacquelines mom is on the mend, she’s about jump into the life that she put on hold. She goes back to school and finishes her degree. She gets back on her feet and starts to become more independent. She and Allison. find a rhythm to their friendship and enjoy what it’s like to be in life.

She wants to forget Dante – but she can’t. She wants to get a job and be on her own but she can’t. And when she literally runs into Dante in the park, her life is flipped again.

We start this installment in a dark place, and watch how there’s promise of something more. We hope there’s something good that will come out of everything, but what we see instead are relationships broken as a result of ones that were repaired, and there is still uncertainty looming.

Dante had to borrow money to help out Jacqueline and now the piper wants to be paid. We also see that he’s probably in over his head in a deal with work, a hunch that leads him to believe that he’s been forced to invest in a company that is laundering money in some way and he tries to get Jacqueline to spy / investigate what’s going on. What we all can expect though is that it’s going to come to haunt Dante some how in the future – he’s going to be taken down with the ship instead of looking like the hero . (that’s my guess at least).

The last scene is when we know the story will take a sharp turn. Jacqueline’s mom gets a letter there Michael didn’t die in an accident but instead was murdered. Who did it and why? And of course as the reader, we want to know how Dante is connected. soooooo i’m off to read book 3. Enjoy!

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