Review: Hiding Places (Rochester Trilogy #4) by Skye Warren

TitleHiding Places
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Skye Warren 11/15/22
Length:  225 pages
Series: Rochester Trilogy #4


Emily Rochester rebuilds her life after being on the run. Her husband is gone. Her daughter is safe. The nightmare is behind her… except someone is watching.

Mateo Garza is everything she doesn’t want. Wealthy. Famous. Gorgeous.

He’s also the only man she trusts.

My Thoughts

When we thought we were finished with this series, along comes a fourth book, a spin off taking us on a journey after all the dust had settled, even when it hadn’t. We knew that Emily was back in Cape Eben, she’s been reunited safely with her daughter and she’s trying to rebuild her life. She’s got a house, and she’s writing the story of her life, all while her brother awaits trial for the murder of her husband.

On the other side of the story, we watch how Beau and Jane’s relationship evolves. He feels like she needs to live the life that a college age person should. attending whatever school she wants, living on campus, going to classes, making friends. But he also wants her around all the time. Jane on the other hand never expected to be able to go to college and wants to spend her time with Beau so it’s a struggle of a dynamic with them.

We watch as she tries to find her footing in the new world, trying to make choices that work for her and for Beau, while also trying to navigate the insanity of the murder trial since she was thrown into it when Joe went after her in one of the previous books.

It’s a roller coaster. We watch as the relationship we knew of grows. We watch as a new one unfolds between Emily and Mateo – a man that grew up with them, that was never on her radar in that sense, but a man that is a successful Hollywood actor, a man who’s goal in life is to protect and a man who’s wanted Emily since high school. Watching the level of trust and security there grow is one of the best parts of this story and then seeing how the entire dynamic shifts as a result is even better.

When lies are spun by Joe and the law, when people’s lives are put in danger and security is hired. When protection isn’t enough and someone is kidnapped – we start to see who’s on the right side of things, both in relationships and the law.

All in all not a long story by any means, but an intense and sweet way to wrap up things that have gone on. I now have to find another world to dive into, so i’m off! Enjoy!

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