Review: Gold Mind (Diamond #2) by Skye Warren

TitleGold Mine
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Book Beautiful 9/15/20
Length:  314 pages
Series: Diamond #2


Holly Frank is in trouble. The deadly kind.

She and her sister must evade the authorities and the criminals who want them dead. Including Elijah North. The man who took her heart in Paris, her body in a prison cell, and her trust without remorse.

He’s determined to keep her safe. Even if that means losing her forever.

Adam Bisset has his own dark agenda.

She’s caught between the two men, torn apart with every sensual push and pull. Each touch is a lie, each whispered tenderness a trap-but she can’t resist them.

Their lies are tearing her apart. Her enemies are catching up with her. And when she’s taken captive again, she finds out secrets to unravel it all.

My Thoughts

This is one of those series that you really can’t put down because you know that it’s a roller coaster, a train wreck, and yet it’s still so hot and romantic and exciting. When we left Elijah and Holly at the end of book one, we knew that Elijah was going to deal with some of the people who were hunting them, and Holly was trapped in the house, and she knew it.

London some how managed to get the code to get Holly out of the house and on the run they go. We are then finding ourselves about a year in the future, at least I think it’s a year and there’s so much that has happened. The girls have managed to evade being found. We know that Adam is looking for them. Elijah is looking for them, and who knows who else is…especially since we know that London got herself into trouble with loan sharks etc because of a drug habit.

We find ourselves in Italy, at a party where Holly is trying to trade the value of the diamonds that they still have for the amount of money that London owes one specific man, and that’s when things blow up in their face.

Adam appears, and surprisingly he protects them. Mind you, we learn that he has a thing for London, and through the course of this book, we learn more about him to see that who he is is further intertwined in things. Then, when Adam is trying to get the girls to safety, Elijah shows up, and well…that’s going to cause strife.

So we go on a journey to a ‘safe house’ trying to understand if they are safe, what Elijah wants, and how this is going to end. The irony is that Holly and Elijah never had a chance to be apart from the first moment they met. They are marked on one another, imprinted sort of, and where ever they try to go, they find themselves drawn to each other. That’s a theme in this story, when there’s another kidnapping, a threat or few….shoot outs and questions about who’s going to survive.

We get to spend more time with the North brothers in this story – understanding what they don’t know about each other, what they can do to make each other better and what they can do to protect one another. That also means that perhaps I need to dig up the series about Josh since he’s definitely intriguing.

Anyway, we find relationships growing, then some are torn apart. We learn secrets and we see that secrets are being kept. there’s a main character on the verge of death when we end this second book and that means of course I have to dive into the next to see what happens. Enjoy!

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