Review: Better When It Hurts (Stripped #2) by Skye Warren

TitleBetter When It Hurts
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Amber Shah 6/3/15
Length:  198 pages
Series: Stripped #2


A forbidden romance about pain that binds us together…

Five years ago we lived in the same house. He was the ultimate bad boy.

And my foster brother.

Now he’s back. Tougher, harder, meaner. All of it aimed at me, because I was the one who sent him away. It’s payback time. He wants his pound of flesh, and I am helpless to say no.

My Thoughts

It’s really nice to see how Lola (Hannah) and Blue’s story began / evolved, changed throughout their years together. From their prologue, we saw when they first met, when their paths first crossed and how a decision made by Hannah to protect herself had implications to Blue’s future. now we find ourselves five years in the future and we get to see how that’s all turned out.

Hannah is now working at The Grand as it’s the place where she’s able to make money to take care of the one foster mom who ever cared about her. She tries to stay detached from everyone and everything because she knows the dark side of any sort of relationship, but then there’s Blue. The man that she believes hates her but the same man that’s some how shown back up in her life and she’s sure it’s no coincidence.

We remember Blue from the foster home and we know that the choice Hannah made to put herself in a safer situation ended up sending Blue to the military. It was a way to keep him out of trouble and to hone skills that have some how managed to work towards everyone’s benefit. What it means now though is that not only is he security for The Grand, he’s Hannah’s personal protector again.

This story takes us through their journey of hating each other, knowing that they are still drawn to one another but not being sure if its’ because they believe there’s a debt that has to be paid or if there’s something more.

Hannah finds herself in situations that are unsafe that require Blue’s help and of course that means that he takes actions that could have consequences to his freedom which is something Hannah’s not willing to stand for. She fights with him and for him as he does for her and we watch them go around and around and around.

Where we net out at the end of their story is one that’s expected but bitter sweet regardless. There are hints at what’s to come (much of which I already know since i’ve read Ms Warren’s series out of order) but still a great lead in to some exciting stuff. So on that note – enjoy!

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