Review: Even Better (Stripped #2.5) by Skye Warren

TitleEven Better
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Skye Warren 9/30/15
Length:  67 pages
Series: Stripped #2.5


A story about how coming together can break us apart…

An old military friend of Blue’s comes to stay with us, and suddenly I have two muscled men surrounding me. Before I can take a breath, we’re diving into something dirty together–something dangerous. Dangerous because three is a crowd.

This is Blue’s best friend, and one of us will have to leave.

My Thoughts

I do enjoy a nice novella in between the larger stories since they give us an extension of what we just read, and often a lead into the next book. that’s exactly what we have here and i’m sooooo for it!

If you’ll remember, in book 2, we watched how the years have changed (and yet not changed) Hannah and Blue and how they some how get thrown back together by forces that Hannah can’t control. I mean, it’s pointless to try to control or fight a man like Blue right?

We watched how they circled each other and how they finally managed to gravitate towards one another, giving themselves a resolution that was appropriate for their story. Now we see how life continues on for them, Hannah especially since the path her life was on before being committed with Blue was very different.

She’s now living with him in his really nice condo, and is able to take classes since she no longer has to be the sole provider for Ms Owens care. She’s in a safe and quality home now, and that means that Hannah has her life back a bit. The challenge of course is that Hannah’s never had the opportunity to do things for herself so we watch her struggle with her place in life, the future and what she means in value to Blue.

That changes a bit of course when Blue’s military best friend comes to stay with them while he’s getting back on his feel and working for Blue’s security firm at The Grand. West is just as troubled and tormented as Blue and we see that’s not yet at the healing phase that Blue is at coming out of service.

This of course is where the air in the room gets tense, thicker – because we learn that these men used to share in a sense, and there’s interest in sharing Hannah. She’s open to it of course since she likes the attention if she’s able to control it, and she wants to make Blue happy. What happens next is a dynamic shift and we don’t know how that will have an impact on friendships and relationships at all. There’s nothing juicier than a threesome story and this one while it isn’t exactly as we see often in this genre, it gives you the tease and the hint of what you need and want.

This novella wraps up with Candy – giving us a glimpse into the story that we’re about to get for her. We don’t know much about her aside from her habit with drugs and that she seems like she’s teflon. nothing can bother her. She and Ivan circle each other, very much the same as how Hannah and Blue did, so we know that when things happen, they will explode.

We’re left in a scene where someone has broken into the club overnight and has left a message for Candy in the form of a bible verse. That means she knows exactly who’s after her and now we’ll get her history and story in her next installment. I cant wait to see how this plays out – enjoy all!!

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