Review: Sweet Sinner (The Necklace Series #5) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: Sweet Sinner
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Lisa Renee Jones 3/18/23
Length:  278 pages
Series: The Necklace Series #5


Bella Bailey. Tyler Hawk.

A deal sealed with far more than a kiss.

Passion. Mystery. Heartache. Betrayal. Lust. But is it love?

Hang tight for the dramatic, intensely romantic, wildly passionate continuation to the Tyler and Bella series.

My Thoughts

Well, first – that’s an awful summary of a book that’s going to bring greatness! We were left at a cliffhanger in the last book where we thought things were going down the right past with Tyler and Bella, and he does what he thinks is right to protect her and it backfires. She’s angry, he can’t fix it and her brother comes in at an inopportune time.

The path that we go on for this next installment is one where we see direction, we see what an outcome needs to be, but we also understand their desires. Feelings and outside forces are what makes it so hard to see a direct path to happiness.

Tyler still finds himself in a the position where he needs to get engaged and married, publicly so that he can keep control over the company and the only woman he wants is Bella. On the other side of things, she doesn’t want to feel like she’s being paid for, she wants the feelings and whatnot to be real, not something fabricated for the purpose of protecting everyone, and she’s afraid of what the perception of her will be professionally if she takes the deal. So they are at an impasse.

There’s interesting things going on though that we don’t quite get to the bottom of. Personally I think that Tyler’s lawyer is up to something, or is connected to someone that’s got their own motivation that’s not Tyler’s best interest, and we will need to see how that plays out.

Additionally, if that story line weren’t enough, we watch things change for Bella and her brother’s career – the studio wants more from them than they originally planned for and now it’s a test to see what they can negotiate and at what cost.

It’s a roller coaster since there’s romance and angst, there’s fear of what’s on the other side of the door for safety and protection and we really don’t know who’s on what side. We’re again left on the precipice of the unknown, but roles and relationships have shifted slightly. Can’t wait to see how It plays out. Enjoy!

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