Review: Sinner’s Game (Saints and Sinners #4) by J Kenner

TitleSinner’s Game
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Martini & Olive 2/15/22
Length:  300 pages
Series: Saints and Sinners #4


What’s more dangerous-a killer attraction that breaks all the rules, or the true killer who’s closing in?

Security consultant Ronan Thorne might be sex on a stick, but that doesn’t mean I should want him. After all, I’m Brandy Bradshaw, the Girl With the Worst Luck With Men. As for that one kiss we shared? That was nothing but a drunken mistake between friends. I know perfectly well that Ronan’s not a relationship guy. He’s got dark edges and dangerous secrets and so many scars.

But when I find my landlord dead in my living room, shot with a single bullet to the head, Ronan’s the man I cling to. I feel safe in his arms, and he has the skills to figure out what’s happening.

Except what he learns is that a case of mistaken identity has made me the next target.

Now we’re on the run together, but I’m not prepared for the heat that flares between us, or the tantalizing things he does to my body when we give in to temptation. He soothes my fear by showing me a different type of danger, sensuous and wild. It’s miraculous and wonderful, but terrifying, too. Because as soon as we catch the killer, I’m afraid Ronan will leave. And when he does, I know my heart will shatter.

My Thoughts

It’s been a minute since i’ve been in the mix with this series but it was a good jump back in since I haven’t been reading as much (i’m sure you guys are bummed by that). this week though I dug back into my library and found a story that I had ordered but not read so back into the world of Ronan and Brandy.

We’re coming off the wedding of Ellie and Devlin and we remember why their story was so complicated. Now it’s time to see if the chemistry that’s been building between Brandy and Ronan is something real or if they put up too many walls to make it happen.

We know that Brandy’s past was a bit of a struggle, she doesn’t trust men since they’ve always hurt her and she’s far too scarred. What we also know about Ronan is that he’s got this past as well that was rooted in love but then ended up with a death, not only of his first love but of his unborn baby as well.

So here we are, back in CA when things are starting to get messy in personal lives and complicated in professional.

Ronan has been on a manhunt for the man who actually murdered his love all those years ago, even if it was at the order of his father. He now has intel on where the man is and needs to take some time to go after him.

Then there’s brandy – she’s seeing success with her line of bags and she’s getting the good rewards that she’s been hoping for. Until of course she cross paths unexpectedly with the man who owns her house, and the reaction is scary and unexpected.

Low and behold, a chance encounter on the street ends up in a dead body in her house and a search to find out who the killer is, who the target was and what that means for everyone. The story we go on is a twisted on.

The murderer has Brandy’s face. The victim is her landlord. The connection is unknown.

They go into hiding – Ronan promises to protect her but at what cost? They recognize that there’s an attraction – that much is obvious since the air between them sizzles, but yet they aren’t able to act on it since they are both so protective of their feelings. Brandy can’t be casual and Ronan thinks that he’s too damaged to do more than that.

We watch them dance around each other, and we watch them go on the run, thinking they are safe but realizing that there’s nothing that can save them from what’s coming. It’s dynamic and it’s engaging and what we see at the end of this story in the form of a resolution is both a bit expected and a bit surprising. I’m a bit sad that we only get one book for their story but at least we got that much! so….now I have to find something else to read but you all should enjoy!

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