Review: Deep (Chicago Underground #8) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Book Beautiful 6/28/16
Length:  349 pages
Series: Chicago Underground #8


Dark. Powerful. Dangerous.

Philip Murphy has all of Chicago under his thumb. Except me.

We met in a perfect storm of violence and lust. He saved me and then disappeared from my life. Now I pretend I never knew that kind of darkness. I focus on midterms and campus parties, as if they can wipe the slate clean.

Then he turns up outside my dorm room–wounded and barely conscious. He’s the head of a criminal empire, a powerful man, but he needs me now. There are traitors in his midst.

I can help him, but I can’t fall for him.

Not again.

My Thoughts

It’s nice to get Philips story since we met him through Collin, through Shelly and Rose. We know that the’s the protector of the family and that there’s so much more to his story than we really heard so far, so it’s great to see how this plays out.

If you remember, is ‘relationship’ with Shelly was one that worked for both of them. He needed an outlet to his desires and Shelly was able to be that outlet, to benefit from the type of things that he was into and to get his protection when she needed it most. You’ll remember from the initial series that she sold him out to the detectives but that alll seems to have been forgotten.

The dynamic that we pick up into for this story is that of Ella and Phillip. You’ll remember from the first time that we got to know more about Shelly that Ella was a bit of a tortured young soul. We learned at the end of Shelly’s story who her real parents were and that’s what brought her into the world that she’s in now, however we also saw the effect that she had on the people around her in both a desire to protect her innocence and yet to see her suffer because she’s stubborn.

Phillip’s first reaction was to take care of her because he desired her – but he knew that she was too young then. As a result, he watched her from afar over the years, not stalking but obsessed in a way – keeping tabs on every move that she made and everything that she did because in his mind, she should be his.

After Ella got back to her old life when things settled down, she went to college – she went back to what she was destined to do and while she was trying to make something of herself, she found that she was missing something. She even tried to let those feelings go and be something that wasn’t true to herself, but of course – there was a hole.

Until one night when a surprise guest finds himself at her door – injured, with probably so much more to the story than we will ever know.

Fast forward to Phillip pretending to take her hostage to protect her from even more unknowns only to find that they would have found their way to each other some how.

Ella learns that she’s being hunted because of her connection to Phillip even though they hadn’t been in direct contact for years. The question that we are searching for throughout though is who sold them out and why. and what does that mean for them.

We have a roller coaster of emotions in this 8th and potentially last installment. We have no more. characters to waffle over and we know that we want Ella and Phillip to have their happy endings – either with each other or without. there’s a question as to weather they will both be alive at the end of this story – in or out of jail – pursuing whatever it is that they wanted to at the onset. and that’s what makes for a great story. innocence lost and hope either granted or dashed. Enjoy!

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