Hi All! I’m a mom living in NYC who loves to read, workout, travel and spend LOTS of time with my kids.ย  When i’m not at work you’ll typically find me either doing something with my 3 little ones or i’m at the gym/soulcycle and usually with a book or my iPad reading something new.


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    • Hi George,

      Thanks for thinking of me – that’s really nice of you (and it sounds really cool too actually). Is there anything that i need to do now? I read through your post and I think that it’s only upon winning that i have to respond to your questions and provide interesting fun facts about myself right? Let me know if i’m off base though because i’m always game to provide a little bit of humor into someone’s morning, especially when talking about myself.

      thanks again!

  2. you welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

    you answer the questions etc now – just copy and paste my text then amend it to suit you – ie 11 facts about you, answer the questions I’ve posed and then nominate your favourite blogs – keep it going round ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Ilana,
    I’ve been reading through your recent reviews and I very much like your style and your honesty in going through so many books on a regular basis.

    I wondered if you’d be interested in an ARC of my debut urban fantasy Silk Over Razor Blades in exchange for an honest review? The first novel in my Saar’s Legacy trilogy, it features my own spin on the vampire creation myth and a historical parallel timeline.


  4. Dear Eager Reader/Mother of three,

    Many thanks for allowing me and my novel (TROMPE-l’OEIL) to be a small part of your blog world today!

    Many thanks, too, for your comments!



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