Poll: Best of….Dystopian

Several follow up books are due out in the coming weeks/months and as I’m eagerly anticipating them, i thought I’d get your opinions on which series you enjoy the most.  I”m on the fence since i LOVE Divergent and Legend the most i think but i feel like there are so many good ones out there.  What is your fav?

Poll: Masters of the Shadowlands Series

While I’m finishing up another book (in the hopes of completion tonight), i wanted to get your thoughts on who your favorites were from the Masters of the Shadowlands series.  I know who mine is (Z) but what about you guys?

While I’m finishing my latest read…

I feel like i’ve been neglecting everyone/everything this week since life has been really busy. I’ve been trying really hard to finish the latest book on my list and I’m fairly certain that i’ll be done tonight and able to share my thoughts tomorrow.  in the meantime though, with all the chatter that i’ve been reading in forums talking about who readers like better, Christian or Gideon – i thought that it was about time that i asked you guys what you thought.