Review: Black Edge (Black Edge #1) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleBlack Edge
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 10/12/18
Length:  184 Pages
Series: Black Edge #1


I don’t belong here. 

I’m in way over my head. But I have debts to pay. 

They call my name. The spotlight is on. The auction starts. 

Mr. Black is the highest bidder. He’s dark, rich, and powerful. He likes to play games. 

The only rule is there are no rules. 

But it’s just one night. What’s the worst that can happen?

My Thoughts

Who doesn’t like a good story about sex games right? That’s what we get when we dive into things with Ellie and Aiden. This story starts off with our leading ladies enjoying their lives as most girls do – although they have it a bit better than most of the main female characters that we see in these stories. Ellie and her friend and roommate Caroline met while at Yale, and come from families of privilege. They have the means to do what they want, and don’t struggle like most of the characters that we have. Where it does follow suit is that Ellie wants to make her own way – her family’s money is a result of her mom remarrying – and her step father has a bit of wealth which he shares with Ellie. He pays for her apartment, while Ellie insists on paying her student loans.

Her story’s trajectory changes when Caroline gets the invitation that she’s been waiting for. She heard about this exclusive party and has been waiting for an invite to it, and when it comes, both girls end up on a trip of a lifetime. They are taken to this lavish yacht party where they quickly learn that things aren’t what they seem.

Ellie is immediately given a new dress to wear, courtesy of their host Mr Black. Then they mingle and meet all these young eligible bachelors, where Ellie realizes that perhaps they aren’t exactly her speed. Time and time again she’s told that she doesn’t belong at the party and she questions everything. When the atmosphere changes after a break from cocktails, they are called to the main salon where it’s only women there. Quickly things take a turn for the racy. We learn that the next round of the event is an auction – where the women are up for bid and the man who wins them gets a night of what ever sexual fantasy he wants. The women get to keep the money and are at the mercy of their ‘owner’. Caroline quickly realizes that this isn’t for her and expects Ellie to depart with her but surprisingly Ellie realizes the the idea isn’t so bad and the money that she could make would be worth it.

From then on, the story takes a turn. Ellie perhaps brings the most money in for the night – her gentleman thankfully isn’t an older guy, but instead Mr Black. He’s not at all what she expects, but his preferences are darker and raunchier than she could have imagined. What surprises her the most is how much she enjoys what he does and wants more. The time they spend together seems great but she knows that it’s just one night.

So when she goes to depart the next morning, she thinks that’s the end of things, and yet Mr Black, Aiden – tracks her down before she leaves and gives her something to hope for. What that is, and what that means for her – you’ll only know if you read the story!

There are a few subplots going on as well that make this story a bit meatier. There’s the best friend Tom that Ellie’s had since college – a guy that she’s always crushed on and a guy that broke her heart when he quickly started dating their boss and got engaged. That put the breaks on any emotions and feelings, and thankfully for Ellie, it opened up the possibility with Aiden. What happens in this story though makes us see that Tom isn’t worthy of her devotion. Watching his demeanor and judgement makes us root for Ellie and I can’t wait to see what happens to Tom as a result of his new found rude qualities.

There’s also the bits about Caroline – we know that she enjoys the nicer things in life and that she’s the one who brought Ellie into the world with Mr Black. She now has a bit of jealousy and I can’t wait to see how that plays out for her.

Then there’s all of Aiden’s past and the mystery that surrounds him and his tastes. I’m sure that all the readers here can’t wait to see what it means for the possibility of the future since there are so many dark corners and twists that will be obstacles.

Well…lucky for my eager reader mind – i’ve got the next book already and i’m off to see what comes next. Enjoy!

Review: Tangled Up in Love (Tangled #5) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTangled up in Love
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 4/9/19
Length:  186 Pages
Series: Tangled #5


After everything that we have been through, is this finally the end of us?

Our life isn’t like other people’s. 

I crashed into his perfectly ordered world, changing everything. He took my innocence and I taught him that life is better outside the walls of his cloistered mansion. 

But then he came along. Parker Huntington is the man who stalked me, attacked me and kidnapped me. 

No one has heard from him for a while, and I thought that I was safe. But now he’s back with a vengeance. 
He will do anything to tear us apart. 

What happens if he succeeds?

My Thoughts

This is the final bit of our story and it’s an insane one. We left the fourth book with someone getting shot in the head and that changes the trajectory of things a little bit.

That person was Martin – Harley’s bodyguard and Julie’s boyfriend. We knew that they were in love and now that’s been crushed…and Julie blames Harley. So this means that we see a strong friendship torn apart and that’s a tough pill to swallow knowing how much they mean to each other.

When Martin’s killed, Harley finds herself in the hospital as well. She was hit by the assassins bike and now she’s lost her baby. So we really do start this last book on a sad note. There’s really no hope for any happiness for these guys.

So from that point we watch the misery and depression kick in. we watch the uncertainty take hold and wonder if there’s a glimmer of hope to bring things back together.

What we see come out of all this is the starting of something interesting. Harley forces herself to question things that she didn’t think about before. She never thought much about Parker’s background before and now she’s pushed into doing all this research to learn who he is, where he’s from and try to understand why she’s his target. The path that she goes down isn’t a safe one, but she’s still able to learn more on her own than with the help of the police or the PI.

The other story line is Liddell – getting controlling power over Minetta isn’t enough. He forces Jackson to stay on as CEO and then pushes him to make these big shows of romance etc to raise the positive PR of the company so that he can get a good price when it goes public and get out of the business. So that means that he forces Jackson to do a showy proposal and a showy wedding. The challenge becomes that he knew at one point Harley would say yes but now he’s not so sure. If he doesn’t do all these things for Liddell, then we have no idea what will happen.

The journey in this story is one of rediscovery, pain, anguish and trying to find what the future will hold. Relationships that we thought were strong are gone, and relationships that we hoped would be strong are on fragile ground.

There’s fear of the notion Parker is still out there and we don’t know what he’s going to do next – and that means that no one is safe. We also have Aurora as a bit of a loose canon since she doesn’t know what it is that she wants in life, although she’s realized that Jackson probably was it at one point.

The conclusion that we get is a good one for the way that this story evolved. It’s a shame that story lines ended as they did for so many of our main characters, but I think that sometimes we have to accept the bitter sweet aspect of things, and realize that reality isn’t perfect. Now I have to find something else to read- but I do hope you check this series out and enjoy it!

Review: Tangled Up In Hate (Tangled #4) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTangled up in Hate
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 3/219/19
Length:  186 Pages
Series: Tangled #4


Epic love requires an epic sacrifice…

A long time ago, I borrowed money from a very powerful family. I paid my debt, but they have come for more. 

They want everything that I have built and they will hurt her if I refuse. 

Harley doesn’t understand why I have to break her heart. She hates me, but at least she’s okay…for now. 
But what happens when sending her away isn’t enough? 

What happens when I lose everything?

My Thoughts

Further and further we go into the turmoil and stress in the world of Harley and Jackson. The last scenes from the last book – the third installment was that of a wedding. One that perhaps would have surprised us two books ago, but one that we should have expected after we saw the results of the kidnapping. Harley’s parents get re-married in NYC with the blessing of Harley which is a nice change of things. At the ceremony, we also learn that Jackson has a ring in his pocket for Harley because even though they’ve only been together a short time, he knows that she’s the one.

So as a reader, i’m giddy to find out when the moment will happen and what will come in between now and then since you know nothing can be that easy. they don’t quite get their happy ending yet because of so many unresolved things with Parker, Sam, the lost money from the Ponzi scheme and so much more. Let’s table this for now….

In this fourth book, we watch Harley come into her own. She’s self-published her first novel and she’s actually seeing success as a result. People are buying her book and that’s giving her so much more confidence and inspiration to continue the story.

Jackson seems to have a bit of a plan on how to help out his company, until the worst thing happens….His past comes back to haunt him. and that doesn’t just break his professional life, he ends up breaking Harley’s heart as well.

We’re taken about ten years in the past to the starting point of Minetta, when Jackson is trying to find funding for his company and gets the suggestion from his mother for a bookie that they’ve worked with in the past as a result of his father’s gambling problems. Jackson gets a loan from a man named Andrew Liddell, and even though he repays the money in two days, he realizes that hes bound to this man forever. And that comes to haunt him in the present, when Liddell wants half of Minetta.

The story from here is bleak. Jackson breaks up with Harley and she doesn’t understand why. All she did was go into the wing of the house that Jackson told her to stay away from, but she thought that given the dynamic shift of their relationship, it was ok. Apparently not. So Harley’s heart broken, and it’s for a reason that she’s left in the dark about.

Jackson knows that she’s become a target for Liddell and pushes her away for her protection. Too bad there’s another target – Aurora, and she’s used as a negotiating tactic for Liddell to get what he wants. He pays Jackson $51M for 51% of the company and that takes us on a trajectory that’s down a black hole but potentially a good thing.

On the other side of this turmoil is Harley – she’s left desolate, not even really with the will to live. While Jackson gave her money after they split up, she’s not willing to take it. She wallows in her misery, not even writing and that’s really the only way that she can get her mind off things. She winds up sick, and learns that there’s more going on than just depression here -and that raises more questions and uncertainty for her and everyone to be honest.

We get another love story that runs underneath the main one now that Harley’s parents are married again. We get to see Julie find her prince charming and interestingly it’s in the form of Martin, Harley’s bodyguard. They start to grow a friendship while he’s in their studio continuing to protect Harley, and it’s the kind of relationship that Julie deserves. A man who is good and honest and wants to give her the world.

Where we net out in this story is a gunshot to the forehead, a relationship that’s on unknown ground and an assailant that we’re still not sure who it is. We thought Liddell got all that he wanted but maybe not? We still don’t know where Parker is and perhaps he’s back stalking Harley. We know that Sam’s out of jail and cannot be trusted….and we have a life in the balance ….again.

I’m going to thank this lovely hurricane that’s bearing down on my area right now for giving me time to read even more installments of this series, so onto the next and I hope you’re all having a good weekend. Enjoy!

Review: Tangled Up in Lace (Tangled #3) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTangled up in Lace
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 2/26/19
Length:  198 Pages
Series: Tangled #3


I used to be a recluse, but no more. Harley helped me fight my dark past, and now it’s my turn to help her. 

But she’s not here. I have to find her. I have to show her what I’m willing to do for her. 

She’s not impressed by my money and wealth, and this is one thing I can’t buy. Am I willing to give up everything to have her?

My Thoughts

The second installment of this story left us in a moment of despair – watching Harley get kidnapped by Parker who we have not seen the last of. We know that he’s a loose canon and sadly, Jackson gave him the perfect opportunity for Harley to get abdjucted.

If you remember, in the last installment, we saw Jackson and Harley fall out because Woodward claimed that Harley was an escort and Jackson made a comment to the notion that it was ok if she was one before. Harley of course takes offense to this and they split up.

While they tried to go their separate ways, it doesn’t work, and Harley goes to his house to make amends, only to see Jackson and Aurora (his ex wife) in an embrace, she leaves, and finds herself being pulled into a van at gunpoint.

The path of this book is one of uncertainty. Jackson realizes what’s happened, gets into his car and takes chase of the van. That doesn’t end well as the van has managed to slip through traffic resulting in Jackson getting into a car accident, getting his by a truck and we have to wonder what that means for his health and well-being.

The plot of the Ponzi scheme takes a bit of a back seat in this book while we wait to see what happens with Harley. She’s taken by Parker and another man, she doesn’t know where they are going and really doesn’t know the full depth and breadth of why Parker has come after her. All she knows is that she some how needs to figure out how to escape since that’s her only hope. She figures that if she can convince the accomplice that Parker isn’t the one with a plan to keep even him safe, then she’ll have a chance, but what happens is that Sam, the accomplice, he leaves and that means that Parker and Harley are left alone.

While this is all going on, Jackson is fighting to stay alive. The doctors are having a hard time bringing him back to life, and they even want to call it since they can’t get a pulse. Thank goodness there’s a nurse who won’t give up and they continue to shock him in the hopes that something will happen. Jackson on the other side of things has these dreams, these visions where he’s with Harley again, but she can’t see him or hear him. He knows that he’s basically dead at this point and that’s not something he can cope with in his dreams.

Some how things work out for Jackson and he’s brought back to life, gets his strength back and some how doesn’t have any serious injuries from his accident. He calls Harley’s parents from Montana to come out and help find her since her mom is police, and we see how that dynamic of things changes the trajectory of the story on that end.

There’s so much uncertainty on where Harley is and in what shape she’ll be found if she’ll be found. There’s no real sense of where she is since the police and PIs can’t track her or a vehicle and it’s only once Sam the accomplice is picked up and given a plea deal that they know a town and address of the cabin that she’s being held.

Jackson leaves the hospital and goes rogue to find her and you can imagine that someone that emotionally charged will never have a good end result and everyone tells him that. We can only hope for the best here.

It’s a roller coaster for sure – we were at such a sad place in the last installment watching this couple break apart and just when we thought that they could find their way back to each other, someone takes that all away from them. There’s fear, harm, life is in the balance, but there’s also a glimmer of what could be the future for everyone if things were just a bit different.

We end this installment at a wedding – one that wasn’t expected given what we know of all the relationships in this story, but one that perhaps will be the impetus of something bigger for everyone involved. I can’t wait to see what happens next since we know that a happy ending for our main characters potentially isn’t in the cards. Enjoy!

Review: Tangled Up in Pain (Tangled #2) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTangled up in Pain
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 2/21/19
Length:  198 Pages
Series: Tangled #2


Everything comes at a price. What if this one is too high even for him to pay?

Jackson Ludlow, the recluse billionaire of New York, is beautiful and captivating but also damaged and alone. 

He thinks he is the only one with secrets, but he’s wrong. 

My past is coming for me. It’s forcing me back there: the place that ruined everything. 

I don’t want to go. He can’t make me. 

But there’s no way out. 

My Thoughts

When we left off from the first installment, we saw things heating up between Harley and Jackson. Both are damaged and have secrets, and while all were not revealed we see that there’s something deep here that adds to the chemistry. The last bit was a bitter wake up call – Harley’s mom was in a car accident and she’s been asked to come home. Harley left Montana for a reason. the memories haunt her and her relationship with her parents turned sour. She doesn’t want to go, but we all know that it’s the right thing to do right?

The story from here takes quite a few twists and turns. We know that there’s something special between Jackson and Harley, and that’s proven when Jackson offers up his jet for her to fly home and he goes with her. She’s preparing for the worst but the scenario that she walks into at the hospital is not even one of the ways that she thought this would go. Her parents faked it. All because they wanted to reconnect on their terms not hers.

There’s an explosion of emotions at this point, we watch how anger takes over and how there’s no hope for a reconciliation at all since Harley was tricked. I mean, she’s not wrong if you think about it – what parent does that – pretends to be on their death bed just to get face time.

What comes of this forced trip though is something entirely different and more powerful. We watch Jackson develop a new found appreciation for the world and we see that he’s coming out of his shell. He opens up to Harley about quite a few things, and in return, we see that they have something true and real even though it’s so fresh and new. He admits that he’s in love with her and she reciprocates and we think that everything will go smoothly from here on out.

He gives her the freedom to write her novel and in turn, she frees him from his solo existence. At the same time, Jackson works to rebuild the bridge between Harley and her father and we see that start to take shape. There are many conversations that aim to provide clarity on the past few years and while it’s not a perfect reunion, we see hope on the horizon.

That all crumbles when Jackson gets a call that he’s been duped in a ponzi scheme and has lost half a billion dollars. All money that was going to go into his struggling company in the hopes to keep it afloat. That causes a rift between the two yet Harley wants to be there for Jackson. There’s hope that they persevere, yet someone gets in their way.

Woodward – a man who was due to invest in the company – he makes claims to Harley’s reputation and that tears everyone apart. Jackson goes on a rampage, and at the same time questions Harley – she in turn breaks up with him because her character should never have been in question and that means that the last 25% of this story is one fo pain and torture.

We have the return of Jackson’s ex-wife and we see that they are on far better terms than we knew. We don’t know the circumstances of Jackson’s pain, but we assumed that it was partly due to her. Doesn’t seem like that now when she moves into his house.

The other plot here where we’re left off at the end is Parker, the man who was stalking Harley in book one and who’s now out on bail. He comes after her and we don’t know how it’s going to end. So….on the cliff once again and now i’m off to book 3 to see if we survive. Enjoy!

Review: Tangled up in Ice (Tangled #1) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTangled up in Ice
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 2/14/19
Length:  168 Pages
Series: Tangled #1


I have debts to pay and secrets to keep. When someone threatens my life, I crash into him: Jackson Ludlow

The recluse billionaire of New York
Once, he had everything a man could want. Then, he lost the only thing that he ever loved.

So, he spent four years holed up in his mansion doing the only thing he knew how to do: make money. 

We are all wrong for each other. He’s cold, uninterested and demanding. 
I’m impatient and inexperienced. 

The only thing we have in common is that we both have secrets. 
And the closer we get, the more they threaten to destroy us.

My Thoughts

What we have is the beginning of the typical story of a girl who’s been struggling to survive in a new life because of the traumas of her past. There’s a powerful man who’s got money, looks and gravity and yet there are ghosts in his past that make him just as damaged as our lady. What happens when they meet is one thing and the path that they go down is another.

So let’s back up and learn a bit more about Harley. We jump into the story with her as she’s been trying to reinvent herself in New York. She grew up in Montana, from a family that struggled to have the nicer things in life. Her parents were ambitious and they wanted the dream of land and a house to retire on. Harley shares the journey that her family goes on to get this house and how they put everything they had into it. She shares a bit about her brother and how life was better because she had someone to take the light off her since she’s a bit more shy than most. What happens though is that their happy bubble bursts – a wild fire takes their land, their house and the life of her brother. They have no money and her family falls apart. The only thing she can do is get a student loan and go to college in New York. A city she can get lost in, and that she can create new memories.

Then there’s Jackson – a self made successful man, who we learn created a business from nothing, but who has the heart and empathy to be praised. We know that he used his money to buy one of the last mansions in New York so that he could create the right environment for his family. We don’t learn much but we know that there is no longer a family – and honestly that’s the biggest mystery that we get in this story. At least for now.

Their paths cross one fateful night. Harley needs to earn more money faster than her job allows as a freelance writer so she goes with her roommate to cocktail waitress one night. She fails at that, just as she expected she would and leaves to go home. She unfortunately gets into the wrong ride-share. Driven by a man who’s been stalking her and we fear for her safety. It’s only when she escapes, knocks on Jackson’s door in the hope of getting help that they meet. He has been a recluse for years as the summary notes – and he has no interest in getting involved. It’s only when she’s attacked again on his doorstep that he intervenes, and this is the moment that changes them both forever.

Harley can’t get Jackson out of her mind

Jackson can’t stop thinking about Harley.

From this point on, we see how a few pointed actions bring them back together and how that opens up the possibility for so much more for the two of them. The challenge is that what you see on the surface isn’t at all what’s on the inside and that means that our story is just about to get dicey.

There’s attraction and chemistry, but we don’t know if it’ll go anywhere. Harley is inexperienced, and Jackson has scars and burns that he wants to hide. They figure out how to exist and then the unthinkable happens. The past comes to haunt them and we are left on a cliff. So…that means that i’m off to book 2 to see what’s coming up next. Hopefully it’s a roller coaster in a small package. Enjoy!

Review: The Girl Who Always Wins (Soulless #13) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Girl Who Always Wins
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Hartwick Publishing 8/10/21
Length:  178 Pages
Series: Soulless #13


Atlas is everything that I want in a man.

I love him as exactly as he is and wouldn’t change a thing.

I want to make this work–no matter what.

I just wished he believed that.

My Thoughts

I just LOVE Daisy. She knows her place in her family, she knows her place in her job, and she knows what she deserves and wants. She wants Atlas, even if he thinks that he knows better. From the first book in their journey, and the twelfth book in the series, we watch how we have some uncharacteristically smart leads who feel like they are not right for anyone push their soul-mate away just on principle. These two fought their way to each other in the first book, literally fought until Deacon pointed out how right they could be.

Just when they were in romantic bliss, they knew that they loved each other, Atlas shares the one thing that makes him feel like he’s not enough. The reason for his divorce and the reason that he knows Daisy will walk away. He can’t have children. and he knows that Daisy wants to at some point. He’s so traumatized from the experience in his marriage – three miscarriages, all because of his blood disorder – that he’s not even willing to let the diagnostician in Daisy figure out if there’s a solution. Instead he decides that they are done, and both end up miserable.

We spend a roller coaster of a time in this story. watching him push her away only for her not to accept it. Daisy does things on HER terms and no one elses so even when Atlas thinks there’s no future, she doesn’t accept it and just keeps at their relationship as though nothing has happened. They fall back into bliss until they his another stumble.

Things were going well, Daisy was moving into Atlas’ home and then explosion. Daisy really wants to find out if there’s a way to have biological children because she loves Atlas so much and wants to have a little one of him that she and her father get some of the most skilled experts in their fields together – all they need is Atlas’ compliance and what happens? He flips out, thinks that Daisy doesn’t understand anything and that means that not only are they personally messed up, it affects them professionally.

To the extend that Atlas decides to go back and work with Deacon full time since that’s better than being in the office with Daisy. Both are still madly in love with each other but Atlas has so much hate and anger right now that he won’t see clearly.

The upshot to it all is the other story line that’s going on in this book. Deacon and Atlas are working on treatments for lung cancer and they’re in trials again. They’re seeing some success but other failures and can’t quite figure out what’s making some patients get better and not others. All the time that Atlas is able to now focus on in the lab should be good for something right?

We watch the relationship between Deacon and Atlas change, and we don’t know how that’s going to evolve now that it seems like more boss/employee rather than father son. We know that Deacon’s highly protective of his daughter so that’s Atlas’ bad and you’ll have to read to see what that means for it all.

There are turning points in this story that are unexpected and results that change the focus and pace of everything around them. There’s hope and then there’s fear and then there are consequences and unexpected turns. I’m sad to see that this series is coming to and end because there just aren’t any more kids unless our amazing author Victoria Quinn decides that Lizzie needs her own story! I’d be happy with that. Any way, you get the sizzle and the steam and the emotions and the feels – so it’s been an amazing journey! Enjoy!

Review: The Girl Who Doesn’t Quit (Soulless #12) by Victoria Quinn

TitleThe Girl Who Doesn’t Quit
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Hartwick Publishing 6/15/21
Length:  277 Pages
Series: Soulless #12


The director of my clinic is retiring and the job is up for grabs. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want the job for myself, but I’d be happy if any of my colleagues got the promotion. 

But none of them get it. 

Neither do I. 

It’s an outside hire. 

Atlas Beaumont. 

Super genius, but I think he’s a super prick. 

Worst part of all? My father is the one who wrote his letter of recommendation, the one that impressed my boss so much that he hired him on the spot.

My Thoughts

Daisy is the one person of the family that we hadn’t gotten a great look at aside from her relationship with Mason, so it’s wonderful to see her story come to fruition. In this 12th installment, we get to see how Daisy’s life transforms as she tries to excel at work and find personal life balance.

We know she’s in the medical field and she’s one of the top in what she does. Her boss is getting ready to retire and of course that means that she’s excited to take on the role, except that it doesn’t go to her. or anyone who works there – it’s an outside hire and that hurts. When Daisy confronts her boss about, she’s told that she’s young, perhaps too young. Yet the new guy is her age. what it comes down to is that she’s a woman – and that’s just not ok. She learns that part of the reason the new guy – Atlas got the job was from a glowing recommendation from one Dr Hamilton – her father.

The path of this story in that perspective is one of challenge, butting heads and really just trying to do a good job medically. Daisy has patients that she wants to cure, and there are egos at play here where Atlas thinks he knows better on everything and Daisy likes to be thorough. each scene also screams sexual tension which is a whole nother level of things.

Throughout this story. we watch how that plays out – how Daisy comes to terms with things and then Atlas is arrogant and makes it all awful again. Then They figure out how to work together and the office is a great place to be.

While this is all going on, we watch how Deacon (Daisy’s father) and Atlas expand their friendship. There’s a father protectiveness over Atlas and there’s a mutual respect that we see grow as they open up to one another. Where this leads of course is the idea for Deacon that Atlas and Daisy are compatible. So that takes us down another path in this story.

Neither really wants anything serious – after Mason, Daisy decided that she’s not ready to love anyone again and Atlas is divorced but won’t share the catalyst to that – so we don’t know why he’s gun shy. So instead we get a super explosive connection between them, the chemistry and passion are off the charts and I think there may be something good. until Atlas reveals something and well….we’re at an impasse. so…i’m off to book lucky #13 to see what happens next. enjoy!

Review: Tell Me To Lie (Tell Me #6) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTell Me To Lie
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 2/11/20
Length:  166 Pages
Series: Tell Me #6


There was a time when my debt was the only link we had. 
There was a time when I couldn’t tell him how much I loved him and he couldn’t tell me. There was a time when I thought I could never have enough money. 
Now, everything is different. 

Nicholas Crawford is a stranger who is becoming more strange with every moment. 
I used to think I could make a life with him, but now I’m not so sure. 
We have been through too much. 
But then he takes a step closer. 
Then he whispers something into my ear. 
Then presses his lips to my mouth. 
Suddenly, everything that was wrong starts to feel so right…

My Thoughts

How painful was it to see how book five ended – right? there were so many moments that things could turn out differently in that story and the POOF – the rug is ripped from under us and Nicholas has been nabbed. We don’t know if Olive was working with the FBI and brought them to him or if it was an accident (part of me things that Solly the cat was a plant by the FBI and that’s how they found him) but regardless, we end up with Nicholas behind bars, and quite a case against him.

Nicholas knows what he is innocent of and what crimes he’s committed and he knows that in this instance, he shouldn’t be behind bars. There’s too much against him and his case is so high profile that literally nothing will change his trajectory. We watch him suffer and get beat up, we watch him get transferred and we watch no one listen to him.

Olive wants to hold onto hope that she can get to the bottom of all of this. She believes that Nicholas didn’t kill anyone and she sets out on a fact finding mission to see who knows what about his ex girlfriend and his best friend. She’s naive to think that she’s taking the right precautions and frankly if this weren’t a book, she’d likely end up dead.

What she does find though uncovers a lot more than she bargained for. She finds people from Nicholas’s past that really know the truth but they have their own lives at stake and won’t stick their neck out on this one. When she does find a person in the DA’s office who helps, that’s a saving grace, yet there’s a challenge to get their findings known. What they did was illegal and no one wants to see Nicholas off the hook.

We find out who the real killer was for each of the murders, and we want justice to be served.

The other story line here is that of Sydney and James. The man that Syd’s mother adores and the man who broke Sydney’s heart. He cheated on her, and yet if she walks away from him, her mother will cut her off. We also learn that……she’s pregnant. So even though she hates what James did to her, she can’t walk away because she wants her family to be intact. Throughout this story we watch how that plays out and we want James to change and realize that she’s a great girl – but will he? who knows.

Then there’s Owen – no one likes him and because of his attack on Olive, he’s back in jail. where he should rot forever. She tries to put him out of her mind and life but of course she’s forced to cross paths with him again, and nothing goes as she hopes. Maybe she’ll be able to stay away from him for the rest of time since he’s in CA in jail.

A roller coaster of angst is in this last installment of the story again, and we wonder which end is up most of the time. There are relationships that are rekindled (Olive and her mom) and relationships that die (Olive and Owen). Relationships in Limbo (Olive and Nicholas and Syndey and James) and relationships that haven’t even begun yet. (Syd and her baby). I”m happy with how this story ends, we get closure even if it’s not in the way that we expected based on how the story progressed. At least it’s wrapped up and there’s no more questions to be asked. On that note – I have to find another series – so enjoy!

Review: Tell Me To Fight (Tell Me #5) by Charlotte Byrd

TitleTell Me To Fight
Author:  Charlotte Byrd
Publisher/Year:  Byrd Books 1/07/20
Length:  166 Pages
Series: Tell Me #5


I’m a man who takes what he wants. 
What do I want? Her. 
Olive Kernes owned me a debt and she thought that she had paid it back. 
But now I want more. 
I want more than just her time. 
I want more than just her body.
Her new life has torn us apart. 
Now, it’s up to me to make things right. 
I will make the pieces of our love fit back together if it’s the last thing I do. 
But can I do it in time? 

My Thoughts

Where it took me more than a week to read book 4, I managed to read this entire fifth installment in just one day. I think that’s because this part of the story takes us on a journey where so much happens and times are even more uncertain.

Where we left off in book four – Nicholas finds himself walking away from Olive – there are too many lies between them and too many obstacles (largely Owen) that really makes it impossible for them to be together. Nicholas leaves Olive with the stolen Monet painting and money so that they can finance their new identities and he takes the stolen jewelry to do the same.

So in this story, we find ourselves stating in Belize where Nicholas has landed. He had been there before, and knew that it was an island that he could disappear to where there was little chance of being discovered. He’s been there for a while now, just existing until one day his world crumbles – on the news is Art – the FBI agent that he did the last job for – bringing Nicholas to the top of the Most Wanted list. He needs to figure out his next move – how to get away under the radar now that his face is on the news online and TV constantly, and he plans to go to Thailand – a country where they won’t have much American News running all the time. He goes through Mexico and then. quickly learns that his accounts have been frozen, which means that someone found the person that made all his new identities and every account that was set up with a different name has also been compromised. As a result, Nicholas has to reach out to a contact in Vegas who gets him a job smuggling meth across the boarder to Cali and that gives him a bit of money to get around and plan next moves.

Then there’s the other side of the story with Olive and Owen. From the end of book four, we know that Olive’s birth mom was heading to California so that’s where they end up as well. Olive wants to meet her but doesn’t know how to make that connect. Instead, they settle into Palm Springs and try to make a life. They’ve got new identities as well since Owen is out on Parole and clearly not checking in. Being in CA gives Olive a new perspective in life. She’s on a fitness kick, she’s changed her diet and she’s got an appreciation for the world now that she never had before. On the flip side, Owen has gone down hill. He’s sullen, depressed, he drinks all the time and contributes nothing to their ‘family’. Instead, we learn that he’s still harboring these feelings towards Olive which aren’t reciprocated. It’s becoming an issue that will play out interestingly late in the book.

Throughout this fifth book, it’s fight or flight for everyone and uncertain futures. Olive wants to meet her mom and isn’t sure how that goes. When it seems to be an enlightening encounter, we hope for the best but really don’t know what that’s going to look like.

We know that Olive still has feelings for Nicholas and knowing that he’s so wanted makes her worry about him and miss him more. At the same time we know that Nicholas has never given up on how he feels about Olive and what that looks like in the future is really bleak given that they will likely never cross paths again. Or will they?

The last few chapters of this book are really riveting, we find ourselves at a point where freedom is just out of reach and yet at the same time, there are moments of happiness that eek through the clouds. There’s a real cliff hanger at the end here, we know that we have to fight but we don’t know how much fight is left. There’s an attack, a shooting, and an ambush – and now we don’t know where everyone is going to end up. I can’t wait to dive into book six. there was a moment during four when I was thinking about pausing but i’ve been sucked back in! Enjoy!