Review: Endless (The Violet Eden Chapters #4) by Jessica Shirvington


Title: Endless
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Publisher/Year: Sourcebooks Inc  10/1/13
Length:  480 pages
Series:  The Violet Eden Chapters #4



Violet Eden thought she was getting things under control. Then all hell breaks loose—literally. In the war between angels and exiles, she’s about to face the biggest baddie of all time. Except she’s not nearly ready.

The dark exile Phoenix is still messing with her head—not to mention her heart. And her undeniable attraction to Lincoln has gotten downright dangerous. When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it. But death is not the worst thing she will face…

My Thoughts

Each time i begin reading the next installment in this series, i wonder what’s going to get thrown at us next.  I mean, seriously, there’s so much pent up frustration between Vi and Linc that i really wonder when they will make the choice to be together – and while we got the big proclamation from Lincoln at the end of the last book, i still wonder if they are going to join souls. BIG conversations on this happening throughout Endless.

Where we left off in the last story, Violet and Phoenix end up releasing Lillith from Hell and along with her comes Evelyn, Violet’s mother.  SHOCKER right?  So now the questions lie in what’s going to happen since we know that Lillith wants to kill off all of those that are yet to embrace so that there won’t be any more Grigori.  She’s downright evil!

Everyone treks to the Academy in New York where Violet’s mom and dad are put in a cell, and violet is forced to train to be ‘tested’ to determine if she’s fit to be a Grigori.  While all of this is going on, Dapper, Steph and Onyx are trying to track down the ingredients to the healing potion that’s been a secret for ages that will hopefully save the world.

Griffin and Lincoln continue to reinforce the need for Violet to hide some of her powers since no one other than them knows that her angel maker is The Sole and that she’s so powerful.  Could mean for big problems.

Of course, nothing ever happens w/o Phoenix showing up and making things even more complicated.  What we get in this 4th book though is a reminder that there’s actually a nice guy in there – the same guy that Violet sort of fell for at the very beginning, but the question really becomes whether he can be trusted or not.

A lot happens in this story – we get to see resolutions to a lot of stuff, however i have to say that my heart was breaking and i was getting a bit teary as i was in the final few chapters.  It’s nice when you see things resolved as they should be, but that doesn’t come without a price.  Characters that we really grow close to die, and that’s never a good thing.  I’m also really sad about some of the decisions that had to be made towards the end for everyone’s ‘safety and happiness’ but i guess we’ll get to see how that plays out since i’m happy to say that i saw there’s another installment coming out in a few months.

My never ending questions with this saga are:

1) will violet and Lincoln ever get together, stay together and be happy?

2) What’s next with Phoenix – he really is a roller coaster in this series

3) is the relationship with Violet’s mom and dad destined to be?

4) are we done with lillith yet?

5) what does the bargaining that Violet did at the end mean – are there going to be repercussions?


Review: Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters #1) by Jessica Shirvington


Title:  Embrace
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Publisher/Year:  Sourcebooks Inc 9/1/12
Length:  384 pages
Series: The Violet Eden Chapters #1


It starts with a whisper: “It’s time for you to know who you are…”

On her 17th birthday, everything will change for Violet Eden. The boy she loves will betray her. Her enemy will save her. She will have to decide just how much she’s willing to sacrifice.

Dangerously exciting and darkly romantic, EMBRACE is a compelling novel of good and evil, seductive desires and impossible choices. A centuries old war between fallen angels and the protectors of humanity chooses a new fighter. It’s a battle Violet doesn’t want, but she lives her life by two rules: don’t run and don’t quit. If angels seek vengeance and humans are the warriors, you could do a lot worse than betting on Violet Eden.

LINCOLN: He’s been Violet’s one anchor, her running partner and kickboxing trainer. Only he never told her he’s Grigori—part human, part angel—and that he was training her for an ancient battle between Angels and Exiles.

PHOENIX: No one knows where his loyalties lie, yet he’s the only one there to pick up the pieces and protect her after Lincoln’s lies. In a world of dark and light, he is all shades of gray.

Two sides: Angel or Exile.
Two guys: Lincoln or Phoenix.
The wrong choice could cost not only her life, but her eternity.


My Thoughts

We’re taking on a pretty exciting journey of growing up and discovering yourself with Violet – a 17 year old who is at a crossing point in her life – where she’s being introduced to things that she never could have imagined in life.  See, where it all started i suppose was at birth when her mother died, and now she’s at a point where things are becoming clear to her and still quite in the dark on others.

Her close friend and potential crush Lincoln is her guide through all of this, for reasons that she doesn’t quite know at the beginning and it’s nice to see that dynamic grow and change.  Violet is introduced to parts of herself, the angel sides  – the sides with powers that she never expected and is afraid that she now can’t trust anyone and doesn’t always make the right choices.  She meets Phoenix and some how allows him to play a role in her embracing what she is and this of course not only has huge implications to her own life and what she’ll become but to her relationship with Lincoln which finally seems like it’s going in a direction that’s not so bad.

What i really enjoy about this author is that we get a good sense of the over all story, but we also get a really complicated and anxiety ridden tale of what is right and wrong and what will come of the choices that are made.  We get a balance of real and fantasy that we know will carry us through the series too i think.

I love that this series is so long winded, meaning that it’s not just a trilogy – there’s more to it, so i hope you guys enjoy it.

Review : Emblaze (The Violet Eden Chapters #3) by Jessica Shirvington


Title:  Emblaze
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Publisher/Year:  Sourcebooks Inc 9/3/13
Length:  464 pages
Series: The Violet Eden Chapters #3


For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder. You’d think as a half-angel Grigori warrior, she’d automatically be on the side of good. But how can she choose between the life of her best friend and the lives of all Grigori? Between the soul-crushing need for her training partner Lincoln and her desire to keep him safe at all costs? And what if the darkest exiled angel of all, Phoenix, isn’t as bad as she thought?

With the power to raise a being from the Underworld in her hands, Violet only has one chance to make the right choice.

My Thoughts

It had been quite some time since i had last read this series, and i think that it may have been a slight injustice, however i picked up pretty quickly.  We are quickly brought up to speed now that we know that the Grigori have the Exile Scripture and Phoenix and the exiles have the Grigori Scripture.  Everyones trying to get their hands on the other and make a trade so they can either keep the names of those humans that are to embrace and become angels will safe (for the part of the Grigori) or for Phoenix to raise Lillith from Hell in getting his hands on his own scripture.

Throughout this story we continue to see the pull that Phoenix has on Vi and it’s really hard for her given that she actually does hate him….but he hast his control over her.  This of course makes her relationship with Lincoln that much harder since they now both know what will happen if they let their souls join and something happens to one of them.

In any event, this third installment takes us on a similar journey that book 2 did.  We’re off to a foreign country in search for answers, and hoping that the Grigori can out power Phoenix and the exiles.  Steph continues to play a strong role in all of this which is interesting given that she’s a human.  she actually becomes a pawn at one point in time which makes things all that more complicated.  The grigori from the Academy come back and a few new folks join them, which isn’t so welcome since we meet Josephine – the Vice (or #2) who clearly has her own motivations when it comes to Violet.

Interestingly enough, Violet’s father steps up a bit during this book which is quite the unwelcome time.  He grows suspicious finally and tries to lay down some ground rules which by this point Violet can’t live by and that makes things more complicated.

Through this third book, we see Violet grow up a bit and come to terms a bit more with her making, through the help of her angel maker’s appearance as well as her angel guides.  they of course make things more confusing for her in riddles, but that’s what they do.

Towards the end we see an interesting shift in things – while we hope that things will work out, we know that it’s destined not to and that’s what happens.  I love how the dynamic between Vi and Linc continues to keep us on edge, and i can’t wait to jump into book 4.

Also – we get a real surprise at the end – while i was expecting half of it, i was not expecting the rest so it’ll really be exciting to see where it continues in the next installment. Enjoy everyone!

Review: Radiant (Unearthly #2.5) by Cynthia Hand


Title: Radiant 
Author: Cynthia Hand
Publisher/Year: Harper Collins Publishers, 12/04/12
Length: 94 pages
Series: Unearthly Series #2.5

It probably would have been smart of me to read this installment before i read boundless to get a bit more of the back story on Phen, but i’m kind of glad that i read it now.  So in Radiant, we are taken through Angela’s summers in Italy where she meets Penamue (Phen), the ‘ambivalent angel’ that she falls in love with.  We get to see how their meeting evolves into a friendship into a relationship that is destined to fail since we know that it’s almost impossible for an angel to have a relationship with anyone, let alone a dimidium/quartarius/human.

There’ s not much more for me to say about this one – it was a nice story to give us an idea about why Angela’s so obsessed with him, and maybe what the beginning of the school year at Stamford came out of.

happy reading!

Review: Boundless (Unearthly #3) by Cynthia Hand


Title: Boundless 
Author: Cynthia Hand
Publisher/Year: Harper Collins Publishers, 1/22/13
Length: 438 pages
Series: Unearthly Series #3


The past few years held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner ever could have anticipated. Yet through the dizzying high of first love to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her, the one thing she could no longer deny was that she was never meant to have a normal life.

Since discovering the special role she plays among the other angel-bloods, Clara has been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her . . . even if it means breaking both their hearts. Leaving town seemed like the best option, so she’s headed back to California—and so is Christian Prescott, the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first place.

As Clara makes her way in a world that is frighteningly new, she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is watching her every move. And he’s not the only one. . . . With the battle against the Black Wings looming, Clara knows she must finally fulfill her destiny. But it won’t come without sacrifices and betrayal.

In the riveting finale of the Unearthly series, Clara must choose her fate once and for all.

My Thoughts

FINALLY – i manged to find myself a couple days to hunker down and read the final book of the Unearthly Trilogy and i have to say that there was a lot that i wasn’t expecting and that’s a nice thing to get.

So in Hallowed we end the story with the passing of Meg, Clara’s mother because she’s ‘aged out’ of being an angel-blood.  Clara has decided to follow Angela to Stanford because that’s where Angela’s vision takes her and she knows that Clara is with her.  Christian goes with them since he goes where Clara goes.  Jeffrey is also still missing since he’s run away knowing that the police are looking for him for setting the fire that almost killed Tucker in book 1.

so that was a mouthful.  When we begin the story, we’re with these freshmen as they are getting used to being in school trying to be normal while knowing that it’s not possible.  Angela’s her usual self and figures out a way to make her vision come to her which makes Clara take a stab at that and nothing good ever comes from Angela’s ideas.  Long story short, Michael, Clara’s father comes back with a key role as a fight trainer.  Sam is back because he’s always back…we meet Aseal who is Sam’s brother and now the leader of the Watchers and a downright EVIL guy…and a sordid entourage of other evil doers.

The interesting thing with this story is that we learn bits and pieces of angel history and it’s stuff that i haven’t read before so it’s a nice new spin.  We get a new view of Hell and what that really is like, and we meet some people that you know are plain bad.

There’s a reoccurring theme of Clara finding her way back to Tuckers barn every time she means to go somewhere else, so that relationship gone bad just continues to be bad.  Christian continues to pine for Clara who also realizes that maybe he’s her purpose just like her mom said that she was hers.

I don’t want to go into any spoilers cause that’s just something that i so HATE when i’m reading reviews, but what i can say is this.

1) people are NOT at all what they seem

2) there are character connections that you probably never expected

3) those that are bad….are they really bad?

4) why oh why did this story end the way that it did?  i’m sad!!!!

so with those nuggets of information, read on little birds and enjoy the final installment to the Unearthly Trilogy.

Re-Review: Unearthly and Hallowed (Unearthly series Books 1 & 2) by Cynthia Hand

It’s so hard sometimes when you’re such an avid reader that you’re reading through more than 10 series at any given time.  I’ve found that since there’s usually a decent gap between when installments are released, i have to go back and do a refresher before i can get into the next book.  this is the case here with the Unearthly series – not because the characters and story didn’t stick in my mind, but because i wanted to make sure that i was 100% clear on what was going on, and where we left off so that i’m not confused.

So in Unearthly, we meet Clara who is 16 and has recently learned that she’s an angel-blood – meaning that at least one of her parents is part angel.  we learn in this story that it’s her mother, and that her mother was a Dimidium meaning that she’s HALF angel.  This means that Clara and her brother Jeffrey are Quartarious – 1/4 angels.  less rare, but still with some great powers.

Upon turning 16, Clara begins to get visions depicting her ‘purpose’ which is something that all angels have in common.  they all have a greater purpose that they are supposed to serve and it’s never clear up front and usually something that’s not easy to do either.  So after a lot of time spent trying to understand what her vision was showing her, where it was happening etc, her family moves from Sunny California to a place in the Grand Tetons i think – in the mountains where it’s cold and snowy and rather than surfing, and water skiing, people are snow skiing and into outdoorsy things like hiking.  BIG CHANGE for Clara and her family.

so this story takes us along the journey that clara has, trying to figure out what her purpose is, finding the people that she builds relationships with:  Wendy her BFF from the start, her twin brother Tucker who’s an interesting love match, Christian, the SEXY popular guy in school who’s got a bit of mystery to himself, and Angela – who’s some what of a loner, yet she’s got some mystery as well and has a quick bond with Clara.

through a series of interesting events, weird stuff happens and takes un expected turns, and that leads us into ‘Hallowed’ – book 2.  This is where we find that Clara is in a deep romantic relationship with one of the male leads, and a spiritual connection with another.  which one you ask?  well i’m afraid to say which in case you’re reading this review for the first time of the series and you haven’t gotten through book 1 yet.

In any event, if you thought that Book 1 took you on interesting paths, book 2 is even more complex.  you’re taking on a journey that introduces you to the unkonwns with Angels, the dark side with black wings and powers that really are more complex than anyone knows.  you learn more about the life cycle of Angels and what it actually means to be a part of their history.

now this means that tonight i get to jump into Boundless (book 3) and see where things are going.  i think that we were left off in a suspenseful place at the end of book 2, we find out things about parents and family that we didn’t know and there’s still something going on with Jeffrey that we don’t really get.  He’s always been a loose cannon anyway no?

so….tonight i’m jumping into Boundless and we’ll see if i can get my fill for a bit.  enjoy!

Review : Entice ( The Violet Eden Chapters #2) by Jessica Shirvington


Title:  Entice
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Publisher/Year:  Sourcebooks Inc 3/5/13
Length:  464 pages
Series: The Violet Eden Chapters #2


he war between Exiles and Angels is on — and she’s wanted by both sides.

The hotly anticipated follow-up to EmbraceEntice ramps up the captivating combination of angel mythology, forbidden romance and intense action. Seventeen-year-old Violet Eden’s whole life changed when she discovered she is Grigori — part angel, part human.

Her destiny is to protect humans from the vengeance of exiled angels. Knowing who to trust is key, but when Grigori reinforcements arrive, it becomes clear everyone is hiding something – even her partner, Lincoln.

And now Violet has to learn to live with her feelings for him while they work together to stay alive and stop the exiles from discovering the key to destroy all Grigori. It isn’t easy. Especially when the electricity between her and exile Phoenix ignites, and she discovers his hold over her has become more dangerous than ever.

The race halfway across the world to find the one artifact that could tilt the balance of power between Angels and Exiles brings them to the cradle of civilization, where Violet’s power will be pushed to the extreme. And the ultimate betrayal exposed.

My Thoughts


it was long awaited and certainly didn’t fail to deliver.  This second installment of the series picked up right where we left off, it was post the big battle, Pheonix was gone and Vi was left to figure out what was going on in life and with Linc.

Where i felt Embrace focused more on emotional relationships, Entice focused on the suspense and kept you on the edge of your seat.  I found myself trying to figure out who was good who was evil, what exactly all the new folks introduced were and what role they would play.

I love that the author brought Steph back into the mix as an important secondary character.  In the first book we know that Vi lost touch with her a little bit because she felt that’s what she had to do, but Steph has proven that not only is she a great friend, she’s a really an asset to everyone.  She can do what even the ‘gifted’ can’t and that proves to be incredibly useful.

In addition to the main characters that we came to know in book 1 (Vi, Linc, Griffin etc), we are introduced to several new angel types that come from the New York Academy.  There’s a partner pair that show Vi that what she’s still feeling about Linc can be possible if you’re willing to risk it, a partner pair that don’t quite click because of a language barrier and one who’s still waiting for his partner to embrace.  it’s an interesting mix for sure, but they all prove to be essential.

So this 2nd book takes us on a quest to find the Scriptures which are also under extreme desire by Phoenix.  Phoenix won’t fail to keep you on your toes this whole book – you never know what his true intentions are aside from knowing that he wants the Scriptures but what else does he want?  what are his true intentions.

there’s a lot that happens, quite a bit that makes you happy but some things that just really irritate and piss you off.  myself – i expected one of the pieces to the ending but a bit of it was a surprise.

Jessica Shirvington continues to draw us in with her descriptive writing, taking us to geographical locations that we wouldn’t have thought about before.  It’s actually nice to know that in other angel centric books that i’ve read, they all lead to relatively the same places in the world – so everyone’s on par with one another.  In addition to how well she ‘shows’ us what the surroundings are like, we really do get to see a lot more into the interactions between everyone and delve a bit into their relationships.  i think that at times it could have been taken a bit further, but perhaps it would have been to the detriment of the overall story.

I can’t wait now for Emblaze to come out.  the excerpt at the end of Entice got me really interested.

Review: City of Lost Souls (Book 5 of The Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare


Title:  City of Lost Souls 
Cassandra Clare
Margaret K. McElderry Books 5/8/12
560 Pages
The Mortal Instruments #5



This Barnes & Noble exclusive edition includes a letter to Jace from his father!

The New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments continues—and so do the thrills and danger for Jace, Clary, and Simon. Can the lost be reclaimed? What price is too high to pay for love? Who can be trusted when sin and salvation collide?

Love. Blood. Betrayal. Revenge.

Darkness threatens to claim the Shadowhunters in the harrowing fifth book of the Mortal Instruments series.

My Thoughts

so we were left off from book 4 with quite a problem on our hands weren’t we?  greater demons were killed, suprise visitors/villians return, things happened to characters that we prayed wouldn’t…evil over took the souls of the souls of some of the good and yet we still really want to believe that there’s a way to come out of this on top.

Let’s just say that i’m really happy that City of Lost Souls was already out otherwise i don’t know what i’d do with myself right now.

***potential spoiler alert**

so Jace is missing – and we are fairly certain that he’s with sebastian…who SURPRISE isn’t dead

the lightwoods, magnus, clary and simon and friends just won’t give up trying to find him because they just know that he can’t be dead.  Clary aligns herself just a little bit with the seelie queen to find out a little of what she needs to do to find Jace, and even more trouble ensues.

it woudln’t be a TMI book if Clary didn’t throw all caution to the wind.  She tends to leap without looking.  Also, we find ourselves yet again in a place where Simon is a hero and needs to do it again.

We also find ourselves in a place where Magnus is the savior to all things necessary, yet he and Alec are not quite in the same happy place and that’s just not good…

so here are my questions for the next story (i didn’t have to talk about it after book 4 because i already jumped into 5 but now i have time)

1) what’s going to happen to Jace now ?  seems like there are after affects of what happened to him and i wonder what that means?

2) what’s going to happen with Alec and Magnus ?  things can’t quite be what they seem right?  I HOPE NOT!

3) what’s going to happen with Izzy and Simon?

4) are things going to be smooth sailing for Jordan and Maia?

5) are Luke and Jocely ever going to get married

6) what’s going to happen with The Lightwood’s marriage

and a big question i have is….

is Alec really a herondale???? why did Camille keep making reference to Will and how much Alec looked like him?

brother zachariah – what’s his ties to the herondales?  is he really stephan who was thought to be dead?…just wondering since he’s sooo insistent on doing what he can to save any relative of the family.

Review: City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments Book 2) by Cassandra Clare


Title:  City of Ashes
Author:  Cassandra Clare
Publisher/Year:  Margaret K. McElderry Books 3/24/09
Length:  496 Pages
Series: The Mortal Instruments #2


Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what’s normal when you’re a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind, it would mean more time with her best friend, Simon, who’s becoming more than a friend. But the Shadowhunting world isn’t ready to let her go—especially her handsome, infuriating, newfound brother, Jace. And Clary’s only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly evil—and also her father.

To complicate matters, someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children. Is Valentine behind the killings—and if he is, what is he trying to do? When the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, is stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace. How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father?

In this breathtaking sequel to City of Bones, Cassandra Clare lures her readers back into the dark grip of New York City’s Downworld, where love is never safe and power becomes the deadliest temptation.

My Thoughts

so here we are again, dropped into the intriguing world of Jace and Clary.  I’m trying here – really i am to follow what’s going on – and as much as i’m not LOVING the series, i still find myself drawn to it.

We have our same usual suspects in this story with some interesting turns of events coming out.  Folks that we really liked are no longer players, others come to the forefront.  We’re still trying to figure out what’s going on between Jace and Clary if there is anything (or can be anything).

In City of Ashes – we get to know Valentine a little bit better.  we know that he’s really really dark – and he’s trying to use the Soul-Sword to turn things around so that the sword has a demonic tone vs. the angelic one that it has now.  He’s just evil…plain and simple.  I don’t know about anyone else though, but i kind of wonder if Valentine isn’t who he says he is….just a thought that i’m having given that everyone else seems to be someone else as well.

So in this story we get to know Maia a bit more – she’s a werewolf that’s park of Luke’s pack – and she certainly gets dragged into things that she’s not interested in.  i.e. being almost killed a few times by Valentine’s demons since her young blood is needed

Simon continues to play a large role – becoming less than human himself and some how managing to hang on even though his blood is deemed to be necessary by Valentine as well.  It’s interesting here though in his relationship with Clary.  We usually encounter the best girl/guy friend thing that doesn’t turn into romance, yet in this story, their relationship kind of takes that turn.  I have my own opinions – your thoughts?

so craziness ensues – people fight/get killed.  we’re introduced FINALLY to Robert and Maryse Lightwood which is nice since i always kind of wondered what was going on there and if we’d actually like the parents.  We meet Imogen the Inquisitor – and then maybe un-meet her?

so here are a few things i’m thinking about – hopefully none of them are spoilers:

1) Anyone else get the feeling that Jace isn’t ‘Jonathan’ – but instead Imogen’s son?  i don’t recall that they ever found the body of her son, and she did ask him about a scar that he got on his shoulder.  I wonder what she said to him on Valentine’s boat too.  Will Jace remember that?

2) Will Alec and Magnus ever actually get together?  i actually really really like them as a couple.  they are cute…and seem like they are well suited.

3) What’s next for Jace and Clary?  I know that certain things happened at the end of this book that i won’t go into – but i really wonder.  The whole episode with the Fairies in City of Ashes makes me think that what i hope will happen will happen, but i’m keeping myself from reading the back covers of the next few books so that i’m not jumping ahead

4) will jocelyn wake up and who will have a role in helping with that if it does?  if she does wake up, will she help fight Valentine, will she end up with Luke?

good news here is that i’ve already picked up City of Glass and i started it last night, so hopefully in the next day or so i’ll have some of my questions answered and then i’ll be forced to begin reading City of Angels which i think is the next one after that.

Angel Fire by L.A.Weatherly

There are times that i’m reading a book and i feel like it’s taking me WAY TOO LONG to get through it, and then i realize that it’s partly because i only have maybe 30 minutes to devote to reading, partly because it’s a really long book, and partly because i really want to know what’s going to happen at the end, so i feel like it’s dragging.

A few of those things happened here with’Angel Fire’ but i have to say that it was well worth the amount of time that it took to read.  (suffice it to say – just 3 days…but still…)  In any event, love triangles prevail, good and evil and all that other nonsense – yet i was glued to the book and have so much to think about.

I know that i mentioned it when i was reading/talking about Angel Burn the first book in the Trilogy, however i think that it’s really nice that an author (L.A. Weatherly) decided that Angels didn’t have to be good, and could actually 100% be the villain here.  In a lot of fantasy that i read, i find angel stories – they are out there, but most of the time the angels are all good, or there are just a few ‘Dark Angels’.  This was a nice Twist.

a few things to ponder though:

1) what will happen to the 1/2 of the angel population that wasn’t killed off so to speak when the Council was killed?

2) what happened to Raziel?  I’m sure that we’ll see more of him in’Angel Fever’ book 3

3) Are there more Half Angels out there?

4) Who is Seb’s Father?  I’m thinking that it’s someone that we’ve met, already – maybe even Raziel himself

5) Are Kara and Brendon coming back?  I’m fairly certain that they will since they weren’t one of the few that got Angel Burn so i think that they’ll some how make it to Nevada

6) How much of the world has been leveled by what the Council did?  We know MC is a goner and that no one is even around to see what’s happened (re: the no helicopters over head)

just so much to think about that i’d love answers to and that i guess i’ll have to wait until October for it all to resolve.  That’s the good thing about knowing it’s a Trilogy at least.  you know that story lines will get wrapped up, and loose ends will no longer be loose.